Apr 1, 2020

Haiti's current situation

BonZeb, Inc Where do We Start? That is the big question today. With so much happening and not happening around us right now where do we find ourselves and how do we find our way. BonZeb, Inc It is too easy to look at our personal space, out personal social distancing, our personal stuff and ignore more than ever those outside that little circle. There are so many people in need today that it can be overwhelming. It IS overwhelming. But those who were in desperate need before this most recent crisis are still in need. They have all their same need:, water, food, fuel, employment, housing and education. Things that we might have taken for granted until a few weeks ago. They have the same need for health care and proper hygiene. We now know a bit about how the 85% of the world lives every day on less than $2.50. Our lack of access to friends and family and other social activities has been a burden. But we know that it will end and we will recover. For those 85% that is no the case, unless the 15% decide to show empathy and use their new knowledge garnered from a few weeks have only have what they need and not everything that they want. If the 15% decide to live less on their wants and more on their need, then they will be able to dig a little deeper to share their excess with those who have so much less. A dollar a day can do so much good for those with nothing but hope. Today I changed the picture on this site to reflect that hope. The Son is rising and with His resurrection comes faith, trust and hope for a new beginning, a new spring where all things are reborn into new life in the light. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to the BonZeb cause and help us bring the hope and faith for the people of Haiti to fruition. Thank you and May God bless you and keep you safe during this pandemic.

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Jan 27, 2020

December Graduation and January Trip and building on factory site

Natacha with her children
Natacha with her children

On December 9th, Natacha  graduated with her MBA from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. She will now continue her work with the BonZeb board and serve as operations manager for BonZeb in Haiti.

Edris  is the next candidate for the MAT program at Concordia and is excitedly preparing to start his program in August.

We also meet with 9 other candidates, the most we have ever had, for the MBA and MAT programs. With only two full-tuition scholarships available at this time we have a difficult task of selecting one more student for next year. We also need to raise the $15,000 to aid in room and board, books, immunizations, insurance, etc.

During our recent trip to Haiti we were able to meet with the provincial for the Salesians, who operate schools, boys and girls clubs, oratories, and guest centers around the island. We were also able to visit their schools in Cap Haitien and Gonavies. In Cap Haitien they have a technology school where the director believes his students can build our kilns. This would be a wonderful development for BonZeb as we have been looking for somewhere in Haiti to build them. This could potentially cut the cost to our partners in half. Their school in Gonavies is also open to partnering with us. This school in a mechanical school teaching engine repair, drafting, sewing, computers and agronomy. They are in need of tools for the students and assistance in tuition, which is $250 per year. We would like to offer them 4 scholarships is the funds come in.

Along the bumpy road on which this trip took us we also meet with the Director Generals on the University of Notre Dame Haiti in Hinche (Nursing and Bioscience), Cap Hatien (Management and Agronomy) and Gonavies (Civil Engineering and Agriculture), all of who want to partner with BonZeb and would like to have students intern with us in Benico. Their is even talk about creating a curriculum for courses taught by our team that will qualify for credit at the perspective schools.

This means the need to continue to build on the land we purchased last year. During this trip we began and completed the building of the kiln platform and site for our storage container. These items should be on site in the next few weeks. Once again we need funds to build our office and guest house so that we can take the next steps in our new found partners and UNDH and the Salesians.

We keep moving forward step by step and appreiciate your support.

Thank you.

Edris and his family
Edris and his family
Kiln platform
Kiln platform
Container platform
Container platform
Nov 8, 2019

November trip cancelled due to unrest in Haiti

Sadly, we won't be flying to Haiti next week.
In June, The US State Department issued a level three travel warning for Haiti, urging travelers to reconsider. We took a wait and see approach when we announced the trip in September, praying that the current political crises would come to a peaceful end. It hasn't. Daily protests against President Moïse continue and basic services are hard to come by. Lack of food and basic necessities has led to looting. We discussed the situation with our Haitian friends and came to the conclusion we should not visit at this time. We will try again in late December or January. As much as we would like to visit our partners and continue growing our presence in Haiti, at the moment, safety is our top priority. 

We will continue our work. We plan to begin building once traffic is flowing again. Right now, there is no guarantee that building materials will be available. We have raised, through your generosity, over $8,000 so far, but still need $37,000 to complete the guest house, office, and bathroom. Current events will drive up the cost of materials, labor, and transportation, so those numbers are sure to change. Thank you for your continued financial support and prayers. Please prayerfully consider an end of the year donation. Every little bit helps.

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