Mar 10, 2016

Call to action resulted in more help at sea

Between November and March we had 15 volunteers at sea. One of them, a senior anesthesiologist, served over one month on board nave Aviere and recently served other three weeks on board of Nave Cavour, flagship of the Italian Navy. Francesca, midwife, after a long term mission aboard Nave San Giusto and San Giorgio in 2014 and 2015, is now back at sea for a month.

During Holiday Season patrolling and rescue operations didn't stop. Videopgrapher Diletta Grella spent new Year's with the crew of Patroller Bettica and our voluteer pediatrician Gianpiero, in the middle of the sea, ready for the next emergency call. Please watch the video, and learn more about Fondazione Rava's project and the collaboration with the Italian Navy.

We are currently selecting and organizing teams for the spring and beginning of summer, plannig to deploy more personnel on board of more units. Our call to action and the word of mouth among our medical voluteers were succesful. We will be able to support the Italian Navy in the months to come with motivated and highly skilled doctors, nurses and midwives.

From Mariagiovanna, midwife, 10 boats rescued in two weeks....

February 16th

"Today we worked on three events for a total of 363 migrants, including 16 women and one minor. All in good condition."

February 20th

"Yesterday we rescue another 22 migrants including 17 women; one was pregnant at the 4th month and I therefore made an obstetrician control with a normal response. The migrants were then moved to a German ship that was close to returning.

Now we are still at sea available for further event. We have identified  four migrant boats. "

February 21

"Even today we rescue a large number of migrants, two events with a total of 236 people, including 36 women, 15 children and the rest men. All alive and in good condition, have been freshened up and transferred to the Coast Guard ship them He brought to the ground. "

February 23

"Today has been a very busy day; there were 4 events (three on board Ship Cigala Fulgosi) and, unfortunately, the discovery of five people drowned.

During the 1st event we provided assistance to a total of 128 migrants including 10 women, 13 underage boys and 105 men mostly from Guinea, Mali, Gambia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. We found 8 cases of suspected dermatopatia from scabies, 3 cases of women who are pregnant, 1 case of soreness in the leg for which it was decided to disinfection and medication of the injured area, 1 case of bruised foot.

During the 2nd event we helped 133 people, including 26 women, five children and 102 men mostly from Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali and Gambia. Among them 13 cases of suspected dermatopatia from scabies, one case of umbilical hernia.

During the 3rd event of the day we have provided assistance to a total of 142 migrants mainly from Nigeria and Gambia.  
Volunteer Anesthesiologist Giuseppe
Volunteer Anesthesiologist Giuseppe
Mariagiovanna, midwife, during a dramatic rescue
Mariagiovanna, midwife, during a dramatic rescue


Dec 9, 2015

Rough sea, challenging weather conditions, sinking boats. Save and rescue can't stop.

Providing first aid on Patroller Bettica
Providing first aid on Patroller Bettica

The upcoming winter season has not slowed down the flux of migrants across the Mediterranean. The scafists are now transporting their human cargo on smaller and even more unbalanced boats. High waves and strong winds add incredibly high risks to the navigation.

It became necessary to make an extra organizational effort and ask some of our medical volunteers to expand their mission to long term, in order to be able to be embarked on Navy ships that operate no stop for up to two months at a time in the very front line, far South in the Mediterranean waters, right where human lives are now more in danger.

A few of our volunteers have been willing to serve for the second, third and even fourth time, taking unpaid leave from their jobs.

Volunteer midwife Giusy, on her third mission: "Yesterday we rescued 200 hundred migrants. They were all from the Horn of Africa . As always many young men, but also a very high number of women, some of them pregnant, and children under two years. All of them were exhausted by long journeys, months of pilgrimages... Some were showing obvious signs of ill-treatment (scars from whippings , gunshot wounds , knife cuts .... ).  What do you say in front of 17-18 month old children with countless marks of cigarette burns on their tiny bodies? You take a deep breath and move on .... Courage." 

Pietro, gynecologist, returning from his fourth mission: "I am very attached to this photo. It seems to me that it expresses  the touching love between father and daughter, the despair of fleeing their country in war, the sweetness of finding themselves in a safe place, at last." 

We want to share this image of hope. Save and rescue can't stop. This project needs your support.

An image of hope.
An image of hope.
Sep 22, 2015

Dramatic reports from one of our doctors aboard a Navy Ship in the Mediterranean

Surgeon and gynecologist Alberto
Surgeon and gynecologist Alberto

It's been a hard day. It was 6am. We approached  a wreck boat carrying about 300 migrants on board. The rescue operations had just started, when they brought me a boy under arrest cardiovascular. I tried to revive him but had lockjaw and could not open his mouth to insert the Mayo cannula , then I had to declare the death of other 30 young boys, they were all less than 20 years old.  August 15In the last contact I revived for 10 hours a boy, he had three respiratory arrests, we took him in Lampedusa and from there in intensive care in Agrigento. Being the only doctors on board I could not stop, I could not not stop.  August 20

The commitment of the women and men of the Navy and the volunteers of Rava Foundation, that have worked for almost two years to contain this holocaust, there is no other term to define it,  is the best of professionalism and humanity mankind has to offer. We must  not "get used" to these dead, these numbers; a woman who had just seen her husband dead in a black bag, asked me "pourquoi?" The  answer to this question is a mystery. We have a duty to question our conscience. No matter the size of the response, the important thing is that in our everyday life these news do not leave us completely and cynically indifferent and we do not forget the next day.  August 22 

Alberto, surgeon and gynecologis, from Cigala Fulgosi Patroller, The Sicily Channel, August 2015

The situation in the Mediterranean Sea has dramatically degenerated in the last weeks. Thousands of people are rescued from sinking boats every day.

We urgently needs support to increase the number of doctors and midwives deployed on the Italian Navy ships in the Mediterranean.

Migrants rescued on board Cigala Fugosi
Migrants rescued on board Cigala Fugosi
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