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Dec 12, 2017

Well done ladies !

Mama Magno and her chickens !
Mama Magno and her chickens !

Our campaign named "EMPOWERING WOMEN'S PROJECTS" is in full blast !

Here is a zoom on one of its beneficiaries in Cameroon (we will give you news from the other ladies in our following reports), Mama Magno !

Mama Magno was one of the most motivated ladies during our business plan workshops at the beginning of the year in Yaoundé, Cameroon. She wanted to restart her poultry farm which she had lost due to a sale which she was never paid for three years ago.

Mama Magno proudly received funding from LifeTime Projects thanks to your donations and has now revived her business and is a successful breadwinner for her family.

Well done Mama Magno !

Oct 30, 2017

The Disenando Suenos project keeps evolving!

Workshop in progress
Workshop in progress

As the time pass, thanks to your donations the girls who benefit from the Diseñando Sueños project can improve more and more their abilities and capacities. Remember the introductory workshops of natural cosmetics? It was really productive, and the girls were so happy to learn new things that we decided to give them more knowledges and opportunities to reinforce and go beyond what was thought: first, by helping them gaining more independence, but also giving them a bigger range of choice in their education.

Therefore, we are providing them some cosmetology’s class to help them learn some recipes based only on natural, food and local ingredients. In that way, the girls will be able to produce natural cosmetics to sell them and to use them in the centres where they live, saving money and respecting the environment. As the Diseñando Sueños project aims to provide long-term results, we also decided to form some educators that work in the centres where the girls live. In this way, every girl that comes to the centre can take advantage of this knowledges without depending from the arrival of volunteers, which will still develop the educators' knowledges. It's also a better way to optimize your donations.

Moreover, we don’t leave aside the older projects. The manual abilities of the girls are astonishing! The production of bangles, purses, earrings and pendants increases and these hand-crafts are often sold during local fairs, so that the centres can gain some funds. But there’s another more important issue related to this sale: knowing that their products are sold and so appreciated by someone grows their self-esteem and the estimation on their abilities to product and make something beautiful. We recently decided to create an online sale of these products in order to accompany the centres' independence but also to allow them to follow the girls after their leaving, which represents one of the most important issues at the moment. Here are some photos of their incredible work...

New projects are starting right now thanks to other volunteers! The girls will soon be able to practice Capoeira in a self defense way, a martial art that combines element of fight, acrobatics, dance, music and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way. Alongside with that, another volunteer will teach them yoga and pilates to better know and love their bodies, but also to manage their emotions and gain an emotional stability.


Thank you again for your support!

First product : a rose and almonds facial mask
First product : a rose and almonds facial mask
Aug 28, 2017

First 5 women have been financed thanks to you !

Entrepreneurship workshops
Entrepreneurship workshops

LifeTime Projects and Association Femmes d’Atta, a Cameroonian women’s association, have entered into a partnership so to exchange in a frank collaboration with the intention to conceive numerous projects.  The “women empowerment” project was thus born through this partnership allowing the women members of Femmes d’Atta  the opportunity to facility the emergence of an entrepreneurial spirit formalized by written procedures. To this end, the technical and financial support provided by LifeTime Projects actually materialized during the month of June by the granting funding to five of the women of the Association Femmes d’Atta. These grantees were selected amongst 14 participants after completing 12 sessions of entrepreneurship training and writing a business plan for their micro project.  These funds enabled the grantees either to set up a new micro-project or to improve an already existing commercial activity.

Projects vary between animal farming (creation of a chicken farm); agriculture (growing pepper and tomato); sale of commodities such as rice, tomato, sugar, matches etc…. The grantees signed individual agreements with LifeTime Projects which is a culmination of tremendous efforts from all those who contributed with a donation.  The smile on the women’s faces and the euphoria they manifested is the undeniable sign that words alone can never be enough to express their gratitude.  These women’s dreams are finally coming true due this women’s empowerment project.  As of today, the various grantees have begun to fulfill the terms of their agreement with Lifetime Projects by setting up their businesses and respecting the plans set out with them. One can say that a new page is being written in the women’s life story and that of their families.  The women express their gratitude daily and confirm their determination to keep moving forward each day for their own empowerment and for the development of their families. LifeTime Projects continues to accompany them and guide them in the development of their projects.


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