Mar 1, 2016

Ketut: A good education is essential to improve my family's lives

Ketut and her friends, dreaming of a better future
Ketut and her friends, dreaming of a better future

Ketut, pictured here, is one of our twelve EBPP Jatituhu School students who are benefitting from this programme. Born into an impoverished and isolated subsistence farming family in Jatituhu hamlet on Mount Abang slopes, she is the 8th of 9 children (six girls and three boys).Every day before and after school, she helps out her family with household chores,raising cows, collects firewood for cooking, and walks for one and a half hours to fetch water.Although now 15 years old and only in grade 6 at school, she had attended the nearest government school from 7 years old, almost a 2 hour walk from home, and failed many classes due to poor attendance and lack of time to study at home and eventually dropped out. She joined EBPP School 4 years ago, in 2nd grade.

Tragedy struck Ketut’s family 2 years ago when her mother became seriously ill and eventually died from a stomach tumour that her father had tried to treat with traditional medicines and many local healers. The high costs involved him selling their livestock and taking many high interest loans that he still struggles to repay. Ever since her mother died, Ketut’s responsibility in the house doubled, but she still attended EBPP School. However, when one of her sisters came back home after getting divorcedand helped with the family chores, Ketut went to Denpasar city to find a job to help her father repay the debts that he still had for her mother’s traditional medicine before she passed away. However, being unskilled and underage (15 years old),she earned very little and could not save any money to send to her father.

Soon after, an EBPP teacher found out where Ketut was working and he persuaded her to return to Jatituhu to finish school so she can get a better paying job in the future. After somepersuasion, she understood and agreed that education will help her have a better future. Her mother’s ill-fated death has been an inspiration for and since coming back to school last December, she now aspires to be a doctor so she can save other children’s mothers from illness. The loss of her mother motivated her to work harder in school and at home and since returning to school almost 3 months ago, she has attended school regularly and excelled in her studies, especially in Bahasa Indonesia and Hindus Religion classes. Now that she fully understands that she will definitely be sponsored to complete her schooling, she has been more motivated and has become a leader and example for her peers.

Ketut explained: “I understand that by attending and learning as much as we can in school, there will be better future opportunities open to me that will not require arduous work like my father had to endure. Also, education will help me build my confidence to get a job that will help improve my lifeand my family’s.”

A huge thanks to all our wonderful donors who have enabled us to continue education for these 12 students and we do hope that you will continue your support to our GlobalGiving UK campaign until we have achieved our full 2 year sponsorship target.

Having nutritious lunch with friends at school
Having nutritious lunch with friends at school
Ketut after school, preparing to feed their cows
Ketut after school, preparing to feed their cows
Dec 3, 2015

Ketut aspires to become a teacher one day!

Ketut, who is 14, had never been to school prior to 2010. Not that she didn’t want to go, but there wasn’t one near enough to her home in her remote hamlet of Jatituhu until East Bali Poverty Project had funding to start Jatituhu School in 2005, the 5th of their remote hamlet schools at that time. As a one parent child, her father was unable to send her to school because he required her help with the daily chores as her mother had passed away very early in her life.

She soon settled into the school environment, with encouraging and supportive teachers, and enjoy­able lessons every day.

Like the other children attending school in Jatituhu hamlet, she was given sets of uniforms, a nutritious breakfast and lunch daily, and lessons in mathematics, science, social sciences, art, crafts, hygiene, nutrition, organic farming and environmental awareness.

Without your help, Ketut would probably have remained illiterate, performing daily household chores for the rest of her life.

Ketut attends school because “she wishes to have a better future and aspires to one day become a teacher.”

Thank you for helping us to help Ketut and her classmates by opening the door for her brighter future!  Thank you for your continued support.

We would love to hear from you.


Warmest Regards,

David Booth and the EBPP team


Nov 24, 2015

Story from a Jatituhu Primary School Student

Story from a Jatituhu Primary School Student who needs your help to continue school: “If children my age didn’t attend school, I would teach them myself!”

When asked what Ketut would say to someone of his age who didn’t attend school, Ketut replied, “I would encourage them to come along and learn with me and if they refused to, I would teach them myself.”

Ketut is the first generation in his family to be able to read and write.

He is highly motivated and attends school because he would like to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to lead his family and his community to a brighter future.

When asked what Ketut’s favorite subjects are, he begins listing subjects as he enjoys school so much he cannot choose just one subject.

But, the sciences are most important to him as he aspires to one day become a doctor.

For Ketut, school is not just a place to learn, but also a place to build relationships and play with his friends.

He spends his break time in joyfulness with his friends as they play football in front of the school.

At home, Ketut regularly helps his parents with daily chores such as collecting food for their livestock prior to leaving for school. Both his parents are farmers and they own a variety of crops as well as some livestock.

Although Ketut aspires to be something different than his parents, he too enjoys farming and realizes its importance in sustaining his community and staying healthy.

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