Oct 27, 2020

Digital education in the new normal

The new normal of education
The new normal of education

Dear friend of the Rainbows!

Hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and doing well.

As updated to you all in the past reports, we are currently charting our way out trying to adapt to the new normal and protecting our children in the care homes from the affects of the ongoing global pandemic. In the same regards, as we move through, we want to do every bit in trying to empower our digital infrastructure at the homes, to cater to digital education and online learning. As the teaching pédagogies are changing & adpating, so are we! Some major highlights in this quarter were:

1. With the continued stress on safety in schools, and the same remaining shut, children continue to receive their lessons online. Educators both from the schools, and the residential teachers, subject matter experts, counselors, tutor & volunteers engage with different groups as per need and the time schedule fixed.

2. We are proud to announce almost all high school & secondary school children (10th &12th grade) were able to write exams and score above aggregate marks. Some gross figures are 64 girls from Kolkata, 17 children - Delhi, Patna - 12 children & so on.

3. Monthly excercises -neither the new education policy and changed pedagogy the national team disseminates monthly lesson plan with continuous check with the teachers to see where it's needed most and in which area. It's a work in progress.

4. Cities with good strength were in need of new education coordinators so we got new hires in the city of Hyderabad with 17 homes & Patna with 5 homes.

5. New guidelines - utlisong these months to work on foundation language &math skills, we looked for new volunteer organisations to develop better understanding in-house on life education.

6. National Education workshop - a forum to bring in Home management & education coordinators who spend the maximum of time enagaging & teaching children to deliberate on immédiates on practice and way forward for education at its best.

Apart from the achievements there are a number of challenges too:

1. Franework old & new : with the change in FCRA rules, new education policy & the lockdown, the schools and the existing curriculum isn't clear with set down parameters or goals, in this we do not want the child to loose out on his/her academic year, hence with the sim to continue the education, we are struggling with clear cut framework & guidelines. 

2. Funding : with the lockdown the traditional fundraising & resource mobilisation scenario took a hit and is still nowhere stable, so we need all hands in support to empower the digital péripherals in all the existing 53 homes.

3. Teaching pédagogies : new methods are good and exciting, but a basic strong foundation is of utmost importance. With this as aim we plan to bring about good courses, life education, and strong knowledge learning of the foundation subjects to ensure the child learns the necessary.

4. Current atmosphere : what us needed for the child both in our homes, and in yours is to not feel pressure or stress of learning or scoring. Taking things slow and at a gradual speed will ensure they develop a live of learning first, for them to learn and excel. 

We certainly hope you continue to spread, share and talk of the project to help these little geniuses grab their share of knowledge in the works of education and learning. 
Together we can!


Rainbow Homes Program



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Love of books
Bringing awareness & focus
Bringing awareness & focus
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Creative arts spreading awareness
Sep 14, 2020

The way forward

Study hours
Study hours

Dear reader

Hope you're safe and sound in these turbulent times.

The past months that brought the world to a complete standstill, it shut down people's lives completely. Businesses, shops, livelihoods, this virus affected over 28.6 million lives to date. In Rainbow Homes & Sneh Ghars and amongst the group living young adults, we tried to do our best in ensuring safety and adhering to the precautionary measures against COVID 19.

This quarter proved to be productive despite the challenges brought by the pandemic. We are thankful to our dedicated staff, stakeholders, to patrons like you, and many others who worked for and with our young adults under the Futures program. We have managed to initiate diverse interventions as designed in the Annual Futures Program Plan. The goal for this quarter was to complete the life plan reviews and make quick progress on the admissions and living arrangements for young adults in transition to independent living out of homes. 

Please find below some of the regular program updates and special interventions, undertaken.

Life exposure event: we had two life exposure events through a media expert and a poet. All young friends presented their poems with a live interaction hour. Later on, in the month we had a music session with a famous Jambe player (an African musical instrument). The guest is a musician, taking life on a challenge to become an international music player. He very passionately talked of life issues like - personal anxiety, resistance from family towards becoming a musician. Our YAs also asked many questions about his journey. Towards the end, he played the Jambe and our YAs enjoyed singing songs on environment issues. 

Discussion on health: We had an exhaustive session on Covid19 with public health experts in different languages across all the 10 cities in India where we are present. The young adults (YAs) were quizzed on their general knowledge and emergency steps if one catches an infection. Also discussed was a crucial topic of differences between lockdown, self-isolation, and quarantine, and the procedures were discussed, with the help of presentation to the larger groups.

Saggeza class: selected YAs attended 'Saturday Saggeza' computer program which helped them to explore coding.  

Career guidance class: A career guiding class was organized by 'Samvada- meaning conversation', an organization. This month we raised 56 books worth 6000/- to the YAs library in Bangalore alone.

Continuing education: We also underwent the admission processes of young adults which entail interaction with each home's would-be college attendee and choosing colleges based on the availability of seats, tuition fee, and the curriculum given, keeping in mind their interest and aspired careers. This was a celebratory process as all our current young adults' batches socred good marks despite the lockdown situations across the country. The same was concluded with many of them finalizing their colleges, a safe visit, an understanding of their term subjects leading to enrolment.

Life Education: Digital & Legal literacy: We had two round meetings with alternative law forums on legal literacy and got a proposal plan to implement the same. The session was focused on key themes like young adults' entitlements in India, the legal provisions, education structure, and laws. Much information was shared about accessing birth certificate, caste and income certificate, etc. It was an interactive session throughout where they put forth their queries on education certificates too. Another was a thorough session on the English language where we arranged an interaction with an English lecturer to have a conversation on learning English as a degree. 

