Jul 31, 2021

1 individual slow loris is saved in East Aceh!!

Saturday, July 31, 2021, the BKSDA team for the East Aceh region and accompanied by ISCP/YPKSI volunteer confiscated 1 male Sumatran slow loris in Idi District, East Aceh Regency, which was illegally kept by residents about 2 months.

All species of slow lorises in Indonesia are included as protected animals by law No. 5 of 1990 concerning the Conservation of Biological Natural Resources and Their Ecosystems. After the BKSDA team at the Aceh resort of East Aceh provided socialization to residents who kept the slow loris so as not to repeat their mistakes in keeping the slow loris, a health check was carried out by representatives of BKSDA resorts in the eastern Aceh region and found the slow loris still healthy and wild behaviour so in the same day the slow loris directly released at conservation forest area of east Aceh.

Let's all good friends and all good donors, support and help us continue to donate to save slow lorises and other wildlife in our fundraiser link on this GlobalGiving platform.

Warm regards YPKSI/ISCP Admin

Jul 17, 2021

The impact of the high spread corona in July 2021

With the confirmation of high cases spread of corona virus in many provinces in Indonesia lately on july 2021, many low- and middle-income people have had a huge impact on their economy and activities and this includes animal keepers at the ISCP Sumatran Slow Loris rehabilitation center, other staff as well as other activities. activities in collecting information on the illegal trade in Sumatran slow lorises and other wildlife, rescue and other activities, especially since the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) since 12 July 2021 in North Sumatra province, especially Medan City.

Since May, the payment of the honorarium for center guards and slow lorises at the ISCP center has also been delayed. Thank God, today, thanks to the help of good people on behalf of NN, they have provided assistance in paying the honorarium for the ISCP animal keeper as well as a package of staples where this assistance is very meaningful for the ISCP keeper's family as well as the continuity of the activities of the ISCP Ngo's to continue to survive in saving slow lorises and other wildlife.

We pray that the COVID-19 pandemic will soon pass and activities and the economy will resume.

And we also with all humility really hope for the generosity of good people and good donors like you all to continue donate where maybe some of your donations besides being donated to save slow lorises and other wildlife we can also partially use in helping give staple animals keeper and YPKSI/ISCP staff in running the program and activities of our Ngo's

Thank you may God always strengthens and blesses us all in the face of this Covid19 pandemic trial.. amen

Best wishes
ISCP Admin

Give staples to the iscp animal keeper
Give staples to the iscp animal keeper
give staples to one of ISCP staf wife
give staples to one of ISCP staf wife
Jul 7, 2021

Planned program "KUKANG GARDEN" 2022

Logo Kukang Garden
Logo Kukang Garden

In Indonesian, "Kukang" means slow loris, so "Kukang Garden" means slow loris garden. It is a program to invite people to care more about the slow lorises conservation for farmers The objective is to let the farmers know that the slow lorises are part of plant biotic pollinators and not pests and to have them coexist with farmers and local residents.

In addition to the main objectives above, the plan for the “Kukang Garden” Program also aims to:

- Build a Bridge for Slow Lorises Conservation is connected to plants or farmers that slow lorises are " FRIENDS of FARMER" where slow lorises are one of the biotic plant pollinators (Intermediaries pollinating plants from various types of animals)

- ISCP plans in this program will promote agroforestry or garden programs at the center which will be rented for less than 10-15 years in the future, according to what we have informed on our fundraising page at this GlobalGiving Fundraising by providing seeds for farmers to grow. improve the functioning of the ecological system and provide a corridor for the life of the Sumatran slow loris and other wildlife in nature.

- ISCP will continue to plant seeds in our dedicated nursery

- ISCP will monitor the growth and viability of the seedlings that have been planted

- Engage the community with the slow slow loris bridge project "Taman Kukang" and roll it out to neighboring communities with education campaigns for food security of the surrounding villagers and additional income for.

Through the information on the program plan above, we hope that all #goodfriends, #GoodDonors will continue to support and help continue to donate so that the realization plan - SLOW LORIS & WILDLIFE NEW REHABILITATION CENTER and the "KUKANG GARDEN" program in the future with the 2022 target can be realized immediately ..Amen

Notes: We have designed the logo for the Kukang Garden program with the help of volunteers on behalf name Mr. Shoji Terada, with the logo image of the Sumatran Slow Loris Climbing the young tree, which means "trees or plants cannot be separated from the house and food source for slow lorises and other wildlife.

Warm regards
Admin ISCP

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