Dec 5, 2017

Addressing HIV/AIDS in South Africa

We have recently been lucky enough to have the chance to return (with more One World Futbol's) to Stellenbosch in South Africa. Coaches Across Continents worked with outstanding leaders of training4changeS (t4c) in this disadvantaged South African township near Cape Town recently. Thanks to the generous donations of many of the project contributors t4c received some One World Futbols over the course of the last 18 months. We are delighted to report that those balls, now a year old, are still going strong and are an integral part of t4c's work in the community as you can see from the photos!

t4c work with some of the thousands of disadvantaged youth in Stellenbosch. traininf4changeS exists to utilize sport as a catalyst for holistic community transformation and to intentionally equip young leaders with essential life skills and values. They engage athletes by intentionally building mentoring relationships focused on leadership development and the teaching of essential life skills and values. They equip coaches to intentionally become positive role models and mentors who help athletes understand their true identity and realize their full potential on and off the field.

Many t4c sports activities take place on dirt pitches in the area. As part of this campaign, t4c has been given many ultra-durable One World Futbols to play sport and educate youth. As demonstrated by the originals still being in use these balls have transformed t4c's programming. These balls have lasted far longer than any expensive regular ball they had previously. This money saving is great for them as they can use the money on other educational materials. It also saves tiresome trips to buy more balls and provides a great story for the youth.

In addition to using the ultra-durable balls with their sports programming, t4c also partnered with Coaches Across Continents on a project which provides the community leaders with the tools to tackle the prevalent HIV/AIDS epidemic in the area. In Stellenbosch, where there is a lack of sexual health education, little access to preventative devices, and ineffective treatment options it is important that there are passionate and determined leaders ready to educate young people through the engagin medium of sport. Over the last 5 years CAC's work with t4c has educated hundreds of coaches about addressing this and other local issues on the sports field.

All of this impact is only possible thanks to your generous donations to the campaign. We greatly appreciate your support and desire to get One World Futbols to the communities and children who need play most. Anything you can do to create awareness about this campaigntelling your friends and family, sharing the campaign on your social media channels, etc.would help more youth in some of the most underprivileged regions. Once again, we thank you on behalf of these communities.


Nov 14, 2017

ASK for Choice in Europe and Middle East

Women from Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt
Women from Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt


October 25th 2017. Nora Dooley, CAC Gender Strategist, writes about the launch of our ASK for Choice partnership with Sports Against Racism Ireland (SARI).

I first visited Ireland while studying abroad in Dublin during college. I lived there for 5 months, went to class, traveled and spent time with extended family members – a heritage that affords me the privilege of having dual citizenship. Returning to this country that so honors my existence as to dub me ‘citizen’, I welcome reflections on what that word – that claim – means.

With CAC we have the unique opportunity to learn about communities through the eyes of people who live there – citizens. And in my experience our partners amplify the meaning of this legal or informal identifier. It is not enough for the CAC global community to simply live in a space, to exist, to benefit or endure. Citizens of CAC partner communities are people who engage, ask difficult questions, take personal and collective responsibility and hold themselves and each other accountable for the day-to-day, year-to-year realities – in all their beauty and complexity.

Our new partnership in Dublin added layers to my understanding of Irish citizenship, just as my presence in Ireland as a CAC representative provoked fresh gratitude for the chance to hold this space. With SARI leaders we shared our ASK for Choice curriculum which stimulated conversations around existing inequalities and created opportunities to strategize on and off the pitch around solutions to translate ideas and policies into practice.

The SARI team welcomed me into their community. They are Irish – and they are also Nigerian, Jordanian, Saudi Arabian, Zimbabwean, Kenyan, Indian, Congolese, Brazilian… and many more. They dwell in Dublin, they build inclusive spaces and they celebrate and thrive on diversity.

This is not the Dublin I experienced as a naive US American stumbling around a country I thought I had a claim to. I am grateful for my second passport, and because of SARI I feel closer than ever to understanding and truly appreciating what it means to be Irish; and because of all CAC partners, closer to realizing the potential of citizenship anywhere (legal or not!).




November 13th 2017. Global Citizen, Ian Phillips, joined us on-field to work with our new ASK for Choice partner, Reclaim Childhood, and their coaches from Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Sudan and Egypt.

