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Sep 10, 2019

Overwhelming Joy and Excitement for NIGEE Girls

Overwhelming Joy and Excitement for NIGEE Girls! It has been almost 2 years 4 months since this journey begun with your support in cooperated and when you support the empowerment center you are not just funding but you are empowering a million girls strong that make real change happen. As much as it’s incomplete the girls could not just wait but use the complete section of the building in running activities. In the month of August NIGEE conduct a leadership and girl-led advocacy training for 35 girls within the facility: The training focused on the following topics: Leadership skills, Communication skills, basic community-led M&E skills, Team work, Advocacy, Networking, Social mobilization, basic Mentorship concepts, Understanding social norms, Problem solving, Message designing and girl-led media tools. As NIGEE we couldn’t resist sharing with you some of the great reactions from the girls as follows: “I wish to thank you for the continuous support and the help you provide, for your dedication, attention and open-minded thinking and for your readiness to help whenever you hear from us” “I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous giving. So that you will understand the importance of your act, I would like you to know that your generosity has helped in my long recovery from my dark background” See photo below, Donors happy as much as the girls and showed their support by sharing out our post on how girls are excited about the new structure”. NIGEE Girls empowerment center flash activities: • In the past two months, NIGEE maintained the 444 girls reached with the skills training since the inception of the program. • Currently, 378 girls have completed and have graduated in dressmaking, computer skills and hairdressing. • The GEC provides life skills sessions to girls’ to build their self-esteem and confidence in all aspects of life, the sessions are conducted at the girl’s center by the mentors. They continue to use the standard life skill training manual during the sessions. We have also partnered with the health sector who has greatly offered Education on Reproductive health to the girls. • The GEC safe space have influenced girls to learn more on the referral pathway in the community and this has accelerated reporting of any form of Gender Based Violence (SGBV), this has also allowed NIGEE to be extremely keen on girls experiencing exploitation in the society and make necessary referrals because NIGEE protects, promotes and ensures that all rights of women and girls are respected. It is our pride to inform you that every dollar you donate to us is used to build a fairer, flourishing and just society and what mesmerizes the girls is the fact that every penny will support!!!


Jun 4, 2019

Finally,we have moved into the new(though incomplete) Girls Empoerment Center!!!!!!

Finally, we have moved into the new (though incomplete) Girls Empowerment Center!!!
The Girls Empowerment Center (GEC) of the Nyanza Initiative for Girls Education and Empowerment (NIGEE) is finally a reality. We started the journey in April, 2017 with only $37,523 from the French Embassy in Kenya to do the foundation. To date, we have raised and spent an additional $122,250, thanks to generous donations from you all through GlobalGiving and small profits from business opportunities NIGEE sources for locally.
We officially moved into the building on February 28, 2019. Even though it’s incomplete, to save on rent we moved in anyway; the rest will be done while we are inside. We’re e excited that soon we’ll be able to consolidate our activities in one place. The building has 8 large rooms, 3 of which are complete. The balance needed to complete the building is $65,193, and we’ll be home and dry! We continue to look for funds locally and externally and are super positive we’ll get there!
Your generosity has made this possible!! We are forever so grateful for the continuous support of our donors and volunteers.

Below are some of the girls’ reactions to their new facility:
“I thought after the graduation we had in January (2019) the current Center would be closed down because project funds dried up. But when I saw the new Girls Empowerment Center, my hope was raised. Seeing the Center means we are here to stay and our dreams are still valid (smiles)”.

“On behalf of my fellow girls, we thank you for supporting girls reclaim their future through the Girls Empowerment Center. Thank you for making my schooling possible. Your dedication to us has inspired me to work hard”.

“My favorite thing about our new Girls Empowerment Center is that as much as the building is incomplete, it still looks amazing and I am glad we are all going to be under one roof as NIGEE family”.