Job /Placement: YAs who went to attend job interviews or had virtual interviews await their results next month. Amongst this, we had some who didn't want to pursue higher education hence we talked to some companies and NGOs for recruitment. The response was good. 

Alumni Follow up: Due to the pandemic there were incidents of young friends who passed out our homes long back and they came in contact with our homes carers once more in need of assistance in lockdown. So this quarter we reached out and included this group too in our regular alumni follow up. We were able to reach many such friends who needed emotional support and affiliation in these turbulent times.

Annual Program planning and budget planning with partner organizations: we had a presentation on the annual program plan and budget plan to all partners and direct home for more clarification on their involvement in the program They understood about the new future program and budget clarification and shared their challenges to state teams for further process. 

Webinar discussion on NEP: India issued a new education policy this quarter which required an exhaustive discussion with our nexus of residential teachers and carers throughout the 55 homes at present. The speakers at their levels were expert scholars and educators who shared information about the present education policy and new education policy differences. It was an interaction model to help the YAs to know about the policy process. 


Discussion on Marriage: YAs attended a discussion on marriage too, which was focused on marriage age and its impact on life. What are the gender roles people are taking in marriage life? How we are ready for this situation, trust issues, respect, and mutual likes and dislikes.YAs also expressed their doubts about the relationship between partners. It was concluded with a feeling that education and a steady income will help settle these personal aspects of life more smoothly. 

With your continued support, we plan to have many different interventions in the pipeline to condition the young adults with the changing pedagogies of education in the current pandemic world. For this, we aim to regularly strengthen our digital infrastructure at the care homes and with the young adults living spaces.

In solidarity

Rainbow Homes Futures Team

The new normal
The new normal
Futures Program Interventions
Futures Program Interventions
Aug 18, 2020

Rainbow homes program report - covid response

Comprehensive Residential Care for the most vulnerable children


A brief update on the support


 About Rainbow Homes: The Rainbow Homes program for girls and boys is an ‘Open, Voluntary, Non-Custodial, Long-Term, Residential, Comprehensive Care’ program to enable the mainstreaming of children from street situations in India. This means children are not locked up, they have made a conscious decision to leave the street, come and stay in the home, the environment is not regimented and there is a plan for the education, nutrition, healthcare and future employability of every child. Rainbow Homes programme works in collaboration with the local government, civil societies and other likeminded groups & individuals in every city by creating a movement for caring for these vulnerable children.  The program has successfully reached out to over 10000 street children. Currently, we are running 56 homes, where about 5000 children receiving direct care in 10 cities in India.  


Support:  Patna is one of the Rainbow Home’s operational cities where Rainbow Homes run 5 homes, covering about 450 children. The support received from supporters has been helpful in providing complete care for the children of  Gharaunda Vikasaarth Rainbow Home for 1 and a half months. All these children received safe shelter & protection under the care of 11 caregivers in the home. 


 Gharaunda Vikasaarth Rainbow Home runs within the premises of Dhirachak Government Middle School, Anisabad, Patna. There are a total of 78 girl children living in the home where 11 caregivers are placed to extend comprehensive care programme to these children.  Through the support of funders from GlobalGiving, children could access to the following major facilities & activities:


Food & Nutrition:  All the children in the home accessed nutritious and healthy food in the home.  Children are provided with 3 times meal and 1-time snacks every day.  The Menu is prepared by children in the home by incorporating the items that are healthy and nutritious.  Eggs and fruits are given twice a week, non-veg once in a week, and milk is given every day.  Additional nutrition is provided with boiled egg and milk to the underweight children.

Health & Hygiene:  As the COVID19 pandemic outbreak affected the entire world, Rainbow Homes has introduced several precautionary measures at homes.  The Gharaunda Rainbow Home has been following the utmost clean & hygiene practises at home level.  Cleaning of the homes is increased to 5 times, frequent handwashing of the children ensured.  The required materials for this, including floor cleaners, sanitizers, soaps, toiletries, liquid washes, disinfectants have been purchased and made available at the home. 

Education:  During the pandemic also, the educational activities have continued in the home through online sessions. These sessions were conducted by the Education Coordinator and the part-time teachers and volunteers of the home.   

Other activities:  Despite the pandemic situation, the home did not stop the activities which are interesting for the children.  The activities such as dance, karate, music and even education classes are conducted online through Zoom or Google meet. 


Some activities organized at home:

  • Mehandi competition, 
  • dance competition, 
  • Music competition, 
  • painting competition, 
  • games competition and 
  • other activities like making jewellery, cement art, paper art, made useful things with the waste material
  • Various games activities have been organized     

Utilization of fund received f: The donation received from the donations was polled up in a general fund and has been spent on running the Gharaunda Rainbow Home for 1 and half month.

Challenges and Way forward:  

  • The challenge of the home is to continue uninterrupted caring facilities to the children of Gharaunda home.  We do not have committed/assured financial support to run the activities of this home.  The team at Rainbow Homes approaching many donors and funders to get funding support.  
  • One of the other challenges is to equip the home by improving the digital education-related infrastructure to continue their education.  
  • Ensuring food security of the families of these children is another priority of the home.  Most of the families of these children are homeless and do not have access to safe food during this pandemic.  Rainbow Homes has been trying to reach out to these families to ensure food security of the families.

We, at Rainbow Homes, are extremely thankful for the funders and supported through GlobalGiving for extending this critical support to Gharaunda Rainbow Home.    

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