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Jan 13, 2020

Happy New Year 2020! The results of the past 2019.

Dear benefactors,

Happy New Year 2020!

May 2020 be generous with good events! 

We wish you good moments and positive emotions!

All the best in 2020!

Now let's sum up the results of the past 2019.

The most remarkable achievement of 2019 was that two 2 donors from our Registry donated bone marrow cells for patients with leukemia. We hope that the disease will forever recede, and our dear patients will be completely healthy.

In other eight cases, our donors turned out to be fully compatible with the patients, but it didn’t come to transplantation. In total, over the year we received 127 requests for bone marrow donors from Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Kazakhstan and other countries. We have never had so many requests before. 

Throughout the year, we continued to actively recruit new potential donors.  Residents of various regions of Russia sent us envelopes with samples, and residents of Karelia entered the Registry during our campaigns or came to our office to join the Registry.

Six hundred one individual decided to become potential bone marrow donors, and now the Karelian Registry counts 5132 people.  The barrier of 5 thousand has been successfully overcome!

And we didn’t stop there:

  • We talked about bone marrow donation in classrooms and in offices, on the volleyball court, football stadium, paintball and at the software programmers’ contests, in the library and in the cinema, as part of business meetings and national conferences, at city events and children's parties, on television and on the radio;
  • We shared happy stories of cancer patients and introduced you to our donors and conducted surveys;
  • We raised funds to recruit new donors in the register;
  • We got acquainted with new organizations and new people who have become our good friends and partners.

The Karelian Registry of Bone Marrow Donors continues to grow. Thank you for being with us! Thanks to your participation and support! Together, in 2020 we will become even closer to our common goal - to defeat leukemia!

Happy New Year!


Andrey Varshukov




Nov 5, 2019

World bone marrow donor day and saving lives!

Dear friends!

On behalf of the Karelian registry team, we congratulate you on the past World Bone Marrow Donor Day! This celebration brings together bone marrow donors, doctors, patients, registry volunteers and philanthropists - all who contribute to the fight against leukemia!

Thank you for being with us! Thank you for your kindness and many years of help!

It is symbolic that during the days of the celebration a very important event took place - a man from our registry became a donor for a child from another country on September 24th!

This story developed rapidly. We received a donor request in July. It stated that the disease develops very quickly and if transplantation is not done in the coming months, the patient cannot be saved...The donor was searched all over the world, but only one person from our registry turned out to be compatible. In a short time, we were able to organize a donor examination. Fortunately, he was healthy and was able to donate bone marrow cells. He helped to save the life of this boy! This is a real miracle! And it all happened thanks to you, because with the help of your donations this man was included in the register!

This is the second case in 2019 when a donor donated bone marrow cells for patients with leukemia.

In just 9 months of this year, we received more than 100 requests for donors from around the world. This is more than the number of requests in 2018.

Inquiries and successful donations inspire us to actively attract new donors.

And that is what we are doing! Over the past 3 months, we conducted weekly donor recruits in our office, went to recruit donors in other cities, and received samples by mail from residents of remote places. In collaboration with other organizations, we held lectures and information meetings, dedicated sports competitions to the fight against leukemia, and we organized film screenings about bone marrow donation.

Goodness and mercy have no limits. You, philanthropists from around the world, are helping us, the registry of donors from Russia, financially. Thanks to you, the registry is developing, and our donors donate bone marrow cells to patients from both Russia and other countries. So together we will get rid of leukemia in this world!


Friends, we have the opportunity to increase your help! Participate in #GivingTuesday and encourage your relatives, friends, and work colleagues to do so!

#GivingTuesday is a worldwide charity day that inspires people to collaborate and give back. The GlobalGiving 2019 #GivingTuesday campaign will begin on 3rd of December, 2019, at 00:00:00 ET and will end at 23:59:59 ET on 3rd of December, 2019.

This year, projects will compete for part of the $500,000 incentive fund. This means that if, for example, 1% of the total amount of dollars raised by all projects on Tuesday is donated to the Karelian Register project, then another 1% - or $5000 - will come from the Incentive Fund. $5000 means 700 new bone marrow donors included in the registry and in the global database. And every donor gives people with leukemia and other blood diseases a second chance.

Please make your contribution at

And tell your friends about it on your social networks.

Lecture for employees of the business center
Lecture for employees of the business center
Our wonderful donors
Our wonderful donors
Paintball players are entering in the registry-1
Paintball players are entering in the registry-1
At paintball competitions - 2
At paintball competitions - 2
Lecture for students
Lecture for students
Aug 8, 2019

In the summer, our work continues

Dear friends!

We would like to share some news about the work of our foundation over the past 3 months.

As you know, the mission of the Karelian Registry is to help patients with leukemia to overcome the disease! We receive requests to find donors for patients from different countries. Since the beginning of 2019, we have got 73 requests from Russia, Britain, Spain, Belgium, Kazakhstan, France and Turkey. Sometimes there were 4 requests a day, which is just surprising!

There were 7 matches with our donors. One of the donors has already donated bone marrow cells for a child from Russia. We reported that last time. And now two more donors are undergoing a medical examination. We believe that everything will turn out well and that they will be able to give patients with leukemia hope for life!

As you know, leukemia knows no boundaries, adults and children from different countries suffer from it. It is important for people from all over the world to unite in the fight against it! Thank you for your participation, kindness and mercy! Thank you for your donations!

Thanks to it, we can pay for the inclusion of new donors in the register. And the more donors will be on the register, the greater the chance that we will be able to find a donor for a specific patient with leukemia and save their life!

In the summer months, we did not hold a campaign to attract donors. But we talked about bone marrow donation at lectures, during specially designed games and workshops on origami (we made paper cranes - a symbol of the fight against leukemia). We destroyed myths and fears by all means, convincing people that being a potential bone marrow donor is safe for the donor and vital for patients, and we invited people to register in our office in Petrozavodsk at any convenient day!

Every week, volunteers and registry staff are ready to consult those who wish to become potential donors. Our opening hours are turned into monthly schedule and published on the social media.

As usual, we offer residents of other cities to join the register by sending documents and samples for analysis by mail. Thus, we have already received dozens of envelopes from different cities of Russia!

It's great that now neither time nor distance is an obstacle to doing good and important deeds!

Thus, over the past 3 months, several dozens of people have become potential donors. Now there are 4954 potential donors in our database and we are waiting from the laboratory for more 56 HLA matching results.

It is important! Thanks to our mutual efforts, more and more people are ready to help patients with leukemia. It means that there is more chances that one of the potential donors will be compatible with a specific patient and will give hope for recovery!

Friends, thank you for being with us for many years! Let's beat leukemia together!

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