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May 29, 2019

SO Grateful for Your Support!

We are so Thankful for you and your support to Olalo of Hope-Kenya’s Urgent Medical Care Fund!

During a recent visit to Kenya, a severe injury occurred to a local young man playing in a soccer tournament over in the next town.  It was quite the physical game, as always, but this time when he was slammed to the ground by the other team, he landed hard and couldn’t get up...couldn't move.

We got the call back in town inquiring if we had the funds to hire a taxi to bring him back to the hospital for treatment. The team had traveled to the game on the back of motorbikes and bringing the injured player back that way was impossible.

Thanks to you, the funds were available to hire a taxi to bring him back to town and cover all his hospital expenses.  The drive to the hospital was long, bumpy and uncomfortable due to miles of road construction.  It certainly didn’t help with his pain level.

X-rays were taken and thankfully nothing was broken, however he spent days in the hospital unable to walk and even sit up which was very concerning. It was painful and lonely for him but at least the pain medication helped to take the edge off his long as he didn't move. 

Eventually we were able to carry him home to rest in his own home and complete his recovery.

If there had not been a medical fund, he probably would have recovered at home eventually though enduring severe pain throughout his recovery.  He was lucky his injuries were not worse.

Others sustain injuries that won’t improve over time without medical intervention.  Sadly were that the case, many would not recover or be left with a lifetime of disabilities or incapacity.

We are thankful this was not the case with our young soccer player and he did receive medical care.

We are so grateful for you and your generous support for the lives you touch through the urgent medical care program.  Thank you for giving the gift of healiing and hope!

Olalo of Hope-Kenya

May 29, 2019

Passing On Their Thanks to YOU!

Students and Parents at the annual meeting
Students and Parents at the annual meeting

Visiting with YOUR Students is always a highlight of my trips to Kenya…and this year was no different!

Greeting returning students and meeting new ones that you support…learning about their dreams, aspirations and hopes for their future is so exciting!

It humbles me that you sacrifice to give to Olalo of Hope-Kenya to impact and change these young lives….all 34 of them!

Thank You!

The annual parent/student meeting took place while I was there.  Almost all our students came with either a guardian or parent to get an update on the program.  It is always a great time to review the Accountability Form all students sign and agree to when they apply for scholarship help for school.

It’s important the parents know what is expected of their child so they can encourage them to strive for the very best in their studies and have the financial support needed to continue in school covered.

Many parents took the meeting as an opportunity to stand and give thanks to YOU….for supporting their child’s education, so I pass their thanks on to you. 

Giving to Olalo’s education fund allows for kids in Kenya to have an opportunity to attend school beyond the 8th grade.  For that we thank you so very much for caring and for impacting the lives of these kids for a better future!

Thank You!

Olalo of Hope-Kenya

Addressing and interpreting to the parents
Addressing and interpreting to the parents
Mar 4, 2019

Thanks to You He's Getting a Chance

The 2019 school year in Kenya began in January, and here we are already, coming to the end of the first term.

Olalo has many of you to thank for your generous donations to our education fund! 

Since January, eighteen new students have received the hope of a better future with the gift of an education, and you are part of that gift!

So many kids have hard lives and circumstances that prohibit them from going to school.  Their sincere desire is to receive an education, but it all seems hopeless due to so many varied circumstances and roadblocks.

I would like to introduce you to one of those 18 students by way of excerpts from his appeal letter and application asking Olalo of Hope-Kenya for assistance to attend school by paying school fees.

Here is what this 15-year-old had to say….

“I had nobody to pay my school fees because my father abandoned our family and my mother had no job.  Fortunately, a well-wisher paid my Term 1 fees and took me to school.

Before the end of Term 1 he got in an accident and he passed on.  I was stranded but I did not give up to attend school. I went to the Principal and told him the difficulties I experienced as a student after which he decided to pay my Term 2 fees.

During Term 3 I did not have anybody to pay my school fees and this made me to face severe academic challenges because I could not be in school. In December I was very unfortunate to have my mother admitted in hospital since she was sick of a kidney disease. I remained alone from that time she was admitted and even now she has not recovered and is still in the hospital.

I went to the Principal and requested him to allow me to be in school after which he recognized my interest in education and allowed me in. I still have no one to pay my school fees. I feel sorrow in my heart due to my mother’s sickness. I pray to God to have mercy on her and enable her to recover. She is the only parent I have and in her absence I feel lonely.

I would be happy if I find someone to pay my school fees.  This will enable me to focus on my academics. I would like to go to school and have a better life in future.”

What more can be said?

A 15-year-old pouring out his heart with hopes and dreams of a better future.  This is what your generous donations to Olalo of Hope-Kenya’s education program funds…hope and dreams.

Thank you for partnering with Olalo to move these hopes and dreams into reality!

Merry Broughal
Project  Manager

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