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Apr 23, 2018

Whisper treated 1733 patients in February & March

Whisper's Hospital Report for February and March
Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital has been very successful in the months of February and March. We have managed to treat 896 patients in February whereas 837 patients were treated in March.    

We have spent 21,425100 Uganda shillings (£4,085) on drugs, laboratory supplies and consumables in February and 19,870,300 Uganda shillings (£3,789) spent on the same items in March.

The total number of burns patients received in February is less compared to total number of patients received in March. We received only 1 burns patient in February whereas 4 patients were admitted in March. 
We have had 5 malnourished patients in February and 6 in March. The nutritional deficiencies in the Eastern region of Uganda are brought about by poor feeding which is a result of poverty in the rural parts of Eastern Uganda.
We transfused blood to 132 patients in February which is more compared to the 77 patients transfused in March. This also indicates that the number of Anemic patients is high especially in the Eastern region of Uganda. This could be caused by Malaria and sickle cell disease.

The outreach team is also doing a wonderful job of reaching out to the suffering children in different communities. Besides the harsh weather and the unfavorable conditions in the field, the outreach team was able to rescue 3 children in February who were in really bad conditions and 4 in March.They were brought to the hospital for checkup and treatment.

We thank everyone who is supporting Whisper as an organisation.

Feb 26, 2018

Since January Whisper treated 12 burn survivals

Swab is our patient since July 2017
Swab is our patient since July 2017

Dear all of our great Whisper friends,

It is this time again, when we would like to say thank you for every financial donation towards our burn unit.

In the last 50 days, Whisper received 12 children who suffered horrific burns, mainly caused by boiling water or boiling food (its either porridge or beans).

This happens in Uganda very often, as women cook on the charcoal stove on the ground, therefore many toddlers trip over, or spill it them as they try to hold onto something.

It is so sad that many parents and children still don't reach Whisper, and many end up suffering since treatment of those wounds is not easy and it requires precious hygiene and regular re-dressing. 

At Whisper, we treat the children who come as an emergency with an enormous success, thanks to the funding we receive from your financial donations.

Swabu, a 4-year old patient who came to Whisper as an emergency in July 2017, is still undergoing regular re-dressing most especially of his back part - where he has his plastic surgery done. He has been discharged just 2 weeks ago, and Whisper helps his mum with the transport to reach our hospital regularly for checks up and re-dressing.

Our social workers are scheduled to travel to his home this week, to make an assessment and reports about his well-being at home.

So again, thank you very much for your donations to our charity. Without you, baby like Swaib would not have been here today!

Feb 22, 2018

60% of our admissions are Sickle cell patients

Dear all of our Whisper friends and supporters,

Here we are, saying thank you very much for everything you do to make the charity prosper more and more in regards to blood transfusions at our children's hospital in Uganda.

We continue supporting some of the most important people, Whisper's hospital needs to help save lives.

Whisper continues employing three staff members that give a hand in blood donation collection, blood screening processes and safe blood distribution. We also help transport the donated blood for safe screening. 

Whisper's transfuse from about 80 - 150 children every month. Most of our admissions are children born with Sickle Cell Disease - one of the most dangerous, horrific and painful diseases a human can be born with. 

It results in an abnormality in the oxygen-carrying protein haemoglobin (haemoglobin S) found in red blood cells. Children keep suffering wtih anaemia, swelling in the hands, feet and belly, bacterial infections and stroke.

We witness children going through a horrific pain, that completely breaks our hearts to see. Therefore more so we appreciate the financial help given to support this life-saving meaningful project!

Please continue supporting Whisper and the charity it is doing. It is crucial, so necessary and so important!

Thank you very much!


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