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Oct 18, 2018

How you have helped Dulari reach for a better life


Almost a year ago I reported here about 6 ambitious young women who were busy defying all expectations and about to embark on a university career.

Today I am delighted to report that they are all doing well and loving college life.  Back in November 2017, we were worried about Dulari. 

Like the others she had proceeded against the odds through the Islamia Girls High School (enduring class sizes of 150 and upwards).  She had been inspired by Sofia Khan, who had grown up in the same slum but had fought the system and is now a senior officer in the West Bengal Civil Service.  Determined to get into university, Dulari jumped at Tiljala SHED’s offer of free Sunday tuitions, passed her class 12 exams and won a free place to Bhawanipore College.

But her family was so poor that her parents wouldn’t be able to spare her for any more education, nor would they be able to provide her with the books, stationery, travel costs and other expenses she needed to be able to continue with her education.

Thanks to your generosity Dulari was able to join this sponsorship programme and all these costs are covered.  She wants to join the civil service, like Sofia.  You have given her the opportunity to make a success of her life.


Report from Shreya and Aamna who run the programme:

"Dulari lives with her family in a rented room at jannagar Road kol-17 Her father Md Alauddin he works as a Auto Driver and he earn very less Her mother Kharuinisa she is a house wife .They are four sisters all of them are studying in school. At present she is studying in B.A 1st year at Bhawanipur education society college it’s a famous collage at Kolkata. She said thanks to GlobalGiving Project for her support now she is getting everything .Before getting the sponsorship she was in Anjuman Islamia Girls High School during that time she faces many problems it’s a big challenge for her to complete her education her family is very grateful to GlobalGiving Education. Hopefully she will complete her graduation."

At college, changing lives, changing the world
At college, changing lives, changing the world
Sep 14, 2018

How you helped Nek change her family's fortunes

Nek and her husband
Nek and her husband

Nek lives in a shelter on a narrow strip of land running through one of Kolkata’s “canals” – they are in fact open sewers. She is 35 years old, a mother of five and lives with her husband and four of the children.
She and her husband have a small tailoring business but they have struggled to support their large family on the Rs200 (£2.13, $2.80, Eur2.38) they managed to earn each day. Nek says “Sometimes we used to go to sleep hungry”.

Last December, Nek applied for a loan under Tiljala SHED’s Alternative Livelihood programme. With the Rs20,000 (£213, $2.80, Eur238) she bought a new sewing machine and an overlocker machine. She and her husband have been able to improve their efficiency with these new machines and now earn Rs500 per day. This has made a huge impact on family life and prospects for the whole family.
• They can eat regular nutritious meals. “We eat fish or chicken 4 days a week” says Nek. This is considered a ”privileged meal” within the community
• They can purchase new clothes occasionally, especially for festivals (an important tradition in which the ultra-poor are unable to enjoy)
• Nek has started saving a little money each month
• She has purchased her own electricity meter
• She is keeping the youngest children in education and spending what is necessary on books and uniforms.
Moreover, Nek has already repaid the original loan (with interest) and is keen to take out a further loan. Nek’s experience shows how access to cheap credit, through responsible microfinance loans, empowers a family to change their own lives. Nek has not received any free handouts, just a helping hand so that she can grow her business and improve the lives of the whole family.

This project began in early 2016. The loans were entirely funded by GlobalGiving donors like you. Since then your generosity has changed the lives of 330 destitute families in central Kolkata.

• Total beneficiaries 330
• Total of loans disbursed Rs 5,265,004 (£56,000 $73,500 Eur 62,700)
• Total of new loans from the revolving fund Rs2,829,000 (£330,200 $39,500 Eur 33,680)
• Total Number of *CIGs 44
• Loan Recovery rate 98%

*Credit Interest Group. Lending/borrowing is organised around these community-based organisations. Each of the 5 women in the group is responsible for all the others in the group. They support one another and recommend others for loans. It is a system which works very well indeed.

With two of their five children
With two of their five children
Aug 13, 2018

Nazia wants to be a teacher


Nazia loves school. One day she wants to become a teacher, but it is going to be a struggle. Despite being a very bright girl, her parents wanted her to drop out of school and become a rag picker like her mother. Her father works in a chappal factory (making cheap plastic sandals). Their combined incomes barely feed the family of six so there is pressure on the children to take up work. With Tiljala SHED’s intervention, the parents have agreed to let Nazia continue in education. She is an enthusiastic member of our Park Circus Education Centre which lies just behind the railway lines where Nazia and her family live in a makeshift shelter. She attends classes every day after school. She is also a member of Tiljala SHED’s Gyan Azhar library, a girls-only facility in the local slum, where she can borrow books, read, study and hang out in a safe place with her friends. Nazia’s enthusiasm for her education and Tiljala SHED’s interventions combine to offer Nazia a real opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and early marriage which are prevalent amongst these very vulnerable communities.

For just £11 or $15 a month you are helping a girl like Nazia to reach for a better life.

Thank you

About the project
600 children of rag pickers, rickshaw drivers, maidservants, vegetable sellers are enrolled on Tiljala SHED's Education and Child Protection programme. They are required to attend their local government school but in the afternoon they attend remedial classes in T SHED's 5 centres, one in the heart of each community where we work. Here they play, sing, complete their homework, attend remedial sessions and child protection workshops. They love the classes and attendance is very high. Their parents are also closely involved - after all it is only with the parents' consent that the children remain in education and avoid dropping out. Tiljala SHED works very hard to persuade the parents that a proper education is worth the sacrifice of anything a boy might earn rag picking or working in a factory. And infinitely better than marrying off a daughter as soon as she reaches puberty.

Nazia in school uniform
Nazia in school uniform


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