Oct 17, 2017

Rolling in the deep...

We are very pleased to inform you about our activities that we have implemented in the last period. CCSP continues to work with young girls on education! Although it was a summer holiday, we were diligent and we have managed to organize several educations for our hardworking and active girls.

Because of the great interest, we have organized again the digital marketing school. This education was attended by high school students who are at the turning point of their careers.

The mentioned education was divided into 4 modules:

-          Content marketing

-          E-commerce marketing

-          Social media marketing

-          Display marketing

In order to develop girls creativity, we decided to surprise them with a unique education „Adobe tools“ so they can learn how to use useful tools for processing photos and videos. We all know how girls are obsessed with this tools!

We would also like to inform you that during the summer break, we started on developing an IT boot camp for girls aged 14-18. If you want to find out more about it, continue to follow and support us.

You heard about Hour of code? Well, we are preparing the largest educational event „Hour of code“ in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year we have decided to break all the records and achieve the best results so far.
To find out will we succeed, stay tuned.

Look the photos below to see how we do it!

Jul 20, 2017

Here's what we've done!


As we promised you last time, we have celebrated the International Girl’s Day in Information and Communication (ICT) technologies for the third year in a row, for what made Bosnia and Herzegovina to join the group of 135 countries in the world to mark this day.

Working with girls is very inspirational for us, and we really want to empower and encourage girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and communication technologies (ICTs). We think that we’re on the right track!

What happened – our new movement?

On International Girls in ICT Day, 27 April 2017 we organized a full-time educational program for more than 100 primary and secondary school students. Numerous ICT industry experts held innovative workshops where they worked with young IT lovers on current topics in the field, and a special event "Coffee with ICT experts" where girls had an opportunity to learn about the benefits of career choice in the technology sciences and where they had the chance to hear the women's work experience from the area and many useful tips.

This were the educational programs that we organized:

  1. Multimedia and coding
  2. Future Perspectives and Development of Communication Technologies
  3. Coffee with IT experts
  4. World of Photography

We expected that around 50 girls will attend, and in total 125 girls attended these workshops. Isn’t this exciting?!

The indication that we are on the right track is the fact that only in a few hours our educations were filled. The interest for our education grows year after year, and we are proud of the fact that there are also a large number of students who come to our IT education for girls from 2015 onwards. We are so proud!

More info!

Within the initiative “Girls in ICT”, the education “Small School of Digital Marketing” was held for all girls aged 16-24. In total 20 girls attended this 4 day-education, where they learned the basics of digital world, the basic tools that are used, and how to communicate and find new clients.

Moving ahead…

Don’t forget us and DONATE again!

Check our webpage http://www.civilnodrustvo.ba/, and follow us on our Fb page DIKT – Inspired by GirlsInICT: https://www.facebook.com/diktbih.


Apr 24, 2017

From 20 to 118!

From 20 to 118!

Dear You,

Thank you so much for everything! Remember us from last time we wrote you? Again, we are so proud on all activities we have done and where are we now in our little "struggle"!

This is real! We have made all promises from last time and that has thrilled us in what we can do with help of others. It is inspirational for girls and us working with them to understand the capacities that have been hidden in each human especially regarding ICT sector. It is developing so fast, but yet allowing girls so much creativity. And now, we have made a great voice and a new movement.

Why are we so proud - what have we done it last three months?

Through our SMART resource and training center, which is free of charge, we have mapped skills which are in need to be developed for future jobs, regarding ICT sector and interests. Due to our experience and wider audience reach, we have made a strong educational package of 13 educations for young women to attend. Recruiting girls from different areas, we have gathered over 118 girls through these workshops. In three months, in order to develop and strengthen targeted skills, these workshops have been held in SMART RC:

  1. First interview;
  2. Organization and facilitation of meetings;
  3. Business correspondence;
  4. Nonverbal communication;
  5. Research methodology;
  6. Mailchimp – newsletter;
  7. Self-confidence;
  8. Projects – how and why?
  9. Using Excel in life and work;
  10. Internet as motivACTION;
  11. Video and production – Adobe Premiere Pro;
  12. Photoshop workshop;
  13. Creative school of WEB design;

Furthermore, CCSP has organized an initiative with 12 key IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to make this impact stronger and strategically approach to development of skills among girls in B&H. This meeting was held with strong attention from CEOs of these companies which have expressed will to cooperate with us on this initiative.

As GIRLS in ICT day is approaching, CCSP has organized an introduction session with Mistral Solutions company in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is working on software development and IT skills. This session was attended with 25 girls with interests in ICT and were invited to see how software development is functioning.

Next steps…

Just 7 days before the International Girls in ICT day, this session was a launching session to announce the big educational event we will make on 27th of April 2017 where there will be organized workshop about this world event with educations about photography, programming and coding. So far, it is expected to be more than 100 girls will attend these educational workshops and Open doors day.

Don’t forget us and DONATE again!

Follow us on our webpage http://www.civilnodrustvo.ba/, as well on our web page “Hour of Code Bosnia and Herzegovina”: https://www.facebook.com/satkodiranjabih, and DIKT – Inspired by GirlsInICT: https://www.facebook.com/diktbih.


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