Jan 24, 2020

Rebuilding update #8

Home of the young girls
Home of the young girls

We are happy to let you know that the kindergarten children, the young girls and the middle school boys are are enjoying their new houses at Casa San Salvador in Miacatlàn. It's a great endeavour, and and endless joy, for the whole NPH family.

Family is a strong bond at NPH, as Rafaèl Bermudez, National Director of NPH Mexico, has recently declared.

Rafael  was a small child when he arrived to NPH accompanied by five of his older siblings. He has inspired the children and youths of NPH Mexico during the past thirteen years.

For “Rafa”, as everybody calls him, NPH is a real family. “When children arrive, we give them safety; it´s a second chance in life which was originally denied to them due to many reasons or circumstances within their own families. Once they are with us, they receive all the love and values of a true family,” he comments. For more than 50 years Father William Wasson dedicated his life to watch over the children’s well-being, instilling in them values such as love, responsibility, work and above all, faith and service to others.

The values and traditions transmitted by Father Wasson have not changed since he is no longer with us. Rafa says that the environment and family activities are the same, and we try to continuously implement more programs so that biological siblings can enjoy more time together and thus generate better relationships. Family integration is achieved by spending time together, and that happens every day at NPH.

We are a family integrated by more than 700 pequeños, thus we have many celebrations throughout the year like “Quinceañeras” (celebration for youth on their 15th birthdays), Godparents’ Day, Children’s Day, among others.

Rafa’s favorite celebration is Graduation Day because it reflects all the collaborators’ hard work, and above all, the support and love of benefactors and godparents.

"We know that we are doing things well, because each child has a defined life project. In the end, when they leave NPH, they reproduce everything they learned in the community where they are assimilated," Rafa concludes.

After all, our family is like any other. We prepare our children giving them the necessary tools so that when the time comes for them to be independent, they know how to lead their own strong life.

Thank you for supporting the NPH Mexico Family!

Home of the kindergarten children
Home of the kindergarten children
Home of the middle school boys
Home of the middle school boys
Home of the middle school boys
Home of the middle school boys
Rafael Bermudez, Director of NPH Mexico
Rafael Bermudez, Director of NPH Mexico
Jan 8, 2020

Haiti report #3

Water distribution in Cite Soleil
Water distribution in Cite Soleil

On January 12, 2020 we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the tragic earthquake in Haiti. 

We would like to share with you a few paragraphs from the REFLECTIONS ON THE END OF A DECADE IN HAITI, by Fr Rick Frechette, that summarize the long and terrible suffering of the people of Haiti during the last ten years.

Here in Haiti, a very tiny part of a world-wide narrative, we are closing ten years of profound suffering and tragedy.

The decade began for us with an earthquake so devastating, that it caused more death and destruction than the two atomic bombs the ended World War II, combined.

Then, before even a year passed, we were plagued with a relentless scourge of cholera. 

At our centers alone, we received over 100 people each day, for months, and then reduced numbers, for years.

As we dealt with these whirlwinds of pain and death, we were hit with a number of tropical storms and the massive Hurricane Matthew, which brought devastation in Southwest Haiti to two million people, their homes, and their farms.

Also, during this score of years, the value of Haitian currency slowly declined, and then more rapidly, such that by 2019, the gourde had lost two thirds of its value. 

Over the same period of the loss of buying power, it cost 20% more to stay alive.

As this poor and wounded nation struggled to deal with all of this, crime rose steadily, within institutions and on the streets, and finally chaos prevailed, as the whole country suffered violent public convulsions, that have shaken Haiti profoundly, for the last 17 months.

People openly ask, “Where are the voices to scream out against this terrible suffering? as the whole country suffered violent public convulsions, that have shaken Haiti profoundly, for the last 17 months.

People openly ask, “Where are the voices to scream out against this terrible suffering?


The country still lacks a drinking water distribution system, an essential asset for the survival of the local population. Families have to travel kilometers to reach rivers, which are often polluted, accessible water sources or buy water. Father Rick Frechette, first line physician and guide of NPH Haiti and the Saint Luc Foundation, and his team distribute 90,000 liters of water with 2 tank trucks every day, 6 days a week, donating them to the poorest families of the slums.  

Even with a minimal gesture you can achieve a great result, which has a concrete effect on the lives of many people.

Thank you for listening to the scream of the Haitian children.

Jan 8, 2020

The civic and sports center in Pieve Torina

The village of Pieve Torina (Macerata province) was deeply affected by the earthquake. We were very happy to see how the maternity school built by the Rava Foundation and donated to the population brought new hopes for the future, although the families still live in makeshift temporary houses and winter is coming.

The project of the civic center and sports center is considered by everyone like an opportunity to keep the community together.

We are happy to announce that the excavation works have been completed, and the first stone laying ceremony was held on December 9th.

During the excavations, archaeological remains have been discovered that testify to the antiquity of the first settlements in the area. This discovery was certanily important, though it slowered the works a bit.

The construcion work will take about 7 months if the project gets fully funded. We woulld like to inaugurate the new building by the end of the school year, in June 2020.

We pledge our donors to continue donating so that we can meet this deadline and help the community of Pieve Torina in its struggle to rebuild their future.

Grazie di cuore!

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