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Jul 28, 2016


The project #WITHYOUECUADOR has being executed at Punta Blanca - on the road Jama - Pedernales, which is located approximately 1 hour from Canoa on the main highway to Pedernales. Punta Blanca is a small laid back fishing village some few kilometres on the coast.

On May 30, we have our first staff and volunteers meeting in order to do the planification for the first six months of 2016.

On June 2, we started with our first visit to the village as part of  the agenda of activities in June. We travel with a team of professional volunteers,whom were in charge to make the census population and we also make the first delivery of hygiene and food kits for 45 families.We share with them their concerns and we were able to identify needs by the given information of the families during the census. This was useful for us to raise a real information of how many women, men, children and adolescents live in Punta Blanca and also urgent needs, living conditions, diseases, among others. 

On July 6, we trained the team of volunteers with a workshop of EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, giving by Sic Sonia de Aviles. This enable volunteers to lift the spirits of the inhabitants of the village.

On July 16, we perform the field intervention carrying out the workshop and delivering new hygiene and food kits. Sic The psychologist Sonia de Aviles, was the person in charge of conducting this activity.

The workshop was successfull which responded to the call of a total of 30 residents of the community. This 28 of July we are travelling to work specifically with children and adolescents of the community, we will be teaching them how to make their own puppets, face painting, theater and a craft worshop.

All these activities respond to the love we feel for our country, this community has many needs and our duty is to mitigate the pain and to bring them love and hope. WE LOVE YOU ECUADOR!


May 31, 2016

Let's make things better!

Real Life Examples - Play a Role
Real Life Examples - Play a Role

To plan, it is no good simply wanting to do, we need to go forward..Things that are planned are more likely to be made, than those things that are not planned. WE PLAN WHAT IS IMPORTANT!

The last intervention in the school Maria Eugenia Puig Lince was in January, due to students had their holiday period for about 3 months.

Therefore this May 5, we return to the first training with the RIGHT NOW PROJECT VOLUNTEERS TEAM, to give them all the tools to be ready start this new period.

Dra Nelly Baquerizo trained all the team with a very interesting workshop called "THE COMMUNICATION: Aggressive, Assertive and Unassertive", based on this workshop the volunteers made a special activity, putting on a play how to handle an effective communication with real life examples.

These learning moments, enable volunteers to combines laugh and not to perceive that volunteering is bored. They also strength friendly ties and enrich their knowledge.

Once they present this sketch, they will make a survey to the students to know if they were able to identify exactly the differences between the types of communication. On May 18, will take place this activity with students from 7 to 9 courses. 


Without a good education given by the teacher, probably will not be opportunities for students to become scientists, politicians, artists, engineers, pastors…that is the reason why on May 25, we will provide training to teachers and a fun activity, conjugating theory with practice. They are not only teachers but also trainers for life.


The entrepreneurship in younger is vital because children are born imaginative, with energy and willing to take risks.

The volunteers Team will teach students how to make an economic unisex bracelet; this workshop will be useful to them to develop a small business from home.

Some of the benefits of the entrepreneurship are to expend energy to pursue their dreams, feel to be capable to do something, express their creativity, create their own ideas, get their mind busy, be independent and the most important thing is to empower them to leave a mark on society.

Working with the students
Working with the students
Workshop "Effective Communication"
Workshop "Effective Communication"
Planning Entrepreneurship Workshop for Children
Planning Entrepreneurship Workshop for Children


Feb 22, 2016


Going the Extra Mile

In November, our volunteer team was trained about the characteristics of the user/ consumer of drugs, no user and people who are likely to use them.

We also have a playful activity, where we taught a craft that was how to make a piggy bank made with fomix material, doing this activity we were able to teach a “Saving Culture” to encourage children at school. This is a new way to help their parents.  This is what we called GOING THE EXTRA MILE, not only focus telling the children DO NOT USE DRUGS, but also intersperse other important issues that make them feel important and useful to society. The saving culture unfortunately does not exist in our country, why not start here and right now with our children?

In the same spirit, we continue with the theme “How to care your body and self-esteem”.

In November 14, was held the “Parents School” which was led by Dr. Nelly Baquerizo, the theme which was presented was “The relevance to give time to the children”.

In November 19, our volunteer team visited the school, where they could replicate what they learned in their training course. On the next Thursday they made the craft with the children and adolescents at school.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”

Love is shown doing good deeds as our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated, that's why the #RightNow project decided to prepare a special Christmas event for the school Maria Eugenia Puig Lince, where not only would entertain the 230 children with whom we work with, but whole school, a great challenge but also a great blessing!

We started working with the management team to collect material to carry a snack for 350 children, we took further 50 basic food baskets for families of children in school that have fewer resources. On December 23, we performed the christmas event and share an afternoon of games, joy and fun led by our Director of  Performing Arts Network, Mr Roberto Palacios, who finalized the program with the faith prayer. With the grace of God, we were able to achieve and brought smiles on such a special time of year as it's Christmas ...

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