Apr 14, 2021


We would like to thank you for the continous support towards our Hospital that has helped save many lives of Children and Mothers in Eastern region and Uganda at large.

We as Whisper's Magical Children’s Hospital and Maternity continue to make good use of the available resources we have, to satisfy our patients to our best possible potential. The past three months, we have treated a higher number of neonates as compared to previous months and we are still facing challenges of transporting our children who are in critical situation due to lack of an ambulance.

Many of neonates are brought to our hospital in alot of distress because they come from very far places which would have been  saved if we had ambulance and picked them from the very far places where they come from. And we sometimes use motorclyes, personal cars ( no oxygen, blood pressure gauges, tethoscopes, thermometers, medical tapes,flashlights etc...)  to tranfer them to the referral hospitals for further management in specialized facilities like carrdiology department whch we do not have at our facility.

Having an ambulance at our hospital will help us have 24/7 response towards our emergence especially for mothers in Labor since we almost receive daily phone calls from Health centres for Dying mothers in Labor.  And we usually receive phone calls in the middle of the night and we really find it hard to bring them to our maternity, In so many cases we have to borrow our CEO's personal car to bring them to hospital which is not safe for that critical situation.

For the past three months we have been renting the ambulance from some nearby International Hospital when we have to transfer our patients and this is really costly if we keep renting for each and every patient that requires ambulance assistace. For example last month we had Baby in emergency( Brenda with Heart failure) who stayed in our hospital for almost 3 weeks and we took her to cadiologiest for various tests for almost 5 times.

We have so far raised $1,361 and we have a remaining balance of $28,639 to achieve our ambulance goal.We therefore kindly request for more support towards acquiring our own hospital Ambulance.

baby transported on portable oxygen
baby transported on portable oxygen
baby who needed transportation in an ambulance
baby who needed transportation in an ambulance
Mar 10, 2021

Importance of our hospital was never higher

Hello our beloved friends,

We appreciate every day your help to our hospital.

Today I want to talk about the importance of our hospital.  

It has become a place, where some of the worst conditions and symtomps of very sick children are treated.

She came about 2 months ago in a terrible agony and constant bleeding from her mouth and nose. She was given multiple blood transfusions and pain medication however the nose bleeding couldn't stop. Her platelets (a cells in a blood cells that create blood clots and help stop bleeding) range was dangerous 28 (normal range is around 100-300)

Specialists in Uganda are very rare and often do a private work for expensive international hospitals. There is an haematologist that helped our patients with low platelets before, however he works 100km away (Entebbe town), and his consultation is $14, and all necessary blood tests another around is $21. We don't have an ambulance, and since Suraiha was on oxygen and paid for the fuel and driver, we also met the bills of the hospital where Suhaira got treatment that was about $194.

On arrival to our hospital, she got better and her yellowing of her eyes got whiter, however not long after this she got terrible sepsis in her feet, her feet got swollen and she had enormous amount of pus. We used very good antibiotics but they didn't help until we got a blood culture (that was again paid by Whisper in other hospital ($17) and then we knew what antibiotics would help her sepsis,  however it seemed to be too late, as sepsis attacked her bones. 

She is also now oxygen dependant, and Whisper paid for several X-ray. Her pain of her body is unbearably. We discovered that her bones are constantly breaking. Imagine you gently touch any part of her limbs but it is slowly cracking and breaking. She cries and cries in complete agony. She is on morphine 4 hourly as she is receiving her care.

Her mother only contributed 90,000 UGX  ($25) for all that care she is receiving in our emergency ward. 

Seeing Suhaira is breaking our hearts. We need to be dressing her wounds on her legs and it is unbearable for our staff to do that. People just have to sit down, breath and get all their strengths together, and continue.

She is only 7 years old.

Sickle cell is a terrible disease that children are born with.

We need to do more for children like Suhaira, who are born to die in agony and pain and suffer.

We are already planning to open up our Sickle Cell Clinic Day, where we will be inviting all sickle cell children for preventative medical care. According to our calculation, each child on their appointment will be getting tables and vitamins they need and will be done a blood test to determine the level of haemoglobin or anaemia.

Each child who comes will cost us only $4 (£3) but this can be a life-saving for them and mean a life without agony.

Dear friends, this report wasn't as happy as I imagined, but I cannot bear the current situation around us here at Whisper. No child must be born to suffer this much. 

Our hospital constantly provides tender loving care to all of our patients and their parents.

Thank you for your support forever


*Sickle Cell Disease; Symptoms: Anaemia. Sickle cells break apart easily and die, leaving you with too few red blood cells. ... Episodes of pain. Periodic episodes of pain, called pain crises, are a major symptom of sickle cell anaemia. ... Swelling of hands and feet. ... Frequent infections. ... Delayed growth or puberty. ... Vision problems.

Feb 27, 2021

53,739 Patients Treated Since First Launch

We are very grateful and would like to thank our donors for the generous contributions towards Whisper’s Magical Children’s Hospital that have enabled us to keep open since the hospital was started

 We have had a tremendous impact and many children’s and mothers lives have been saved thanks to your donations.

Whisper continues to offer the best yet quality, honest and affordable healthcare to many children and mother in Uganda

We have registered 12,581 patients in 2019, and 10,862 (despite the COVID-19 lockdown) totaling to 53,759 patients since the hospital first launch, mainly focusing on emergency unit, blood transfusions, malnutrition, sickle cell treatment and maternity. 

Only in 2020, we treated 10,862 patients; out of those were 1526 visits to our maternity and gynaecology department. 

Whisper also organized for free medical services in COVID lockdown in May 2020 and treated 1100 patients completely free of charge, including free C-sections.

We are one of the 4th hospitals in Jinja fully registered and licensed for Blood Transfusion.

We appreciate our dear donors  for making this possible and request you to continue donating to Whisper’s so we can save the many vulnerable children and mothers in Uganda.

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