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Dec 4, 2018

Whisper has so far saved 40 children with burns

In a month we receive at least three children with severe burns. These patients spend a minimum period of three weeks in the burns unit. Basing on gathered data from the hospital, it is because of child neglect that these little children become fire victims as reported by their caretakers.

Alot of money is spent on daily dressing and treatment for the long time our patients spend in the burns unit depending on the total surface area of the body that is burnt.

With your donations, we have so far managed to save 40 children with burns in the last ten months. The locals are so proud of the significant impact this project has on the burns patients.

We thank everyone who is donating towards this project, you are saving so many children's lives in Uganda.

Nov 26, 2018

Gift's surgery was successful

The Whisper team is so glad that Gift's surgery was a success, Gift was admitted at Surgeon's Plaza in Kampala for a third skin grafting on saturday 10th November 2018. It was successful, she was discharged the next day on Sunday 11th November 2018 and was brought back to Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital for one week of close monitoring. There were no complications after the surgery and she was discharged on Monday 19th November 2018. Gift's uncle who has been taking care of her through out this whole process was given transport fee by Whisper to take them back to Mubende district where they reside from. Her family members were so happy to see her, they organised a welcoming party for her.

Gift is now so jolly, social and living a better changed life because of your generous donations towards her surgery.

We thank everyone for their support towards this life changing project.

Nov 26, 2018

Whisper to start maternity outreach with free scan

Image on a mobile phone during portable scan
Image on a mobile phone during portable scan

Dear Whisper family,


Our Whisper's maternity department has been doing well, since started to operate back in June 2018.

Below is a report on number of deliveries since June 2018.


June: 12 visits

July: 35 visits

August 26 visits

September: 38 visits

October: 50 visits



Number of deliveries:

June: 3 normal deliveries

July: 3 normal deliveries, 2 C-sections

August: 4 normal deliveries, 9 C-sections

September: 2 normal deliveries, 1 C-section

October: 3 deliveries, 2 C-sections

November: 3 deliveries, 3 C-sections.



December: 3 deliveries

January: 11 deliveries

February: 8 deliveries

March: 7 deliveries 

April: 6 deliveries

May: 4 deliveries

June: 1 delivery

July: 1 delivery 


It was reported that 75% new mothers come to us because they were recommended our services by our previous clients, and 25% of clients came because they saw an awareness  on social media.



Whisper got an opportunity of purchasing a portable ultrasound with almost 80% discount. It is the latest technology of portable ultrasound CLARIUS brand - ultrasound anywhere, and this is exactly what we are going to be using it for.

Our vision is Changing healthcare through love and happiness and some of the objectives of Whisper's maternity project are:

  1. Safety of the baby
  2. promoting antenatal
  3. reducing growing number of abortions

Clarius ultrasound anywhere is a small device that connects to the tablet or mobile phone via bluetooth and gives incredibly good images and immediate results that are possible to share with radiographer via cloud for immediate interpretation.

Whisper plans to start with regular visits to the community health centres to provide free antenatal checks by our midwives, and also provide free pregnancy ultrasound scans for pregnant mothers, as more than 80% of those pregnant women never had any ultrasound scans done before.

We hope to spread the word about the importance of antenatal and like this reduce the number of birth defects, premature birth, cardiac problems of born children and reduce on number of death rates.

Midwives being introduce to our scan
Midwives being introduce to our scan
Sam - our radiographer
Sam - our radiographer
Ultrasound scan probe
Ultrasound scan probe
Our obstetrician and gynaecologist
Our obstetrician and gynaecologist
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