Jul 6, 2021

Manikaji Students' Challenges, Successful Learning and Graduation Ceremony

Entering the month of April Manikaji students at all levels; elementary, junior and senior high school continue learning online (high school students) and offline due to continued school closures due to the Covid-19pandemic. For elementary students they given materials and monitored by the local tutors regularlyat several students’ assembly houses. While junior and senior high student conduct an online learning through WhatsApp group on a schedule basis.

April was also a challenging month for our four Grade 12 students who sat the equivalency education exams, (which have replaced the national exams) from 19th-22nd April and our six Grade 6 (elementary) students who took theirs from17th- 19thMay, all held at Manikaji school following strict Covid-19 health protocols. At the end of May, the Government notified us that all our students passed their exams - and our Grade 6 students will move up to junior high school! Congratulations! 

All our other students took their 2nd semester tests from 24th- 28thMay when our teachers delivered the question sheets to their homes and collected them the next day for marking.  On 25th June, our teachers handed out the school report books and we’re pleased to say that all students passed and will move to higher class next semester!

Graduation Party

The Grade 12 students’ graduation ceremony, designed and organised by OSIS (EBPP Student Council) was held on 29th June at Ban Office for our 4 Manikaji graduates and 9 from our other schools. Key activities included the graduates’ presentations,individual poems and songs and great live music performed by students from Manikaji and our other schools. This is their first step toward success.

Extra-curricular EMpower and Girl EMpowerment Photovoices

In addition to their academic subjects, all high school students continued with their EMpower (The Emerging Markets Foundation) sponsored extra-curricular Life Skills and leadership courses PLUS an additional nine months “Girl EMpowher” collaborative program by EBPP and Photovoices International for all our high school girls! This powerful program enables all the girls’ voices to be heard through photographs and interviews with parents, neighbours, community leaders, etc. of issues they wish to bring to government attention. On 10th June, after extensive preparations, video recording and practicing presentations, our girls presented a portrait of issues existing in their 6 hamlets, both offline and online, in Kubu sub-district office hall to a broad audience including local/regional government official from each agency and hope to get positive follow-up from government.

Staple Food Supplements:

To prevent student going hungry during thislengthy pandemic, EBPP has distributed nutritious food packages monthly to all students and their families’ since May 2020 and will continue until their economic situation improves.

Thanks once again to you, our donors, who continue supporting us through GlobalGiving, enabling our students to continue learning at school.   

Apr 23, 2021

Teachers' Capacity Building Courses

Due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and thehigh potential risk of infection, schools remain closed and our teaching activities are still carried out using distance learning: offline for our elementary students with teachers taking materials to their homes and practicing questions, whilst always following COVID-19 health protocols; online with smartphones for junior and senior high students, who our teachers visit directlyweekly to answer queries and share creative ideas.Whilst this is still challenging, our teachers continue to innovate so that students’ learning remains interesting and does not become a burden due to excessive learning assignments.

Teachers’ Capacity Building Programs

In order to support and increase our teachers’ resource capacity, EBPP conducts various capacity building activities, outlined below:

1) Photography training: As all of our teachers are required to document students’ activities with their smartphones every week, especially for keeping our donors updated,EBPP management team held a full day intensive photography training course on 10th March to help us improve basic photographytechniques, with hands on practice and advice. We now take much better photos!

2) Teaching techniques for students with special needs: This online Zoom trainingheld over 4 sessions from March-April, was given by a counselling guidance teacher from a state school in Bandung, West Java. She is an education psychologist, who deals specifically with students with special needs. This beneficial capacity building training focussed onteaching techniques and proper mastery of student classes, which was very interesting and useful for us to refresh our teaching techniques and give more focussed attention to slower learners.

To help students’ struggling families and increase learning motivation during the pandemic, EBPP continues providing monthly staple food supplement packages comprising rice, mung beans, dried fish and cooking oil for all students and their families.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, we continue to innovate in order to improve the quality of resources, especially in teaching techniques at EBPP schools for the future. We hope that this pandemic will end soon and we can return to normal face-to-face classroom teaching-learning activities.

Apr 22, 2021


Entering January and starting the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year during the Covid-19 pandemic, all students are still learning from home: high school students online and offline for primary. We’re pleased to report that they are all learning more independently at home and use their spare time to both help their parents and, to relieve their boredom, they’ve enjoyed developing creative activities that vary according to their interests and potential in each hamlet where they live.

Through this opportunity they’ve been producing some pretty good and interesting works. Many have enjoyed learning to create origami art crafts after training and guidance from our teachers, making some unique shapes and a wide range of flowers, etc. Some of our students work in groups (of course by following all health protocols) with friends who live close by, creating some very beautiful origami flower bouquets

In addition to origami, they came up with several creative activities that recycled items such as used plastic bottles, which often litter the environment where they live, with Jatituhu students making flower pots from used bottles and, as it was still the rainy season, they also planted various types of fresh flowers and made attractive home gardens.

Meanwhile, Pengalusan School studentshave been making various handicrafts from bamboo, which is easy to find around their environment, such as dragonflies, steamers, and windmills. In addition, quite a few students have created some very beautiful works of art, according to their interests and also the supporting resources in the environment where they live. Some students also channel their talents through caricature art, drawing caricatures according to their imagination which contain messages to be conveyed to those who see them.

In March, it was time for mid-semester learning evaluation! Tests weredistributed online for junior and senior high school students, while for primary students,test papers are distributed to each house and done individually.

Students’ extracurricular activities, sponsored by EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation: The Girl EmpowermentPhotovoices program, for all junior and senior high school girls: students using smartphones to take photos of their family and communities’ activities during the COVID-19 pandemic and conducting basic research on common problems that exist in their respective hamlets; then with the photos, documenting these problems for presentations in an online exhibition. It is hoped that the various government agencies invited to the event can provide the best solution to each problem.

Even though they only learn from home, the spirit of the students is still high. They also continue to work and improve themselves through EBPP’s comprehensive, integrated and relevant programs.

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