May 30, 2018

Inspiring story

Dear donors

We are glad to present you the latest news from our project and to thank you one more time for your generosity and involvement in our project. Everything we do it is due to your support and your believe in our cause.

In the last three months our center supported the elderly and provided the services to more than 230 needy seniors. The new concept promoted by our center is active ageing and involvement of the elderly in volunteering activities.

We want to present the story of one  beneficiary who attended the center from 2003. She is a lonely person who receives a pension is 80 $. From this amount of money she buys medicines, pays the bills, and buys food products for a month. She is almost 90 years old but she is good example for many elderly who are visiting the center. She is a good housewife, she likes to cook, to sing, to write poems, to clean the house, and more recently she became  a volunteer.

As the member of volunteering group she had the possibility to go on a trip organized for volunteers of the center.

She was really impressed by visiting one of the most beautiful monasteries in Moldova and for the opportunity to have a picnic in the forest. She said it is about more than 30 years she hasn’t been in a forest for a walk or a picnic. She enjoyed the company, the weather, the air and the flowers.

Maria said that the center helps her to feel young and needed for other people. The center is the second house where she found friends and cozy atmosphere that helps her to be strong in spite of the health conditions. Maria story is a good example of importance of center functioning, for creating and supporting the elderly to have an active and dignity ageing, to feel member of a big family.

In this context it is worth to mention the party organized on a  Family Day celebrated on 15 of May. It was organized a concert for elderly with participation of children ensemble, children dance group, folklore group and many other surprises. The party aimed to connect elderly with their families and community, to bring joy and fun.


Mar 1, 2018

Together we make the difference

Dear donors

We would like to thank you for your involvement and for your care about the elderly in Moldova. We can implement our activities only with support of bighearted people. For the elderly every donation is important. Your desires to help give them hope in a better future.

During the last three months the center was visited 3739 times. In the same time 4032 lunches were prepared and served. The elderly have possibility to wash their laundry 554 times, this means about 2770 kg of laundry was washed. The shower facilities were used 924 times.

 Besides the basic services , the elderly enjoyed watching TV, reading newspapers, learning English, dancing, singing, doing gymnastics, having  massage, helping in the kitchen, gardening, knitting, drawing , celebrating International days, etc.

For many persons the center is like a kindergarten where they spend their time together, avoiding the loneliness,  depression,  cold houses,  lack of facilities at home, lack of water inside.

Winter time is the hardest seasons for those who have to heat the house, to bring the water from the well, to go shopping.

In order to cover more needs of the elderly, a peer to peer group was created. Fifteen volunteers help 15 elderly that can’t attend the center. Elderly volunteer deliver lunches, help in the house, go shopping, pay the bills, buy medicines and most important pay attention to the seniors and their problems.

This is a new service for our community that aims to develop the spirit of volunteering among the elderly and among the citizens.

In Moldova, on the first of March people give each other-Martisor.  Martisor is an old tradition celebrated in Moldova, on March 1st.The name Martisor is a diminutive of March (Martie in Romanian).

It is believed that the person who wears the red and white string(Martisor) would enjoy a prosperous and healthy year.

Our elderly send you a  special Martisor from Moldova.

Dec 1, 2017

Autumn harvest

 Dear donors we would like to express our thanks for your contribution and for your care for the elderly. 

 Anneke Fijen a voluneer from The  Netherlands has written a feedback on  her  volunteering time at Neoumanist:

 “I think you are doing very good work and the elderly really appreciate the attention from volunteers. Everyone was very kind and I felt really welcome. The tasks were variable, what I liked. We were also given the opportunity to be involved in a lot of activities. The Castania holiday home was excellent. There was one thing I thought to be difficult, and that was the difference in language.I’m very positive about the project and wish you all the best for the future’’

 The best appreciation for the projects is that one that comes from outside the project.

 The activities of the center are based on local and international donors, that is way everything we are doing is thanks to the money people donate.

  On first of October we celebrate International Elderly Day that aimed to remember how important are the seniors and to express our love for them.

  In November we were touched by a story told by a beneficiary of the Day Care center Tamila, she told us how she heated her house during the winter time before she come to the center and receive our help: Before I received the help from the center I had had a very hard life. During summer time I gathered all the branches I found in the park, on the roads. I used to take a cart and to go off the city to collect dry branches, straws, sun flower steam.

 In summer time I made a mix of dry garbage, dung, straws to heat with it the house. In winter when I heated the stove, it smoked all over the house, and the smell was far from France perfume.

 It was a time that I prefer to forget. Now I am praying everyday for those who donated money to buy wood and coal in order to warm our houses during winters"




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