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Sep 23, 2020

Our Magical Maternity registered 44 deliveries

It has been a tough year for every expecting mother or woman in Uganda. The lockdown in Uganda has hindered transportation means even for the pregnant women who need antenatal care and to give birth in a safe environment.

In the past three months our Magical Maternity managed to register 349 patients who came for consultation, antenatal, obstetric scans, deliveries, other procedures among others. We had 44 deliveries including 18 Normal deliveries, 19 Emergency c-sections and 7 Elective.

We are so delighted to have played a big role in helping to ensure that these mothers have safe deliveries. We also witnessed the great heroic act from one of our maternity doctors as described below.

Whisper's mission is to change healthcare through love and care and this is exactly what one of our doctors follows.

An act from our Assistant Chief Medical Officer, very selfless Whisper's full time doctor, one who goes all extremes to give the very best to his patients, even if it would necessitate putting his own life at risk, a true Identity of what Whisper stands for, and a proper representation of why we all wake up each single day and put on our Whisper Uniforms to serve, only God has your best reward in store

Last month Whisper received an extraordinary patient at it's gate, an expecting mother, at term with 1P/Scar and unable to push. She had however been pushed away from various health facilities with fear to perform c-section because of an underlying condition that had attributed to a low platelet count of 47cells.

However our very own Assistant Chief Medical Officer, who was on his official annual leave, decided to take the extra step, and donate his own fresh blood through Jinja blood bank and later on operated the patient, with his own blood running to save the mother.

The mother delivered a bouncing baby, and both are now well.

Whisper is very proud that we can truly deliver the maximum for the donation given by you, ensuring that not only our clients are given the necessary services but also ensuring that Whisper employs the right personnel.

Aug 6, 2020

We have so far raised $171

We thank everyone who has donated towards " Emergency Ambulance for Whisper's Hospital project." It is an honor to have you as part of the Whisper team. We have so far raised $171 out of the total goal of $30,000.

We still face a big challenge for not having a Hospital ambulance. This mainly happens especially when there is a need for transportation of dying children who need to be picked up from their homes (deep in the villages) to our Hospital for treatment and also during referrals. Our Hospital car does not provide the necessary environment for emergency procedures which may favour the transportation of these children and even mothers who need urgent surgical procedures.

In the past three months we received so many children who required an ambulance and one of them was a 15 years old boy who was admitted in a very critical state and was diagnosed with Hep B and severe anemia. He was transfused with one unit of blood group 0+ but that was not enough as we ran out of 0+ due to the shortage of availability of blood at the blood bank. The boy's condition deteriorated the next day, Hb reduced and was supported on oxygen because he was desatulating upto 70%.

At this point he could not walk or change the position in bed so he needed a relatively fully equiped means of transport to another facility (an ambulance) to take him to the next district to save his life. fortunately we were able to transport him safely using the Hospital car.

We request for more support to acquire our own Hospital ambulance.

Jul 2, 2020


Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital and Maternity is reaching out to so many people and touching so many hearts of vulnerable sick children and pregnant women even through this COVID19 period. In the past three months we registered over 2,282 patients even with the hindrences in public transport caused by the lockdown in Uganda.

We have managed the situation quite well and we are operating smoothly with the help of our donors and the wonderful team of nurses and doctors. We have been able to provide free treatment to all those patients who were stuck in there homes without any medical fees or means of transport. This created a very big impact to the communities in the Eastern region. We received patients in big numbers.

Whisper also managed to provide accommodation for its employees during the COVID period so that they can always be arround the Hospital to prevent any spread of the virus. These brave nurses and doctors provided the support and care to all the 2,282 patients received during this time of fear.

We thank you for all the support you provide to our Hospital. So many people in the Eastern region can now easily get access to medical services at Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital and Maternity.

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