Jun 10, 2021


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our esteemed Donors for helping us donate towards our burn unit for children with burns.

Whispers Magical Children Hospital and maternity has treated a very good number of patients in the past three months and 5% are babies rushed here with severe burns. Treating burns is one of the most expensive treatment in hospitals because the materials used for dressing and re- dressing are of single use like stirlized gauze and bandages. Also most of the children with burns end up going for plastic surgeries and Grafting.

Most of the children we receive for burns are rushed in by good samaritans and neighbours for example last month we received a 7 year old girl who burnt almost 75% of her whole body while cooking for her siblings on a local charcoal stove. she was rushed in by her neighbour because the parents were not around. she was admitted in our hospital on zero charges because the good samaritan who brought her could not even pay the 25$ for consultation and admission.She has been admitted for almost a whole month in our hospital free of charge until she got better and discharged as out patient for re-dressing every after two days. Because the burns were too severe and requires grafting, we are in preparation to take that same baby for grafting in another facility on whispers account because the parents cannot afford.

Whispers also helps these children and the community through impacting knowledge in order to create awareness about how to prevent injuries caused by burns. This is done especially at the Hospital where by all the caretakers are gathered in small meetings every Tuesday and Thursday of  the week,  to be sensitised about different conditions for baby with burns needs extra care and proper hygiene in order to prevent infections.

We thank you so much for supporting us and for always donating to this project. So many lives are being saved because of you.

May 28, 2021


We would like to thank you for your generous donation towards this project. Your donation has helped us save many lives of anaemic children and mothers in Uganda.We have so far raised $ 3,490 out of $18,000 as our goal with a balance of $ 14,510. With  that, we would still like to ask for your continous donation towards our project so that we continue saving a life.

We have managed to open up a free sickle cell clinic since last month which is usually open on every Wednesday of the week from 8am -6pm, and this has increased on the number of anaemic patients that we have always treated. The fact that most of the sickle cell patients come in crisis and with completely low HB. Therefore in the last three months, we have treated over 225 anaemic patients.

 We as Whispers Magical Children’s Hospital continue to make good use of the available resources we have, to satisfy our patients to our best possible potential.We are in preparation of starting to check every employee of our hospital's Blood groups so that they can help us with donations in case of crisis especially with those patients with rare blood groups like O negative.

O and A negative are very rare blood groups to get in Uganda yet we keep getting emergencies and referals from other facilities. for example last week we received an 11 year old boy who was rushed in from a government facility for blood and reached him here with a VERY LOW HB of one!! and he was of O negative, good enough we had just received some blood from the blood bank and we immediately had to do a double transfusion on both hands to save his dear life.

Last year we organized a blood donation camp at our hospital and we were able to raise at least 75 units of blood. All those that donated blood were given sugar, rice, biscuits and soda and we are looking forward to repaet it within this year.


We appreciate you so much for your generous donation towards this project. Your donation will help save many lives of anaemic children and mothers in Uganda.

May 21, 2021


A happy mother after a successful delivery
A happy mother after a successful delivery

We would like to appreciate your generosity for always donating towards our hospital projects, together we are making a difference in the lives of Mothers and Children in the Eastern and Uganda at large.

Ever since we opened up the maternity wing at our hospital, we have managed to save so many mothers and children at childbirth, most of them come from different facilities with very difficult complications especially from C sections done from government hospitals and from various healthy centres.

A good work done by whispers in saving lives of mothers and children at birth, for example last month (April) we have had 37 maternity consultation, 14 admissions, 15 new antenatals, 31 reviews, 11 postnatal mother reviews, 6 emergency C- sections, 1 elective C- section, 4 normal deliveries, 2 preterm, 11 live babies and 30 pregnancy scans.

In the last three months, we received more than 5 mothers who could barely afford treatment. They were stranded but because of your generosity we were able to save their lives and even treat them with their babies in our NICU department free of charge. We are so grateful for your continuous support as it has helped us make a difference in the lives of these mothers and babies.

However we are still facing a challenge of how to transport the dying mothers from homes and facilities since they always call in for help, the fact that they know we never turn away patients, they really find it easy to refer their fellows in labour to whisper. Most of whom call in the middle of the night yet we also do not have an ambulance  and we find difficulty in bringing them to our hospital. we hope and pray we raise funds and get our own ambulance which is a necessity to our facility so that we can continue saving the dying mothers at child birth.

It is for such reasons that we keep coming to you to ask for your support towards our projects and with your generosity, we are moving towards the centre of excellence.

Wisper has made a great impact in the lives of mothers and children around the Eastern and in Uganda at large.

Thank you so much for always supporting our projects.we are really appreciative.

one of our babies in NICU
one of our babies in NICU


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