The relocation did not halt our services. In March and April 2019, the following have been going on at the old GEC:
20 girls enrolled for computer classes, 25 for hairdressing and 11 for the dressmaking classes; the rest completed and graduated in January 2019.
Every Wednesday, NIGEE mentors continue to use the life skill training manual to provide life skills sessions to girls, to build their self-esteem and confidence.
The GEC safe space/hostel continues to offer a temporary haven for 10 girls and young women who have been exploited or sexually abused and are in immediate danger; we provide ongoing counseling and investigation with a goal of reconciling them with their families.
As we approach the completion of the new GEC, we plan to officially launch the facility in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.

Thank you again once again for walking the talk with us in this project – you have made a tremendous impact in our girls and our community at large. Thank you!!

GEC at various degrees of completion but we just moved in to save on rent. $65,193 is needed to complete everything.
It was really an amazing experience – truly a dream come true.

Mar 11, 2019

Voices of Girls Initiative(Avoiding the cut)


The Response? Although GlobalGiving funds girls’ empowerment activities in Kisumu County, Kenya, the bulk of the donations between August and November 2018 was used to address an emergency in a neighboring County. Among the Kuria Community of Migori County, November and December of every even year is a season for female genital mutilation (FGM). Some parents and family members approve the cut for their girls; others don’t. Some girls want to undergo the cut; others don’t.

NIGEE has been working in Kuria for about four years and has earned trust and acceptance by the community. Between September and October 2018, several schools and parents in Kuria approached us to provide safe accommodation for their girls to avoid being forced to undergo FGM. NIGEE took the challenge and a school away from the center of FGM activities was chosen to serve as the camp for the girls.

What was the turn-up?  A total of 189 girls (78 from primary and 111 from secondary schools) were accommodated at the camp, which run from November 26 to December 21, 2018.

What happened at the camp? Qualified teachers were engaged to teach academic subjects (Secondary School Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, and Primary School Mathematics, Science and Social Studies). This was followed in the afternoons by mentorship on different topical issues such as girls’ education, child marriage, teen pregnancy, FGM, hygiene, SGBV, child labour, drug and substance abuse, career choice, etc. Late afternoon the girls participated in various games and sports, and between dinner and bed time, they sang, danced and had talent shows.

The camp’s officials (head girl, dormitory prefect, dining hall prefect) and the most disciplined girls were awarded t-shirts from a co-sponsor of the camp.


Selected reactions from girls, parents, teachers, religious leaders and County officials:

  • Zawadi [not real name], age 15, was rescued on her way to the cut: “I am very happy to have been rescued from the cut. I promise to work hard in school and achieve all my dreams”.
  • Shakina, age 13, a partial orphan said: “If I went through the cut I would have been forced to drop out of school to be married [off] early which is a very painful thing. I request NIGEE to always assist other girls like me who do not want to undergo the cut then drop out of school to get married and suffer in the marriages”.
  • A widow whose two girls were rescued by NIGEE and the Children’s officer, said: “Being a widow I had no one to assist me but I am grateful my girls were kept safe for four weeks since I had nowhere to take them
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Education, County Government of Migori, was among the mentors who emphasized to the girls the harmful effects of FGM: “….never disappoint NIGEE in their commitment to support girls. Work hard and you can become doctors, lawyers, teachers, and make NIGEE and yourselves proud”.
  • A teacher from one of the local secondary schools commented during a mentorship session: “FGM has led many girls to drop out of school and get married. If you see these girls who were in school just the other day, they are now looking old and suffering. They are just house wives, grazing cattle and begging for assistance. If you want to live a good life it’s only education that can help you.”
  • One of the mentors, a priest from a local church, used the Bible to advise the girls: “According to the Bible, there is no place where FGM was practiced among girls. The practice is against church doctrines and should be abolished. As girls you should put more effort in your studies and thank NIGEE for this opportunity which you got. You are lucky to even have teachers to teach you. If I were you I would work hard, excel, achieve all my dreams and leave Kuria an FGM-free area”.

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