May 16, 2019

Whisper's malnourishment report

In the past four years, Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital treated 42 malnourished children. Most of these children are brought in by their grandmothers and teenage mothers.                                                                              These children lack enough food to eat because of the poverty in their families.

Most of our patients are abandoned to their grandmothers who are too old to work inorder to earn a meal to take them through the day. They are left to starve and become so wasted.                                                                    There are several severely malnourished children who die immediately after arrival to the Hospital whereas others die even before reaching the Hospital. This is because of lack of transport costs to bring the child to the Hospital.

We have the outreach team who travel to different villages with hope of rescuing the malnourished children.              The major causes of malnutrition in the Eastern region are, child negligence, abandonment and poor feeding. The children are put on nutritional rehabilitation for a period of around 3 weeks depending on the type of malnutrition.

Whisper's Magical Hospital empowers the families of the malnourished children before they are discharged. Although most times the Hospital budget doesn't favour the empowerment project.

We thank all our donors for the generous support towards our malnutrition project.

May 7, 2019

Obstetrics Ultrasonography Outreach work Report


For centuries, Non Governmental Organizations operating in Uganda had not realized the significance of community obstetric U\S scans. Most of the charity organizations had not been targeting mothers in urban areas who can not even afford to pay or access ultra sound services.  

Many mothers in rural areas have ended up losing their lives during delivery since they cannot access or afford to pay for diagnostic services during pregnancy. 

From the above back ground, Whispers Magical Children and Maternity Hospital has been documented as the first charity organization to provide free obstetric U\S scans to mothers in the rural areas in order to reduce abortions and maternal complications during delivery which may result into maternal deaths.

The field team on 30th\04\2019, 01st\05\2019 and 02rd\05\2019 visited Namalemba H\C II, Bunyiiro H\C II and Bulyansiime H\C II respectively.

The first two Health Centers are located in Iganga district and the last one in Bugweri district.  These districts are found in eastern Uganda i.e great Busoga region.

These health centers are located deep in villages with high number of mothers attending antenatal services. 

They lack diagnostic services and even they have limited number of staffs.

We found many mothers waiting for the services however we were not in position to work on them all since we were limited by the battery of the machine as it can work on 10 mothers only.

All the scanned mothers had never accessed obstetric U\S scans before.




HEALTH CENTER & Number of Mothers



Namalemba  H\C II



Bunyiiro H\C II



Bulyansiime H\C II


From the table above, a total of 76 pregnant mothers were scanned.


From the chart above 8% of the scanned mothers were in the first trimester, 44% in the second trimester and 48% in the third trimester.

Out of the two mothers in Bulyansiime  H\C II with low lying placenta , one was noted with a partial placental praevia.

This mother was at 18 weeks of gestation, with no history of PV bleeding. She was educated on the dangers of placenta praevia like PV bleeding during pregnancy (APH), failure to have a normal delivery and others.

The midwife at the facility was advised to have a close follow up on the mother to prevent negative out comes. Rescan will be done in the third trimester to confirm the final position of the placenta in relation to the internal OS.



  • The field team needs a mid wife for recording the findings in order to reduce on task given to the radiographer as he scans as well as writing reports.
  • We always reach Health centres late due to delayed departures from whispers since the accounts department delays to clear the team with field facilitation funds
  • Field uniforms are not enough
  • The phone screen is small for viewing  images
  • Health centers lack electricity to charge the batteries



  • Let the field facilitation money be provided a day before the activity
  • More field uniforms should be provided (3 T –SHIRTS)
  • An I pad should be provided to have a large screen for viewing
  • Power banks should be provided to charge the equipments.



  • Complications during delivery are to be easily managed since anomalies are diagnosed  earlier in mothers and follow ups made by medical professionals 
  • Mothers in rural areas are to save the little money they have as the services are free of charge.

              Learnt lessons 

  • pregnant mothers  in rural areas reach  delivery  periods without any scan done on them
  • mothers are primitive  about Obstetric U\S scan
  • Mothers are highly interested in knowing the genders of their babies


  • Field team managed to visit three rural health centres during its second week of providing free scans to pregnant mothers
  • A total number of 76 pregnant mothers were  scanned
  • 8% of the scanned mothers were in the first trimester, 44% in the second trimester and 48% in the third trimester

Prepared by

  1. Wabwire Samuel  (radiographer)
  1. Ntambula Harri-Sam (social worker)

       3. Laaki David (social worker)

Apr 29, 2019

Whisper treated 1116 patients last month.

Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital and Maternity thanks all its donors for the great work of lending a hand to save so many lives of the Ugandan children and mothers.

In a month we receive an average of 1000 patients. Most of these patients travel long distances to come to our Hospital and endup bypassing the nearby Hospitals to come to Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital and Maternity for treatment. This is because of the care, skills and professionalism of our doctors.

Our Hospital spends over $5,405 on drugs every month. For every increment in the number of patients brings about an increase in the consumption of drugs. Your regular donations are what enables us to maintain all the huge expenses for this charitable Hospital.

Through our outreach team, we are able to rescue so many dying children deep in the rural areas of Uganda and treated until they are fully recovered and they are still given support when they are being taken back home.

Your generous donation is saving so many children's and mothers' lives in Uganda.

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