Dec 10, 2015

Esther's Aid, Rwanda: Team Leaders & Groups for our Global Giving Project

With Global Giving funds, these young women can chance some smiles because there is a ray of hope to bring back some dignity to their lives. (see attached pictures below).

The petty trading group is securing the market stalls - to sell their merchandise, ranging from clothing, vegetables, tomatoes, etc. The charcoal stall is set up for one young woman, who cannot function in any other trade (read on to learn her story). We have younger survivors who are joining Esther’s Aid for a career in Culinary Arts, Pastry, and Fashion Design.

Jose, an orphan, suffered abuse in the hands of so many. The last person who took her in, sold her out. “My survival is a miracle. I have seen the worst in life, and now I am beginning to see the newness of life. Now, my friends and I have come together to benefit from hair braiding and hair styling business. This support from Esther’s Aid is a surprise to me. We will make our supporters proud, with all glory to God.”

Emeritha, (pictured below), escaped from sex traders. Hers was a heart wrenching situation. With her mother jailed for life, she was saddled with the responsibility of taking care of herself and her five siblings – even her jailed mother. Trapped in the most miserable condition, she ended up in the sex trafficking ring. “I cannot explain how I got myself from the torture that came with sex trade. It has to be the hand of God. When I escaped from my oppressors, I was making an equivalent of about 50 cents per day, fetching and supplying water to people on the hill. One hour per trip. Today, I can smile because my story has changed. Through Esther’s Aid, I can sleep and wake up with great hope of a day’s meal. Why, because I am now the proud owner of a charcoal business. I trade with charcoal for a better life and no more trading with my body. My mother is in jail for life, but I can now afford a little food for her and continue to take care of my siblings.”

Their stories are horrendous and heart breaking. Stories, from being taken to strange locations with trafficking masters, who reduced them to behaving like brute beasts. Most time they were kept in a room to service as many heartless men as possible. Their food and drinks were heavily drugged. The highest paid was one hundred dollars. Some attempted suicide as a permanent relief from the abuse. Some even died in the process of trying to escape. As one said, “After our escape, I did not know there would ever be a way out, until I met someone who told me about Esther’s Aid and their Global Giving Project.”

Thanks be to God for their escape from these hell-holes. Global Giving has opened this great opportunity for the donors of Esther's Aid to fund this project and rescue these survivors of sex trafficking.


Nov 20, 2015

Esther's Aid for Needy & Abandoned Children - Being part of the Solution in Rwanda

Esther's Aid for Needy and Abandoned Children in New York is so happy to report that the Global Giving money has been dispersed to Kigali, Rwanda!  Founder and Executive Program Director, Clare Effiong used the latter part of October to prepare for the launch of our Rescue of Survivors of Sex Trafficking project in Rwanda.  Now that the funds are in Kigali, all of us cannot wait to hear about the program!  Thank you so much to all our donors who made this project possible!  We are so very grateful and proud that Esther's Aid in Rwanda can be part of the solution to Sex Trafficking in the world.  It is because of you!  Soon, Clare will give us an update on the project from the ground.  Please send in any questions or suggestions you may have.  This is a very exciting time for Esther's Aid because of your support.  The project is not completely funded yet, so we still need your help.  Spread the word so others may share in the joy of making this meaningful work a reality.  Thank you so much and God bless. 


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