Jul 30, 2018

"Encuentro de Aliados"

Last Saturday we celebrated our annual “Encuentro de Aliados” (Allies Encounter) at our Hatillo 2 child center. Every year we like to thank our monthly donors because it is because of them that Fundación DEHVI is able to keep benefitting hundreds of boys and girls by providing access to a quality education and a well-balanced nutrition. Therefore, this year we decided to have a party and celebrate with the children and our Allies!

Early in the morning, the teachers began receiving their students as the Sustainability department began receiving Fundación DEHVI’s Allies and some volunteers as well. When all the children had arrived and most of our Allies that confirmed assistance were at the child center, we began with the fun activities!

First of all, the “Aliados por la Infancia” Coordinator welcomed everyone to the “Encuentro de Aliados” and thanked the donors for their constant support. Then, the Atelierista (which is a very important figure in the Reggio Emilia philosophy – she is a combination of a teacher and artist and helps develop projects with our project based learning methodology) invited everyone to participate in fun games to break the ice. The Atelierista believes that dancing is a way humans can express their feelings, emotion and affection; therefore, we made a “ronda” where the children, teachers, allies, and volunteers were all dancing, singing, and having fun.

It seemed as if it was about to rain; therefore, after we finished with the “ronda”, we took the children to the inflatable castle and slide! Of course the children loved jumping and playing in the inflatables and the Allies and volunteers were playing together with the children.

After they played in the inflatables, we had snack time! Everyone had a chance to eat some delicious fruit and confectionary cakes; but most importantly, everyone had the chance to share. The Allies had the opportunity to get to know closely the children they are helping month after month with their generous donations.

Then, all children went to their classrooms with their teachers because all the groups prepared a small presentation of the projects they are working on. Therefore, the Allies and volunteers were given a tour of the child center, room by room, where they were able to understand how these children are developing 21st century skills (soft skills) through project based learning. When the tour finished, the 5 year-old children gave the Allies a thank you gift they created by themselves.

Lastly, the children went back to play in the inflatable caste and slide because we had one last surprise for the children: bubbles! As the children kept playing, the Allies began to leave and the parents came back to pick up their children.

Without a doubt it was a very special day; especially, because our Allies (monthly donors) were able to get to know the children they support with their donations and because they got to see with their own eyes the positive impact that project based learning and a well-balanced diet have in these boys and girls that live in vulnerable conditions.

Therefore, we invite you to become monthly donors as well so we can impact more and more children together! And so you can experience another magical day like this with the children someday.

May 1, 2018

Alajueilta, our newest home!

Friday, April 6th 2018 was a very important date for Fundación DEHVI. It was a very special day because we inaugurated our 5th child center! We are very happy not only because we keep growing and benefitting hundreds of lives, but also because this new child center is located in one of Costa Rica’s most conflictive communities: Juan Pablo II de Alajuelita; and we know we are going to make a difference in this community by offering the children and families opportunities for them to strive in life.

Alajuelita is known for its poverty, delinquency and high murder rates because it is all what the media talks about. However, Alajuelita is a county where natural beauty abounds and where you can find kind people everywhere. This is what we want the people to know about Alajuelita. Yes, it is a damaged community due to problems such as drug-trafficking; nonetheless, we know we can make a change in this community through the investment in early childhood.

The inauguration was simple, yet magical. We invited all the people that made this inauguration possible: Alajueilta’s Major, Mr. Modesto Alpízar, National Institutions’ Representatives, our Private Sector Partners, and most importantly, the beneficiary families and children. It was a very emotional afternoon for everyone, because all of us were waiting, for a long time, for this day to come; the day when the child center’s doors would be finally open for the community to begin to strive. The children are going to be able to receive a quality early childhood education and alimentation for their integral development, and their families will have the opportunity to either finish their studies or be able to find a dignified job to help them break off from the poverty conditions they live in.

This new child center in Juan Pablo II, Alajuelita, will benefit 75 children, from 3 months – 3 years of age, and their families. However, there are expansion plans in the near future so we can benefit more children. Just like our other child centers, Alajuelita is open from 6am-6pm and it has a multi-disciplinary team that focuses on the children’s integral attention and care. This team is made up of a social worker, nutritionist, and psychologist.

According to UNICEF, for every $1 invested in early childhood, there is a return rate of $17 because studies show that by doing this, there is less school desertion, more high-school and college graduations; and, therefore, more people working towards a socio-economic developed country. We want to make a change in Alajuelita, and we want the rest of the country – and world – to witness it socio-economic development thanks to the work we are doing with their children.

Now we are facing the challenge to achieve economic sustainability in order to keep operating this child center, and the only way we can do this is with kind and generous gifts from our donors. It is THANKS TO YOU we can keep transforming more and more lives. I invite you to keep making donations to our project so together we can keep making a difference in Costa Rica’s most needed communities.

Kind regards,


Jan 31, 2018

December celebrations!

December was a month full of different and exciting activities! We had 3 main celebrations in our four child centers: Family Nights, Kindergarten Graduations and, of course, Christmas celebrations.

During the Family Nights, we invited all the children’s families to visit the child centers so the teachers and the children could show their families the projects they worked on during the whole year. As you know, our child centers are inspired by the Reggio Emilia pedagogy – project based learning – so the children get to explain a year-long process of investigation, analysis, final products, but most importantly, get to explain everything they learned! This night is very important because the families get to see how their children have grown and developed so many abilities. These nights are very emotional to us because we get to see the parents’ reactions when they learn how intelligent and capable their children are.

Then, a few days later, we celebrated the Kindergarten Graduations in our four child centers as well! The children that completed the “transición” level got a diploma so they can now begin the first grade in their new schools. For us, these graduations were very moving because we have had the opportunity to see these children grow and learn so much throughout the years. Many of them began to come to our child centers when they were 1 year-old and now, four years later, we see them graduate and move on to a very important stage in their lives. This celebration meant a lot to us as well because we know the importance of investing in early childhood education, we know that this means that there are less probabilities for them to drop out of school and more probabilities for them to finish high school and to have the opportunity to go to college! 

Lastly, we celebrated Christmas! Christmas is a very important time of the year because we get to contemplate about the important things in life. However, we also celebrated Christmas with fun and exciting parties in all the child centers. The children enjoyed all the activities, food and gifts we were able to give them thanks to donations from people like you.

Without a doubt, the children could not stop smiling and enjoying all these celebrations. At Fundacion DEHVI, we work to give these children the best opportunities so they can develop life-long skills that will help them in their present and their future. We passionately work so these children, when they get older, can remember their childhood as a time full of learning, excitement, laughter and a lot of love for them to be able to live their lives as strong persons of integrity.

Thanks to your donations, we are able to work together to keep benefitting these children living in poverty – and their families – and many more to come!

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