It’s 5am in Amman, Jordan. The first few tentative rays of light are making their way through the night sky. The stillness in the air is broken by the Muslim call to prayer, and the sound echoes across the hilltops, down in to the valleys, and makes its way to my window. The chants are haunting, and beautiful, but did I mention that it’s 5am? The call to prayer rings out from mosque to mosque five times a day and, like the sound that echoes throughout the city, the influence of Islam is pervasive here. It can be heard, seen, and felt in the streets. While this influence manifests itself in many positive ways – such as the kindness, warmth, hospitality and generosity that I witnessed every day, it’s also fair to say that the traditional attitudes many people associate with this part of the world create significant challenges for the women and girls who live here.

We’re here in Jordan to work with a local NGO called Reclaim Childhood, an organization that uses sport to empower and educate girls. Often, the practices and leagues set up by Reclaim Childhood represent the only opportunity these girls have to leave their house in order to play, exercise, express themselves, and learn important lessons in a safe space. Their all-female staff and coaches are courageous, intelligent, empathetic, compassionate – and inspirational. The highlight of the week was having the opportunity to visit the coaches in action – and seeing a field full of smiling, happy, vibrant young girls. This, more than anything, shows that the efforts of Reclaim Childhood’s brave coaches are worthwhile, and that their programs are having a positive impact.

The week of training in Amman was an amazing experience. The CAC coaches and myself were able to work with a group of people who are passionate, thoughtful, and genuinely dedicated to creating positive change in their respective communities. I’m grateful for the chance to get On-Field with CAC, and to meet some of the local partners who make this work so worthwhile.

Global Citizens in Dublin
Global Citizens in Dublin
Aug 18, 2017

Nationwide Impact in Colombia

Gender Policy Design
Gender Policy Design

ASK for Choice: Women, Sport and Reconciliation - Postobón, Nike Colombia, and Coaches Across Continents • 2017

This project launched on April 6th, 2017, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, with a press conference at the Bogotá Stadium. Stories celebrating the Postobón, Nike, CAC alliance were published in over 20 local and national news outlets.

The aim of the partnership is deep social impact, local sustainability and year-round brand impact using the award winning CAC methodology. Postobón, Nike, and CAC are committed to building ASK for Choice in Colombia. ASK for Choice strengthens personal and community responsibility and produces locally owned and relevant gender equity initiatives. CAC’s strategic year-round mentorship on curriculum and policy development brings gender policies to life throughout communities by generating pathways to advance women’s participation, leadership and rights in and through sport.

- ASK for Choice: Women, Sport, and Reconciliation by the numbers -


Postobón and Nike support year-round ASK for Choice programming including On-Field trainings in 3 different locations across Bogotá; 100+ games shared with participants addressing localized social issues including: gender and other socioeconomic inequalities, health and wellness, violence, conflict, creative problem-solving, and reconciliation.


Over 100 leaders from different organizations and communities discussed current inequalities in Colombia, why they exist, what an equal future looks like, and what they are going to do to contribute to that future. This process resulted in locally-relevant, action-based Gender Policies to be implemented by participating organizations and brought to life through ASK for Choice.

Community leaders from different regions in Bogotá, including some of the most underserved communities of Ciudad Bolívar and Soacha, learned activities, developed skills, and enhanced knowledge in order to address the most relevant societal challenges. Before this program 0% of participants knew a game to bring gender policy to life, and after 100% knew several games. They now implement these activities in their communities.

Throughout the programs participants demonstrated improved coaching abilities to address social issues as well as personal development in their attitudes towards gender inequalities in Colombian society. Before the training only 2% of participants knew a game to address gender stereotypes through sport and after the program 100% knew several games.

The Postobón, Nike and CAC project has garnered nationwide and global attention in its first 6 months of delivery. The estimated potential impact reaches a further 100,000 vulnerable youth in communities across Colombia. This is the first initiative bringing gender policies to life through partnerships across sectors, impacting over 30 UN Global Goal Targets.

On-Field training with Ninas sin Miedo
On-Field training with Ninas sin Miedo
Launch of partnership with Nike and Postobon
Launch of partnership with Nike and Postobon


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