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Nov 19, 2018

Whisper treated 2304 patients in the last 3 months

Whisper's Hospital treated 2304 since our last report in July.

Only in October we treated 780 patients in total. We received 72 patients in our Magical Maternity and 708 patients in the children's wing. The number of patients received slightly increased by 78 patients as compared to the month of September. Many lives have been saved.

We managed to transfuse blood to 158 patients in October. The number of anemic patients reduced compared to September's 244 transfused patients. This time around there was quite enough blood supply in other hospitals which may have caused a reduction in the number of transfusion since some of the transfused patients are referred from other hospitals to Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital due to lack of enough blood.
£6446 was spent on drugs and laboratory supplies.

We registered 10 malnourished patients in the nutritional ward in the month of October. Our patients spend a minimum period of four weeks in the ward. Whisper's magical hospital is saving so many mothers' lives by ensuring and providing safe deliveries.


Mwase is one of the sick children in our nutritional ward diagnosed with severe malnutrition oedematous. He was abandoned by his mother and remained under the care of the grandmother. Whisper has been taking good care of him. He has now got better because of our nutritional feeds and care. We get so many malnourished children from deep in the villages who really need assistance and support. To support our malnourished children please follow this link. 

Nov 19, 2018

Whisper helps outside patients with blood transfusion

Dear Whisper's family,

Whisper is now as one of the biggest transfusion centres in Jinja District, in fact, in our September report, we were considered as number 1 medical facility that is provided blood the most.

Whisper started to receive desperate patients coming from outside, to get either transfused from our place or to carry a unit of blood away for their scheduled surgeries.

Today, Whisper can send any of our medical staff to the main transfusion service centre in the capital city for an emergency blood at any time, and we are happy to report that there has been a great co-operation with the Jinja Blood Transfusion Service too.

We appreciate every financial donation donated to this cause, most especially on regular basis, as we still employ 5 people to give support to the Jinja branch Blood Transfusion Services.

Thank you for all of your help!

Oct 19, 2018

Help us raise $1205 for Gift's plastic surgery

Gift at our hospital this week
Gift at our hospital this week

Dear all of our friends,

We appreciate every donation given to our hospital and towards our patients.

Only last month, we transfused 244 children with life-saving blood and as usual, we cannot say thank you enough because we cannot put a price and value on children's life.

This time we would like to ask you for help for raising funds for correction of skin grafting to a little girl called Gift, who was involved in a car accident, during which she lost both of her parents.

We created a fundraising page seeking to raise $1205 for all of her private medical bills here:

The story was already heartbreaking as it was, but after the accident, she was taken to the main hospital in Kampala, where she received first aid, but any other treatment required money, and her uncle, who committed him to take care of her, didn't have any anymore. 

A good Samaritan and our friend Amanda found them struggling at the hospital and asked the public to help her save Gift's life, as the wound on her head was rotting. 

After Gift's arrival at our hospital we found out she also suffered from untreated malaria and anemia and she needed an urgent blood transfusion. It took us about a month before Gift stabilized and was ready for a plastic surgery in order to heal her wound.

She was then taken to one of the projects in Uganda that said they could work on the skin grafting and Whisper was asked to contribute only about $60 towards it. Unfortunately after three surgeries, the doctor informed her uncle that they cannot succeed with it, and discharged her.

She was brought back to our hospital and taken for a consultation with the plastic surgeon in Kampala, who can give her life back but the bill is too high. She needs the correction of skin grafting ASAP, please help Gift and donate anything little you can. Thank you! 

The link for the fundraising page is here:

Know that 100% of everything you give as a donation, goes directly for Gift's treatment.

Thank you! 

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