Jun 10, 2020

Update on Coronavirus from NPH Mexico

Rafael Bermudez, National Director of NPH Mexico
Rafael Bermudez, National Director of NPH Mexico

Hi everybody, 


I am Rafael Bermudez, national director NPH Mexico since 2004, which means 16 years of serving with passion and love to almost 700 pequenos and pequenas.

At NPH Mexico we have five houses in three different Mexican states. In all the five houses we have prepared a disinfected area for possible asymptomatic patients developing the three symptoms,  like having breathing problems before doing the coronavirus official test. We have two doctors and four nurses that are attending the three houses in the state of Morelos for possible asymptomatic patients. At the end of April the health Mexicans authorities declared that we are now in phase three which means most people will get the Coronavirus at a large scale.

In our main house in Miacatlan, casa San Salvador, we have completely locked ourselves. Nobody enters and nobody leaves. Out of 140 employees only 24 decided voluntarily to  stay with us with their own families. With 67 acres of land we have our farm, field , three green houses, kitchen, bakery and tortilleria and we are rotating our 24 employees to provide everyday for about 400 children that live here. 

It is a challenge, but we are all contributing so that we can all comprehend that our house can continue to run with 24 employees, 2 volunteers that stay and about 60 pequenos giving their service.

Our home in Cuernavaca, casa Juan señor, home to our technical high school students has also been locked up since Tuesday March 17th. We are operating without any employees and about 160 pequnos. 

We are following the recommendations that NPH medical services is sending and every NPH house has bought supplies in advance.  We have medical materials for possible asymptomatic pequenos, so that our medical stuff is protected in case there is the first case of positive coronavirus in one of our five houses.

We have in our storage room the basic food to operate until beginning of June since we decided to buy it in advance before there was nothing left in the market, because the Mexican government is taking supplies at a large scale.

The school continues either by internet platform or the teacher sending it physically or we, the tios, in Miacatlan making copies to continue with the expertise in the three levels of school. 

I see the children at NPH- Mexico mentally fine, since they have different activities every day and we have decided now to ask again what activity they would like to do today instead of the tio always assigning the activities for the everyday. Another activity that we are doing is walks around our 67 acres and we discovered that it takes us about two hours and a half to walk all of it.

At last, everyday, we pray for all of you, sponsors and benefactors and for our family outside and for the medical staff that is saving and taking care of many sick people in the world. 


God bless you, 



Jun 8, 2020

Update from Pieve Torina

Following the outburst of the COVID19 pandemic that affected the country, the works for the civic sports center in Pieve Torina were interrupted for over two months. The Marche region was one of the areas most affected by the virus, the lockdown imposed by the authorities restricted all activities and movements. 

As of May 26, the Mayor announced that the town of Pieve had reached zero active coravirus cases, All the population will have access to sierologic tests, as a measure to ensure public health and restoring a feeling of security among the members of the community. 

"We pursue normality, which means a dignified home, effective public services, a social fabric that is recomposed. Normality, after the terrible experiences of the earthquake and the emergency triggered by the Covid epidemic19"  said the Mayor Alessandro Gentilucci in an interview.

The foundation works for the sports center were resumed at the end of May. All documents related to the construction were submited to the autorithies and the chrono programme will soon be released.

We'll keep you posted.

May 18, 2020

Haiti report #4

Shacks in the slums of Port au Prince
Shacks in the slums of Port au Prince

For months before the covid 19 pandemic, Haiti has been experiencing social unrest and lockdowns that have prevented families from accessing employment or sustenance.

Even before COVID-19, over 4 million people in Haiti were projected to experience hunger and food insecurity in 2020.

We are continuing our economic development work and distribution of food and water in the vulnerable communities of Cite Soleil, La Saline, Tabarre, Wharf Jeremie, and Kenscoff, and importantly, we are also continuing to reinforce local agricultural systems.

Haiti has long struggled to provide reliable public sanitation infrastructure. Our trusted outreach workers are out in the community delivering a message that emphasizes the importance of hand washing and hygiene — now more than ever. St. Luke is distributing bleach disinfectant solution made in our St. Francisville production center to the most vulnerable and densely populated areas of Port-au-Prince.

Social distance is a good medicine, but abandonment, disconnectedness, or human isolation is totally toxic, for everyone involved.

Stay with us. 

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