Nov 13, 2019

Creative Learning Methods Foster Students' Analytical, Critical, and Logical Thinking Skills

The difficult geographic location of EBPP’s Pengalusan and Jatituhuschools, high up the slope of Mount Agung and Abang respectively, does not dampen the enthusiasm of either students or teachersto get to these schools.The teachers admit that the limited school facilities make them even more determined:faced with many challenges and obstacles, we make use of limited media to develop creative learning methods that can foster students’ ability to think critically, logically and analytically.


Some examples of creative media in learning Civics and Economicsare when our teacher first drew his own charts/ shapes according to the learning material. Secondly, he created cards as the game method of connecting cards and matching cards. Thirdly, active problem-based discussion learning groups and presentations using a digital projector to display picture and video, and using the mind-mapping learning method as well as contextual learning and field practice.


In maths lessons, our teacher creates crossword puzzles by getting the students to fill in numbers according to the subjects such as the results of multiplication, division and fraction numbers. This game is a very appropriate way to hone students’ thinking skills. Another teacher uses charts in teaching statistic by having the students working in groups and doing some interview in neighbours’ house to find the data needed. After collecting the data, then they developed the charts and gave presentations. In science classes, the students also gavepresentations to their peers to prove that the material they learn is already mastered. In English, the teacher uses many different activities such as reading story books every week andgetting the students to memorize five new words, learning through games such as noughts and crosses game to encourage step by step students’ logical thinking skill. In this game the students have to compete in groups; the winner is the first group to fill three squares in a row, either across, down, or diagonally by creating sentences using the words in the squares. If their sentence is correct they can write either “X”s or “O”s based on their group.


Since we usemany different media in learning, the ability to think critically, logically and analyse starts to grow, seen by the students’ ability in asking, answering, commenting, and active communication.To be a successful teacher, we must be able to create interesting learning media that will invite questions and ultimately train students to think critically and analyse problems in all materials presented to them.

Thank you GlobalGiving for supporting our fundraising for education programs, enabling us, the teachers, to develop our students’ skills so they can finish their studies, and hopefully, these skills will to make a real contribution to their life by having the ability to think critically, logically, and to analyse problems. We still need funds urgently to enable us to continue teaching these dedicated students for many years to come.

Sep 6, 2019


Bamboo becak model
Bamboo becak model

Our unique designs of bamboo bikes, bamboo wheelchairs for disabled children and the wide range of bamboo bike accessories and handicrafts continuously being innovated by our artisans recently attracted the attention of a north American NGO,curious if we could design and build a bamboo becak (cycle rickshaw), modelled on those that transport tourists through Yokyakarta (Jogjakarta).

Two specific requirements in the design are (a) that it is capable of being converted to an electric bike, powered by solar panels on the roof, meaning that the covered passenger bench at the front cannot have folding canvas or other cover and must be solid to enable fixation of the solar panels, and (b) in addition to building in a hidden battery compartment, the passenger bench must have the flexibility to be converted to carry cargo!

Our incredible bamboo designer, Deni, was not fazed by the clients “wish list”, which is the kind of challenge he loves, and bymid July, not only had he designed the versatile becak BUT also included hydraulic suspension for the front 2 cargo wheels and developed the budget estimate! The client was truly amazed and agreed the design and cost for the prototype. We are now awaiting further instruction, but will give updates in our next report.

Bamboo Wheelchairs update

Our bamboo wheelchair client and partner, Brad Moreland and wife Twone, with their eco-friendly companies, Bali Beach Wheels and Eco Living Bali, who are sponsoring the bamboo wheelchairs for disabled children, currently focusing on those in Bali and Lombok island where there are dozens of poor children in need of ‘tailor made’ versatile all terrain wheelchairs have now completed a short video, documenting the first recipient handover and the wheelchair properties, which can be viewed on this You Tube link: here.

Here at our East Bali Poverty Project villages, we have 6 more disabled children aged from 4 – 11 years, all of which are unable to walk, and whilst the wheelchairs will not improve their physical disabilities, they will provide a tremendous improvement in quality of life for both the children and their loving and dedicated parents and extended families.Please contact me at if you’d like more information regarding sponsoring a wheelchair for a disabled child.

New laminated bamboo front baskets for Bamboo Bikes

Most people who use bikes for local commuting and shopping need a sturdy and attractive front basket! Deni and our team have the answer with a very light and sturdy laminated front basket shown in the photo.

Thank you again to all of our friends who continue supporting development of our bamboo social enterprise through GlobalGiving and we are still urgently seeking more seed funding to enable us to provide full training for an initial three of our unemployed high school graduates from our Mount Agung schools, to enable them to start producing high quality bamboo products in their own hamlets, withbamboo from their local forests,and initiate sustainable bamboo business cooperative to initiate sustainable economic development in their impoverished communities.

Aug 20, 2019


All students from elementary through senior high school had done their semester test by May 20th-29th 2019, received their school report books on June 14th 2019, and their new semester for 2019/2020 academic year officially started on July 15th 2019.

In our high school students’ EMpower extracurricular classes, from June to end of July their key modules were job and university readiness, creative thinking skills, mind mapping of economic potential in Bali and Literacy information. For their field trip on June 28th, the students had a study visits to Yayasan Kopernik and ARMA (Agung Rai Museum of Art), both in Ubud, 80 kilometres away! This trip aimed to give them real experience in learning and sharing their knowledge. Some students also gave presentations about the product they have created from Bamboo in order to reduce plastic used. On August 8thPengalusan students, together with their peers from Bunga and Cegi schools had a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) at EBPP Ban office to propose their school regulations concept they’ve made to ensure gender equality and reduce sexual harassment through a PowerPoint presentation to all teachers, facilitated by EMpower instructors. Such a brilliant idea!  

In addition to their regular lessons, many students were focusing on the activities for their stage performances for celebrating IndonesiaIndependence Day on August 17th.  In both Jatituhu and Pengalusan schools some students were preparing and practicing their Balinese dance and music performances. Such hard work? Not really because they all love this special day each year when they get the chance to perform in front of their parents, communities and all their peers!

On August 17th, all Jatituhu students celebrating the Independence Day in EBPP Daya Bamboo Centrewere transported by trucks rented by EBPP, together with their parents, and with Pengalusan and students from EBPP’s 4 other schools,all students joined the activities, which started with the formal flag hoisting ceremony, followed by sportsand other competitions, and then came the amazing stage performances. The sport competitions included sack race, Tug-of-war, squeezing balloons between 2 people whilst running, , driving the ball with a bottle tied to their waist, followed bya drawing competitionand English words whisper competition. 

When the results were compiled for all competitions, Jatituhu School took 2nd place and Pengalusan got the first place among EBPP’s six schools! Hearty congratulation! Their stage performanceswere also outstanding, with a talented girl from Jatituhu performing Balinese traditionalwelcome dance “Sekar Jagad”, while Pengalusan girls performed “Burat Wangi” dance and “Belibis” (bird dance), that were truly outstanding! EBPP volcano Band (5 of the 6 being Pengalusan students) showed off their music talent by performing their songs entitled “Stop harassment” and “Bully”. Those songs are quite famous among EBPP. They also performed some very popular Balinese songs like “Kidang Rengas” (wild deer) “Kidung Kasmaran” (love song), and “Garang Kuluk” (being chased by a dog). They also performing “Mejangeran” Balinese youth social dance which performed in a group of female and male students from Pengalusan School. Well done! All students performed very confidently to entertain hundreds of spectators.

Thank you to all the donors through GlobalGiving to keep supporting our students in East Bali so that they are able to enjoy learning in EBPP and develop their skills for a better future.

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