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Jul 19, 2018


Fomix Crafts Workshop
Fomix Crafts Workshop


“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” 
Idowu Koyenikan


During the last 3 months, we have carried out several workshops for  Leonidas Plaza community.

We have been surprised about the interest and dedication that each family and specially women gave to these workshops. Each week we received at the Community Development Center located in Bahia de Caraquez, about 20 to 30 people to learn new tools that will allow them to improve their domestic economy.

A crochet workshop was held in different sessions, we also held a craft workshop with fomix material to the mothers, who normally cannot work outside home due to their children.

The workshop “Apply Electronics” was very successful, where we were able to receive not only men but women who are willing to acquire knowledge and tools that they can also share to others.

On August 4 we will give a psychology lecture for effective communication between parents and children, this is part of an integral that we have sought to sustain for the benefit of the community.

This group of families have worked hard for the same goal, to get up and empower themselves to go ahead without excuses. They stopped making excuses in order to get results in their lives.

Fomix Crafts Workshop
Fomix Crafts Workshop
"Applied Electronics" Workshop
"Applied Electronics" Workshop
Crochet Workshop
Crochet Workshop
Crochet Workshop
Crochet Workshop
Fomix Crafts Workshop
Fomix Crafts Workshop
Apr 20, 2018

Community Skills Development

Community skills development looks at how you can help and empower local people to understand how their skills and knowledge can be enhanced and improve their lifestyle.

Over the last three months we’ve worked with Leonidas Plaza community to explore the skills that exist in the community and how these can be strengthen through new tools that our volunteers offer through the workshops.

We have a range of workshops including campaigns about preventive measures against natural disasters and tools to put into practice.   

On February 10 we dictated a sewing course for the female community, where they learned step by step how to assemble molds and pieces of clothing.

On February 17, they received a preventive talk by the Fire Department of Manabi. The community also learned about practical safety tips such as putting packing tape on the windows, to prevent them from breaking. They were warned that they must remain inside the structures for the duration of the earthquake. In addition, videos were presented about the rescues carried out in Manabí.

On March 17, they received a weaving course, learning from the basics how to make clothes that they can sell at reasonable prices in their nearby communities.

Our priority is to empower them and economically reactivate the community that was affected by the earthquake.

We see with great astonishment that those who participate most are women, who are willing to start a business and support the family in an effective way.

We are helping them to leave the past behind by focusing forward!Once they have stopped living in the rearview mirror, where they should put their focus? Forward! That’s where the prize is and that’s where true peace and victory are found.


Jan 22, 2018


Thank you to all of our 2017 sponsors and donors for their support.

For most children, the holidays are time of joy, celebration and being together with the ones they love. Unfortunately, for many families with children who do not have enough resources, Christmas becomes a difficult time, full of disappointment, confusion and frustration. 

On December 15, we decided to bring a CHRISTMAS FOR ALL at Bahia de Caráquez, where we invited all the families of Leonidas Plaza Community to enjoy a very special time with their children. During this event, they had theater, they sang, they listened to the word of God, they enjoyed a delicious lunch and finally we delivered to each family a food basket and toys for their children. 

The whole team of volunteers actively participated; they helped organize the parents into different activities and playgroups for the children. It was a day full of emotions, drawing smiles on their faces was priceless. For many of these children it is the only holiday celebration they will have. 

The magic of Christmas comes in many shapes and forms. We could see and feel that magic on a long-awaited day for them, maybe we cannot repeat it, but it was unique and memorable.

The Christmas Spirit is ageless, timeless, loving, giving, and generous. It can be no other.


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