Oct 30, 2020

Rikta* awaits for School & Computer Classes resume again ....

File Picture- Rikta* in Computer Class
File Picture- Rikta* in Computer Class

Around 8 Years old Rikta* studies in 3rd Standard at our model school- ‘Kishalaya Sishu Siksha Niketan’ (KSSN). Her father Mr. Supratik*, a small business with around INR 4000.00 monthly earning sustain the family expenses in steep financial hardship.  At Covid -19 Pandemic outbreaks, even that little livelihood resource is affected deeply with continued lock down following Govt. Directives of continued lock down. This has made their living miserable. Majorly they continued the sustenance with help from Sabuj Sangha (Dry Ration Materials) and some other open hearted individuals who stood by strongly in these extreme times of uncanny. 

Rikta* got introduced to Computers Operation only from this year. She is seen to be highly enthusiastic in learning various facets of Computers. She has got quiet proficient in Paints application or creating Folder etc. within two months of Classes.

Rikta* has become little morose ever since school got closed and Computer lessons halted following the Govt. Directives for arresting Covid-19 Pandemic. Yet she looks ahead to see his school open again and Computer Classes resumed.

In her Father’s word,” I am too poor and meet family expenses with too hard effort. In such condition my daughter Rikta* learning computer is like a Dream to me. This has become possible only for ‘Kishalaya Sishu Siksha Niketan’ the school run by Sabuj Sangha.”


Please help as many children possible from remote Sunderbans like Rikta* impacted deeply by continued  lockdown due to Covid-19 Pandemic and also by the devastations caused with severe Cyclone- 'Amphan'  restore back to normal lives, have their basic essential requirements and fulfil thirst of becoming Computer conversant. 

Also request to convey the message as many people you can and have their support gathered also in this difficult but not impossible mission. 

Yours little bit will surely bring smile and confidence back to many such helpless but innocent faces like Rikta*. 

Oct 5, 2020

Looking for Livelihood and other living options .... recovering from the scare that devastated them

People queuing for relief  materials
People queuing for relief materials

It has been long since we reached you after devastating impacts of Super Cyclone Amphan that hit vastly spread Coastal & Riverine Areas of Sunderbans in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, India on scary day of 20th May, 2020.

Along with many other communities here we too are still recovering gradually from the devastations that made our lives & livelihoods at stake. At first stance we, being a grass civil society organisation, rushed standing by the severely impacted marginalised communities with immediate relief supports like Shelter Materials (Tarpaulins & Ropes), Dry Food Materials (Beaten Rice (Chira), Biscuits, Milk Powder, Rice Flakes (Muri) etc., Cooked Food through setting Community Kitchens, Immediate Medical Support by reaching out with Qualified Doctors and Robust Medical Team, Medicines, Contamination Preventive Hygiene Materials, Temporary Toilets to maintain the dignity & privacy of impacted individuals etc.

Thus we reached out to more than 10,000 population spread in four most severely impacted blocks – Sagar, Namkhana, Patharpratima & Mathurapur II. Yet these areas need much more support. Hence we decided to go for Livelihood Restoration & Rehabilitation Programmes.

We already started activities on rehabilitation through continued support to help the affected communities build back their lives through-

-        Restoration of village level local economy by creating workdays

-        Livelihood activities (Next crop planning, support for Treatment & Improvement of Fisheries/ Pond Based Integrated farming, regeneration of Livestock (Goatery, Poultry etc.) in terms of skill & capacity building and material, Restoration of betel vine)

-        Rehabilitation Support to restrain drop outs and continuing Educational

-        Medical Camps for Senior Citizens, Pregnant Women, Children and other ailing people

-        Supporting the community/children who are deeply affected by the trauma created with the disaster the Psycho- Social Support Workshop etc.

-        Creating Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) preparedness by creating resilient groups among communities

-        Installation of Tube wells for fresh and safe potable water and many more.

Yet we need much more support from you to reach the most severely impacted people here.


We appeal everybody to please stand by us in our endeavour to support the ill-fated community became prey to Cyclone Amphan to get restore to lives again. 

Please open your hearts and stand by these people who are still struggling to restore back to normal level of lives & Livelihoods.

Cooked Food through Community Kitchen
Cooked Food through Community Kitchen
Temporary Toilet Blocks to maintain Dignity
Temporary Toilet Blocks to maintain Dignity
Dry Ration Food Materials
Dry Ration Food Materials
Reaching with essential commodities
Reaching with essential commodities
Jul 14, 2020

Nanda* awaits to get her school open again....

Nanda* in a timid & shy smile
Nanda* in a timid & shy smile

Amidst worldwide fast spreading Covid-19 all our educational units, also got closed for indefinite period following the govt. order of nationwide lockdown and closure of education institutions.

We regret only for this reason we are not able to provide timely reporting.

Also the severe cyclone ‘Amphan’ on 20th May, 2000 with around 200 Km/hour gale wind devastated Sunderbans vastly including many of our establishments through which we support to the deprived vulnerable marginalized communities in deep hard to reach Sunderbans.

But we are in consistent touch with all our pupils who mostly belong to financially back trodden families in deep remote Sunderbans. In our efforts to provide quality education to these children and an opportunity to make them enter the world of knowledge to become responsible citizens and true contenders for all future hurdles they have to cross through and build their own identity.

We are still looking ahead to get our model school in deep Sunderbans – ‘Kishalaya Sishu Siksha Niketan’ reopen after the continuing prolonged lockdown. So do our students.

Case of one such shy little girl Nanda* that portrays our efforts is given today here.

Nanda* Giri is a shy, timid but smiling 7 years old little girl studies in 1st Standard of the Model School in the remote village of deep Sunderbans run by Sabuj Sangha ‘Kishalaya Sishu Siksha Niketan’-(KSSN). Her father Mr. Arnab* Girl is a daily labourer and earns around INR rupees 4000.00 per month. Her mother, Amba* Giri is a home maker and also looks after Nanda*’s education. Though poor they are highly active to break all obstacles in way of their daughter’s education. With a hope of bright future they started sending their daughter Nanda* in our school two years back in 2018.

Nanda* is a fast learner and good in English & Bengali language both. She feels Bengali as her favourite subject. She performs quiet well in both the language. Also she is an eager participant in co-curricular activities. Her aptitude to leadership is observed during games played in the playground.

Nanda* lives with her parents in a mud house, which is now at a damaged state with the super cyclone ‘Amphan’. It has become totally uninhabitable. At present they are staying in a neighbour’s house. His father expressed his experience in sorrow: “It was really a horrible night. When the cyclone started, we all left the house and taken shelter in a cyclone management camp. We passed the night sleepless & with deep fear. Next day when we came back saw our house totally ramshackle. We don’t know what will happen now.”

With continuous lock down Nanda*’s father is now without regular earning. They are deeply worried with uncertain present and future.

But- Nanda* being a kid with full of hopes waiting to get her school open again …to walk again with school bag at her back…

* Names of all individuals altered to maintain safety and privacy.

Nanda* waiting eagerly to theget school open again
Nanda* waiting eagerly to theget school open again
With her Parents
With her Parents
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