Oct 7, 2020

Pandemic and elderly


Dear donors and friends

 The COVID-19 pandemic affects all of us but has the greatest impact on those already experiencing poverty, poor health and discrimination. Older people often fall within these categories.  In this difficult time elderly need support and care. Neoumanist Association provide services at home and daily visit about 70 persons delivering lunches, food packages, hygiene products, protective products etc.

Elena   is one of the day care center beneficiariesShe used to come to the center and  now she missed the activities and the services from the day care center. She would like to talk with her friends. We asked her to tell us her life story.

She  was born in 1949 in Straseni in a family of nine children. She remembers a very poor childhood. At 16 she married and lived with her husband 40 years. Eight year ago he died and now she is a widow. She has one son, and he is living in the same house with his mother. He is alcohol drinker and often is aggressive and generates lot of problems to his mother. Elena was working as cleaning woman in a shop, a cook helper, then a seller. In 1993 she was operated on myoma and one year later she needed another operation. She couldn’t work anymore and received invalidity pension. In order to gain more money she started to sell sun flower seeds. She remembered in that time we could buy a glass of water with 1 coin and with 3coins, she never allowed herself water with three coins, it was too expensive for her.   In 2002 she was operated on a breast cancer. In 2008 she was diagnosed again but she couldn’t be operated. Now is she using a lot of medicines.

 Elena is often hospitalized because she has a lot of health problems. Her pension is low and she needs a lot of medicines. She gets some pills from compulsory health insurance for other - she has to pay.

In 2013 she was walking in the street near her house and a social assistant from day care center was looking for one of her neighbor -an old and poor woman. She showed the house and asked if she can get some support as well from our organization.  The staff made a home visit analyzed the situation and included Elena in the project. At the beginning she received the winter help: wool and coal. She was ashamed to come to the center. Now is coming weekly and said the center helped her a lot with wood, coal, gas, food, and now with home lunches. Within the pandemic situation she was afraid to go out, she asked neighbors to do shopping for her. She prays and reads Bible.

Elena said: “God takes care of us, we should believe everything will be ok and for sure everything will be ok. “

Every elderly has own history full of happy and sad moments at the moment they need help from the government from the community from people with big hearts.  

We would like to thank you for support and for involvement in the elder’s  life.

Jun 9, 2020

Covid 19 and Elderly In Moldova

Country-Specific Information:

On March 7, 2020, Moldova reported its first confirmed case of COVID-19 (also known as the Novel Coronavirus) within its borders.  As of June 9, Moldova has more than e 9807  confirmed cases, including from person-to-person transmission.  Moldova reported its first COVID-19 death on March 18, 2020.

The National Public Health Emergency Commission in Moldova issued a State of Public Health Emergency effective May 16 until June 30.  At this time, all educational institutions, public venues, and malls remain closed.   Restaurants, malls, and gyms are scheduled to re-open on June 15.  Face-masks are mandatory in all enclosed public spaces effective May 7.  Parks are open, but groups larger than three people are not permitted.  Additional restrictions could be lifted or (re)imposed with little notice.

Project information:

How the elderly faced the pandemic period ? It was and it is a difficult period for them. During the emergency situation the center was closed and even now is closed. Elderly as vulnerable group were advised to stay at home. Our beneficiaries are used to come to the center and to benefit from basic needs as shower, laundry and lunch. A very important aspect it is communication, they need their friends to share their joys and sadness, to discuss problems and to solve them, to find out new receipts for their illnesses, to complain on neighbors. This invisible enemy jailed them in their houses.

From 1st  of April Neoumanist Association started to deliver lunches at home. Daily  60 seniors receive tasty and delicious lunches. As  the protection measure beneficiaries get hygiene products and some medicines. Association tried to adapt to the situation and to bring to the elderly as much services as possible. The psychologist of the center keeps  in touch and monitors their psychological statue. During this period many elderly  respect the recommendation  of the family doctors and authorities but in the same time some of them manifest depressive mood. The only way to support them was the phone conversation. We are glad that most of beneficiaries are supervised and are ok .

 Due to the continuous support of the donors Neoumanist is able to support beneficiaries during this unexpected force majeure .

 Neoumanist thanks all the donors and relay on your involvement in the elderly lives in Moldova

Feb 10, 2020

Main results of the 2019 year


Dear donors and supporters of the project we are glad to inform your about the main activities and results achieved during the last year. In 2019 18 new beneficiaries were registered to the project and 22 beneficiaries passed away.  At the end of the year 220 elderly (153 f and 67 m) benefit from the projects services and activities, 107 received a warm meal, 160 had the possibility for personal hygiene,167  used of the laundry service.

A peer to peer group helped 18 (12 f and 6 m ) elderly at home . Senior volunteers took active part in the lives of needy elderly. First of all they talked and kept in touch with elderly , provided warm meals, helped in cleaning the houses, brought laundry to the day care center to be washed, etc During the reported period 1018 visits were made and 1279 lunches delivered.

In the same time 4 social works visited three times per week 16 (14 f and 2 m) vulnerable elderly in the city of Straseni are provided with qualitative home care services.  During the last year the following services were done by the team 1096 visits,  1304 times the food products were delivered, 392 times discussions on different topics took place, 380 times the houses were cleaned , 163 times  the rubbish was  taken away,  170 times the elderly were  helped  in feeding,  210 times the water from the well was brought, 99 times social workers brought wood  or coal for fire, 65 times  the gardens were cleaned, 35 times help in dressing the elderly, 5 haircuts, 13 times help in personal hygiene, 8 times help in small reparations ,  16 times the laundry were  washed  at the day care centre, 40 times the bills  were paid, 274 times social workers did shopping for the elderly, 96 times the hygiene products were delivered, 35 times the pampers were delivered, 498 times blood pressure was measured, 77 times medicine was delivered.

In the Day care center a wellness group for ladies is established and is functioning. During the 2019 the members met 23  times , 22 thematic lessons were organized, in the same time 158 haircuts 94 hairstyles were done,  256 times  face care, 267 times hand care, 23 nail care, 17 times  beauty receipts were shared , 5 times  aroma therapy took place, 194 times ladies were perfumed.  The members of group mentioned the importance of the participation and the said they never will do so many beauty activities at home alone. Ladies said they are like butterflies beauty and elegant.

In order to maintain the good health condition of the elderly daily at the center the workout exercises are done.  In average about 35 persons took part. Medical massage was done to 42 (28 f and 14 m) elderly in total 335 times.  The blood pressure it is monitoring daily.

Elderly like to sing and during the 2019 chorus meet 22 times and about 30 (27 f and 3 m) elderly learned  new and well known songs. Dance classes 7-8 members (4f and 4 m) meet once in a week (in total this period 14 times) and practice traditional and classic dances

In the center threre is a group of elderly who like handmade activities. The group met 62 times. The manufactures products are used as presents for the guests and volunteers of the organization and  twice were exhibited  during the  special events organized at the center.

The beneficiaries of the center celebrated international days such as: Poetry day, Librarian day, St Valentine ’s Day , Women day, Family day, Easter,  Children day, Elderly day,  Christmas, New Year etc every time beneficiaries are glad to sing, dance or listen to the poems and songs presented by children from kindergarten or schools.

At the end of the year help 130 vulnerable elderly received coal and wood for heating the houses.65 received gas for cylinders.

As many elderly mention the projects it is not part of their life it is they live and they can live decent only and thanks to support of people with big heart. On behalf of the elderly many thanks.   

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