Mar 26, 2021

Covid19 Relief Fund Update

Kids lining up to get their meal for the day
Kids lining up to get their meal for the day

Dear Friends and our Co-Advocates,

It is now March 2021, and one whole year into the lockdown. While other countries are slowly opening, the Philippines on the other hand, just hit the highest single-day increase since the pandemic was declared, with 7,999 new Covid-19 cases last March 20, 2021, bringing our total confirmed cases to 656,056—the 2nd highest in Southeast Asia.

Stricter protocols are now imposed and recently resumed business activities were again shut down. The impact of these restrictions affects the daily wage earners who have no ability to “Work-From-Home”, further aggravating the estimated 4 million families experiencing involuntary hunger – hunger due to lack of food to eat, during this pandemic. It is now more than ever, that we are at a crucial point to reach our funding goal and continue the projects providing Food Relief for families experiencing hunger. We would like to share some of our project progress below:

Provision of Hot Meals: Like you, ROFP believes that every Filipino deserves access to fresh and decent meals. Through your donations, combined with in-kind donations, a total of 88,191 freshly cooked meals were prepared and distributed to 85 different communities in need of Food Relief in the Philippines from January to December 2020.

Distribution of Healthy Food Packs: ROFP focused on areas that were not consistently receiving aid from the local government and areas where people have already resorted to social unrest. We reached out to these communities and provided the ROFP Healthy Food packs. Each Food Pack is good for a family of 10 and consists of rice, meat, and fresh vegetables. These were given to about 1,100 households in 6 locations in Metro Manila.

Food Surplus: Many businesses had a surplus of stocks in 2020 because of the pandemic. ROFP has provided the logistics, transportation, and coordination support between the company donors and communities in need of these food supplies. This effort has benefitted an estimated 2,000 households, receiving essential food items like dairy products and various pantry items.

We hope that you can continue to support this project and consider sharing it with your friends and family. Rest assured we will keep you updated on the impact of your donations in the communities we serve. 


Blessings from all of us!

Dawn + ROFP Team

child getting his meal
child getting his meal
ROFP staff giving out meals
ROFP staff giving out meals
Preparing meals
Preparing meals
Staff with Kids
Staff with Kids
A girl hugging her meal for the day
A girl hugging her meal for the day
An undernourished kid
An undernourished kid
All Smiles
All Smiles
A kid with meal
A kid with meal
Jan 28, 2021

An appeal to feed more Filipino children

Sitio Dumpsite Antipolo
Sitio Dumpsite Antipolo

An appeal to bring meals to more Filipino kids who are experiencing hunger and malnutrition.


Dear Friends, Partners, and Co-Advocates,

Since the launch of #ProjectBaon last 2015, we have always had an average of 300 beneficiaries per batch under the program. This year 2021, after the economic turmoil brought about by the Covid19 pandemic, we resumed the program with a total of 400 beneficiaries, with selected kids from Antipolo Rizal (200 kids), Quezon City (150 kids), and Pangasinan (50). These children belong to families who are living below the poverty line, whose parents are not able to meet even their most basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. For these 400 kids, our staff and volunteers prepare and deliver the meals to their houses weekly, rain or shine. Though we have an increase in the number of beneficiaries thanks to all your generous donations, sadly, the number “400” barely makes a dent against the number of children in the country who are now experiencing involuntary hunger for the past months.

“Time is running out for the country's hungry children”.…says an article from Rappler Philippines “The July 3-6, 2020 National Mobile Survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS) illustrates the intensity of hunger in the country. The results indicate that 20.9%, an estimated 5.2 million Filipino families, or roughly 30 million Filipinos, mostly children, reported experiencing involuntary hunger due to lack of food to eat at least once in the past 3 months.

We have received and continue receiving multiple appeals from different partners nationwide, on the need for a full-time feeding program for the children in their communities, whose parents are still left unemployed. As of today, we have OVER 11,000 children on the waitlist to be a part of a #ProjectBaon feeding program in their community. These are children we were able to reach in the past 2 months during our Christmas outreach activities in November and December (sponsored by a corporate partner), but unfortunately, cannot convert into a full-time feeding program yet due to lack of current resources.

Below are locations with an appeal from our partners on the field to have their own #ProjectBaon feeding program:

Location # of Beneficiaries Area
C6 Taguig City 200 Luzon / NCR
Brgy. Santa Lucia, QC 200 Luzon / NCR
Brgy. San Roque, QC 200 Luzon / NCR
Novaliches, QC 200 Luzon / NCR
Sitio Lambak, Brgy. Krus na Ligas, QC 200 Luzon / NCR
Manggahan Extension, Bagumbayan QC 200 Luzon / NCR
Damayang Lagi, QC 200 Luzon / NCR
Marikina City, Area 1 200 Luzon / NCR
San Mateo Rizal Area 1 200 Luzon / Rizal
Pinugay Baras Rizal 200 Luzon / Rizal
Brookside Cainta and Taytay Greenland 200 Luzon / Rizal
Rodriguez (Montalban) Rizal 200 Luzon / Rizal
Floodway, Cainta 200 Luzon / Rizal
Sitio Bayabas, Estrella, Cainta 200 Luzon / Rizal
Sitio Kaysipot , Antipolo Rizal 200 Luzon / Rizal
Tibagan Canlibot, Teresa, Rizal 200 Luzon / Rizal
Sampaguita Road Blk. 9-10 Lupang Arenda Sta Ana Taytay, Rizal 200 Luzon / Rizal
Maximiano compound, Brgy Dalig, Teresa Rizal 200 Luzon / Rizal
Sitio Abuyod, Brgy Dalig, Teresa Rizal 500 Luzon / Rizal
Brgy. Ayugao, Presentacion, Camarines Sur 350 Luzon / Bicol
Barangay Lagha, Presentacion Camarines Sur 300 Luzon / Bicol
Barangay Pananaogan, Bato,Catanduanes 250 Luzon / Bicol
Balete, Batangas 300 Luzon / Batangas
Dapla, Palauig, Zambales 200 Luzon / Zambales
Matayar, Palauig, Zambales 150 Luzon / Zambales
Tent City, Plauig, Zambales 250 Luzon / Zambales
Burgos, San Antonio, Zambales 200 Luzon / Zambales
Villar, Botolan, Zambales 250 Luzon / Zambales
Alamac, Botolan, Zambales 125 Luzon / Zambales
Bonbon Cebu 200 Visayas
Danao, Talisay, Cebu 325 Visayas
Guadalupe, Talisay, Cebu 350 Visayas
Brgy. Somoroy Bobon, Samar 500 Visayas
Brgy. Proper (40 families ) Visayas
Sitio Moron poron (40 families) Visayas
Coroconog, (20 families) Visayas
Libjo (50 families) Visayas
Laoang (20 families) Visayas
Liloan Cebu City 325 Visayas
Guadalupe, Baybay, Leyte 250 Visayas
Bugko 20 families 800 Visayas
Eastern Samar 50 Families Visayas
Arellano 50 Families Visayas
Old Rizal 50 Families Visayas
Santander 40 families Visayas
Cabayhan Catarman 20 families Visayas
Barangay Dominggo Veloso, Baybay, Leyte 250 Visayas
Barangay Zone 4, Baybay, Leyte 250 Visayas
Barangay Zone 4, Baybay, Leyte 250 Visayas
Brgy. Jugno, Pondol Amlan, Negros Oriental 500 Visayas
Calamba Misamis Occidental,Mindanao 400 Mindanao
TOTAL : 11,375 (As of January 20, 2021)

 Indeed, the future of thousands of Filipino children is at stake if we do not intervene now and provide them with consistent access to nutritious meals. “Filipino children's hunger and malnutrition are expected to worsen significantly as food and healthy diets become even more unaffordable to many Filipino households due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the accompanying economic recession”- Link We need your help to create awareness and spread the word.

Currently, our team prepares and delivers about 1,200 meals weekly to the houses of the children in need. This has been made possible through your consistent giving and partnership with us. With more donors like you, together we can save more children from hunger and malnutrition. We appeal to you to please consider sharing this report with your friends and families who have the heart to help the Filipino children.


Together, let us FEED, NOURISH, EMPOWER!


Sincerely from all of us,

Dawn+ ROFP Staff and Volunteers

Tarece Pangasinan
Tarece Pangasinan
Bagumbayan and Libis QC
Bagumbayan and Libis QC
Staff and Volunteers
Staff and Volunteers
Nov 9, 2020

Over 18,000 healthy meals served!

“It has been difficult because we haven’t been able to eat on time. We wait for people who are giving meals so we can have food to eat. It has been hard. I used to be a street sweeper but because of the pandemic, my job was affected. My husband takes whatever job he can even if it’s just P150 ($3) a day just so he can provide for our kids.”- Irma, Mother and a  Beneficiary at Sitio Dumpsite Antipolo


This report from the field paints a picture of just how families in poor communities in the Philippines now are left to struggle on their own to deal with unemployment and putting food on the table for their children.  Metro Manila and Central Luzon were considered as the epicenter of the Covid19 outbreaks and sadly our country continues to struggle in containing the spread of local transmission of the virus. As of this writing, the Philippines remains to have the 2nd highest number of cases in Southeast Asia with now 398,449 reported cases and still an upward trend in both the number of cases and the number of deaths. (


As we are still dealing with food security brought about by the Pandemic, last November 1, a strong typhoon hit the Philippines bringing strong winds, flood, and devastation mostly in the Bicol and Southern Tagalog regions. “Only our floor remained” -said a  resident. With the threat of COVID-19 still remaining and many livelihoods destroyed by the typhoon, hunger is bound to rise again.


And so here we are providing you the update from our country and once again appealing for much-needed help to bring food security to thousands of affected families and their children, who like Irma haven’t been able to eat on time,  and “waits for people” who can give them meals so that they and their children can eat.  From this Covid19 Relief Fund, we have so far served over 18,000 healthy meals. We VALUE your contribution to this effort and seek your help as we continue to assist thousands of families during this unprecedented crisis until they are back on their feet. 

In our Sitio Dumpsite community, we asked some mothers how they have been during this pandemic, and here are their answers:

Aida: “My husband and I collect recyclable trash and sell it to junk shops to provide for our daily needs. My husband used to be a construction worker, but now he can’t go to work because he needs to submit several requirements. Requirements that we don’t have the capacity to provide for right now.”  

Jenny: “It has been hard. Almost every day we don’t have rice to cook, sometimes we do have but it is not enough, and sometimes I go to my father to ask for rice. Before the pandemic, I used to sell candles by the church. My husband also used to have regular work but now he takes side jobs whenever he has friends he can work for. He used to earn P400 ($8) a day but now he only earns P200 ($4).”

When we asked them how the feeding programs have been of help for them this is what the mothers said :

“It has really been of great help for the needs of the children. They are able to eat delicious food.” -Aida. 

“It is helping us because sometimes the kids are not able to eat.” Irma said, “For me, the feeding means a lot for my kids. They’re able to get by for one meal because of the feedings.”-Jenny 

Again, on behalf of all the beneficiaries, a BIG THANK YOU for partnering with us in this cause. Please consider sharing this initiative with your friends so we can extend help to more families.   Sharing some smiles brought by the meals you provided, hope it brings inspiration and encouragement to you all  :)

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