Feb 11, 2021

Achievements despite the struggles in Sudan

Girl fetching water with her donkey
Girl fetching water with her donkey

Kids for Kids turns 20 on the 8th March, and we are so humbled by the number of goats and donkeys that you helped to provide, that have been supporting thousands of families across the years. Not just from the initial goat loan but from the subsequent rotations after two years, in which 5 goats from the original flock are given to another family in need.

However, the need for goats and donkeys is greater than ever in Darfur. In the grip of an economic crisis, inflation is still increasing in Sudan - at last count, it was over 250%.  As many families are surviving on just a single meal a day malnutrition and starvation are a very real threat. 

By providing 5 nanny goats to a family a mother is able to feed her children the milk, turning their health around. Mothers are able to earn a living by selling excess milk, this income can be used to send her children to school. A donkey given to a family helps to lighten the burden of water collection which usually falls to women and children - allowing a child time to gain an education. If a donkey dies there is no chance of a family affording to replace it.   Donkeys are the only means of transport.  If you don't have a donkey, the only alternative is to walk, often many miles across the desert for every drop of water.

The difference these animals can make in someone's life is extraordinary!

Because conditions in Darfur were rapidly deteriorating, in 2020 we made the decision to adopt eight, instead of five, communities. We were only able to do this because of the generosity of supporters like you. Because of you, last year 270 families received a donkey to help carry water, take children to school, allow mothers and fathers to provide for their children.

These same families were given 1,375 nanny goats to give hungry children nutritious milk and 90 billy goats to help grow the flocks and livelihoods.

We are so very grateful for your help during these trying times, but whilst we should be celebrating good news like this, it is also a reminder that there are so many more families who deserve the same opportunity to determine their own future.

For the people of Darfur, a goat can mean the difference between life or death, a goat can be a beacon of hope and the possibility of a brighter future.

Every parent should be able to sleep at night knowing her children are well-fed and healthy - will you help us provide more goats and donkeys to more families in need?

Mother with her flock of goats
Mother with her flock of goats
Mother and baby.
Mother and baby.
Feb 8, 2021

20th Birthday - but is it a time to celebrate?

Woman walking to water with jerry cans.
Woman walking to water with jerry cans.

Kids for Kids celebrates 20 years of helping the forgotten children of Darfur on 8th March this year - two decades in which we have transformed the lives of over 550,000 people in 105 villages in one of the most inaccessible places in the world. A journey that started with a young boy’s seven-hour walk for water across the deserts of Darfur, to a handpump miles from his home.

Whilst this may seem like a time to celebrate, it is a stark reminder that in Darfur our help is still needed. There are still young children and families with no access to clean, fresh water.

The situation in Darfur is still desperate, inflation has skyrocketed to over 250% and is still rising.

This has put our projects at risk - the cost of implementing our key projects has jumped massively. The need for water has always been a necessity but since the arrival of covid-19 into Darfur, the only way communities can protect themselves is by washing their hands. This means that families need more water than ever to keep their families safe. If there are no water pumps locally this means that more journeys for water are needed - either that or forego the only protection that they have against the virus.

Our team on the ground in Darfur has said that our water projects are falling behind schedule. This is due to the cost of installing water pumps increasing day by day. Some of our villages that we adopted in 2017 were due to have their water pumps installed last year - however, work has slowed as materials, transport costs and labour have all increased astronomically.

The current economic climate in Sudan and the uncertainty of costs has meant that Kids for Kids has had to hold off promising new water pumps to villages in case we cannot deliver - access to fresh clean water should be a given in the 21st century but unfortunately, that's not the case in many areas of Darfur.

Whilst we will celebrate the change that Kids for Kids has brought about for so many people over the past 20 years - we will remain steadfast in our support for the people of Darfur but we can only do this with your help.

Please will you support Kids for Kids so we can carry on improving the lives of children now and for the children of the future?

Goat with jerry cans
Goat with jerry cans
Dec 17, 2020

Comfort for New Mothers in Darfur

Happy mother with healthy baby.
Happy mother with healthy baby.

2020 has been a hard year for everyone and I'm sure we are all ready to see the back of it!

However, spare a thought for the people of Darfur. Along with Covid-19 arriving in the villages, North Darfur has suffered droughts, floods, increases in diseases such as malaria and the whole of Sudan is in the midst of an economic crisis. Inflation has reached 229% in November meaning that families are struggling to afford the most basic items to keep their families healthy and fed.

Imagine expecting a child during this time, imagine bringing a child into the world and worrying about having no access to healthcare. These are worrying times for expectant mothers and Kids for Kids understands this and is why we support villages by training at least 2 midwives in each village to comfort and support new mothers during and after giving birth.

Despite all the chaos that seems to have arrived in Darfur, because of generous supporters like you, this year alone there are 40 newly qualified midwives heading back to their home villages to provide proper medical assistance  to expectant mothers.  This is something that women have been asking for for so long.   Childbirth is dangerous wherever you are, but in Darfur often the only help has been an untrained Traditional Birth Attender.   Many mothers and babies have died because of this.

Our Kids for Kids' midwives bring hope, relief and help to deliver babies healthily and safely.    One of the most important things they are able to do too is to recognise when a birth cannot be by natural means and a Caesar is needed.    Convincing a young woman to leave her home and travel - by donkey - to a hospital can be challenging, but this professional advice saves many lives.

Our team in Darfur passed on the incredible news that our midwives have delivered 94 precious babies in November all happy and healthy. 

At a time when people are unsure of the future, it is important that we take a step back and appreciate the good work and positivity that we can achieve when we all come together.

Because of people like you, these babies have a better start in life and mothers can rest comfortably in the knowledge that they are safe in the hands of trained midwives.

But there are still many villages and mothers who need our help in 2021 - let's make next year a better one for more mothers and their babies in Darfur.

Midwife Asma
Midwife Asma
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