May 16, 2017

2017 So far so good

The first quarter of 2017 is over and, we at Cedar, are busy as usual to secure and provide the best care and opportunities for the children and young adults who reside in our family-type home in Kazanlak.

Here is the latest news we are proud and excited to share:

  • One of the boys from the Small group home is about to be adopted by a family from the United States. He is 7 years old and for the past few months he has been actively taking English lessons so that he would be able to communicate with his future parents and siblings. He has weekly Skype conversations with his new family. All the staff at the home is dedicated to prepare him emotionally and put him at ease for the big change.
  • In April we were hosts to two Erasmus+ interns from Germany who worked with the children and exchanged thoughts and ideas with the teams. Their presence brought a new perspective on the results of our specialists’ efforts as well as joyful moments for both the staff and the children. The interns were very supportive of the staff and a big help to them. The children became immediately attached to the two students. It was an inspiring and refreshing visit.
  • Our staff received training in Sensory therapy and they were quick to start trying different sensory stimulation activities with the clients
  • Also in April we had a visit from the Global Giving field traveler Skye Keene-Babcock who spent a day at the house and observed our daily routine. She was introduced to the children and young adults as well as the team who takes care of them.

We are grateful to all of you who make all those great joys a reality. We are also excited to keep broadening our horizons and providing the greatest quality of life for the children and young adults here at our house.

Feb 15, 2017

Christmas and our volunteers

On December 20 was held the visit of our Santa Claus who personally handed a gift to each child / youth. Thanks to the volunteers of the organization "Teddy Bear" all children and youth have received gifts for Christmas for the second consecutive year. Everyone was very happy and satisfied with the gifts and the atmosphere in house was really warm, cozy and festive. All the carers and staff enjoyed and shared the holiday with the children. They helped them to unpack the presents and played different games with them. Part of the staff prepared some delicious food for the holiday - a home pies, cakes and baklava.


We have several volunteers who are actively involved in the everyday life of the house. The children and young adults receive extra individual attention, and the staff feels supported.

Volunteers work individually with some of the children, depending on their needs. One of the volunteers teaches a child in English language because of the forthcoming adoption abroad. She also helps to welcome the children and young adults in our family house after school/day-care centre, feeds the ones with motor disabilities and organizes various activities - reading books, singing songs etc.

Another volunteer works individually with one of the girls who, due to her illness, is restrained. She sings to her songs, cuddle and stimulate her with various toys.

Since the beginning of the year a few new volunteers are interested in joining our volunteer program and after completing a training will start their work in our family type home.

A new occupational therapist:

We hired an occupational therapist to develop the daily living, work, social skills and confidence of our children and young adults. The therapist will help them to acquire knowledge about the world around them, master life and work habits to achieve greater independence and learn to overcome difficulties and gain new skills.

Occupational therapy
Occupational therapy
Nov 17, 2016


The summer passed by quickly and was full of positive emotions and new experiences. When the autumn came, an extraordinary and very special moment occurred for one of our children. She was adopted by a family from abroad and now she has her loving mother, father, brothers and sisters.  We at the Cedar Foundation are extremely happy for this adoption.

We still miss our child from the family type house, but we strive for full family care for every child.

We at the Cedar foundation know that she will have new opportunities, resulting in a fulfilling and meaningful life. Simply being provided a safe household and loving parents is a benefit in itself. But perhaps more importantly is the fact that an adopted child knows she has two parents who love her. The feeling a child receives, knowing that she is loved is immeasurable, and it’s obvious a loved child will carry that love and confidence wherever life may take her.

We organised an emotional farewell party with presents and wish her happy childhood in her new family abroad! We still keep in touch with her through Skype, and see she is progressing every day.

On the 12th of November The Cedar Foundation organized an Annual Charity Ball to raise funds for the social services we manage.  100% of the raised sum will be invested in expanding and further improving the services managed by the foundation in the individual development of disadvantaged children and young adults as well as innovative approach towards supporting the families of people with disabilities. The Ball was under the patronage of Rumyana Neykova - the Olympic rowing champion 2008. Since 2013 she has been working with people with disabilities.

As a patron of the event she gave a rowing lesson to our children. All of them were extremely happy to meet her and to be introduced to the rowing.

As every year, among the guests at the Charity ball were disadvantaged children and young adults as well as a team of social workers on the ground. They even took part in the program, singing, dancing and showing their various talents.

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