Aug 31, 2017

More jobs coming to Haiti

BonZeb has been busy pursuing the purchase of a parcel of land to build our factory. Purchasing land is a complicated process in Haiti. It is not as easy as logging onto Zillow or going to a real estate office.

The process entails putting out rumors that someone is interested in buying land in a local and then waiting to hear if anyone is open to selling their land. Once you have a name you need to set up an appointment to visit the site and decide on its feasiblity for meet its desired use. We have visit 5 properties in the last year and narrowed the selections down to two potential sites. This is where the fun begins. First, we needed to decide between the two sites. We negotiated a sales price with each seller. Second, we determined that the sellers where the only family members involved with the land. This means we needed only negotiate with one owner and not 5 brothers or cousins. Third, we needed to obtain proof of ownership. This is a complicated process since there are no real estate offices, tile search companies or county, state or national records offices. So we obtained a parchment that listed all the owners of the land back to the Haitian Revolution, 1802. Handwritten. Forth, with parchment in hand we are now in the process of authentification. Once this is completed we will be able to actually pay for the land, thanks to a grant, and take possession.

Once we have the land we will be able to take the next step in our mission, building a factory, formation center (for education and interns), and guest house. (Note: You never build on land you do not own.) 

This step will create more jobs in construction and factory labor and office and marketing.

Your continued support for the mission of BonZeb and your generous donations will enable and encouraged us as we continue to move forward to serve the people of Haiti.

Jun 5, 2017

New jobs created with farm expansion and more

BonZeb continues to expand the number of acres under cultivation as the rainy season provides the moisture to assist the planters in their work. We have added additional teams to clear, prep, plant and care for new starts.

These new jobs mean many things to those we serve. More food for the family, access to medical treatment at the local clinic, ability to attend school (buy a uniforn, textbook, pencils, etc.), abitity to improve their homes and so much more.

Our recent trip brought donations of clothing, shoes, personal hygiene products, cleaners and more.

BonZeb is currently seeking local cattelmen to buy the leaves of our grass for cattle feed. This will help make the current project payroll self sustaining and allow for further expansion.

BonZeb is now ready to take the next step in their efforts to create jobs in Haiti. We are trying to finalize the purchase of a parcel of land to locate our kiln, presses and other tools used in the creation of low cost, high quality, smoke free charchoal, a formation center and a guest house. These are big steps made possible by your generous donations.

Please think BIG! We might not be able to do it all, but we can do something. And we can do something MORE with your help.

Thank you.



Mar 10, 2017

March Mission Trip


 The emergency phase of recovery from Hurricane Matthew, which struck Haiti in October 2016, is over.

Although the context is very difficult to understand or grasp from the outside looking in, it is the time to start rebuilding.

 According to official data now available, Matthew took 548 deaths, injured 438, and there are still 128 missing.

 In addition to the human cost there have been landslides and floods, damage to bridges, roads, and buildings, water access problems, and damage to electricity services. The statistics state that:

•2.1 million people were affected, of whom 894,000 were children.

•Approximately 141,000 displaced people are once again living in thousands of temporary structures.

•69% of the population of the departments du Sud and Grand’Anse has inadequate food supplies.

•About 800,000 people need food assistance.

•In the Department du Sud, 90% of homes were destroyed or severely damaged.

Thanks to the generosity of our supports BonZeb was able to raise funds and food, clothing, personal hygiene and cleaning supplies for those in need. During our upcoming mission trip (March12-19) we hope to be able to take much of those donations with us, but we need to raise the money for all the additional baggage. ($350 for 10 bags.) We could also use disposable luggage that can be used on a one way flight to take these items with us.

The BonZeb farm and storage facilities in Benico did not suffer significant damage and continue to supply income to dozens of our neighbors. During this trip we will be discussing ways to bring irrigation to the area, supplying water to the fields and the neighbors and ways to bring electricity to operate our factory and supply power to our neighbors. We will also continue conversations about the construction for foot bridges over the seven rivers and creeks that need to forded to reach Benico and Boucantis and are impassable during the wet season.

One thing that can be said about Haiti is that there is never a lack of things to do. With your help we can continue to move forward, step by step, day by day, giving a hand up to those who are in such great need to be seen, cared for and loved.

Please consider adding BonZeb to your charitable contributions in 2017. Monthly ongoing support is a true blessing to those we serve and they empower us to reach more neighbors in need.

Thank you.


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