Jan 15, 2019

Superpharm Joins our Medicine-Collecting Ranks!

Free Medicines for Needy People in Israel
Free Medicines for Needy People in Israel

At Haverim we are proud to  distribute over 4,400 packages of free medicine every month. Medicine that is lfie-saving to the needy people who would otherwise be forced to choose between medicine  - and food.

Unfornutately, we are dismayed at the growing waiting list - currently of over 2,000 people, whom we simply cannot help, usuallly because we don't have enough medicine.

This year we initiated a partnership with SuperPharm, the largest drugstore chain in Israel, to join our medicine collection efforts. Their 230 stores across the country will now serve to collect medicine that is no longer needed from the public, enabling us to enlarge our circle of giving. 

We expect to grow incoming meds by at least 20-35% this year: Support our efforts to handle the meds;
Let's reach 5,000 needy people a month!



Did you know? We are green!

The environment belongs to all of us, and we each have a responsibility to ensure its well-being.

At Haverim, we are committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment, mainly the ground and water in the State of Israel.

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously, and have integrated an efficient and eco-friendly process to our process:

Every package of medicine donated to our organization goes through rigorous testing. Valid medicine is computerized and placed in our pharmacy, for imminent distribution to a person in need. However 80% of the medicines received are not valid. Their paper inserts and cardboard packaging are recycled, and the out-of-date medicines are sent to environmentally-friendly destruction.

With thought to minimizing our environmental footprint, all medicines delivered via our Mobile Pharmacy and ‘Bikes4Meds’ motorbikes are delivered in reusable containers.



Oct 17, 2018

2 year old Sarah is going blind - We Can help!

Haverim : Saving Lives by Providing Free Medicines
Haverim : Saving Lives by Providing Free Medicines

2-year old Sarah was born with a severe birth defect in both her eyes. This past year, her left eye was coated by scar tissue, causing her complete blindness. Her doctors recommended she be urgently flown to a hospital in the U.S., where the renowned Dr. Zeidman would be able to save her eye and restore her vision.

Sarah's parents appealed to Haverim for help: Could we help raise the $20,000 immediately required for the treatment?

At Haverim, we handle hundreds of such cases every year. Cases where children and adults need urgent medicine or treatment, which they must fund themselves. The cost can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, all which must urgently be transferred to the hospital or pharmacy treating the child in need.

Haverim immediately springs to action: 

  • Do we have the medicine our Free Pharmacy?
    If we do - we immediately send it to the patient, via our Mobile Pharmacy or one of our Bike4Meds motorbikes. If not:
  • We open a Fund For Life for the child: The fund is a bank account managed by Haverim, and which gathers funds from media campaigns we help organize. All donations are tax deductible, and they are handed over directly to the pharmacy/hospital providing the treatment. 100% of donations are handed over, Haverim does not charge any fees.
  • Can our Legal Department help? We have 6 volunteer lawyers and one retired judge - all working to help patients with their appeals to their HMOs. We have over 93% success rate in getting the required medicine via these channels.

You can help!

Your support helps us help children like Sarah receive the urgent life-saving or life-enhancing treatment they need. The treatment they need to be like every other child.


Jul 10, 2018

A Day In the Life: Distributing Free Meds in isra

Cancer Medicines. Each unit costs  $15,000
Cancer Medicines. Each unit costs $15,000

The call came in at 11:20 AM. "My son Kiril is 3.5 years old. One month ago he was diagnosed with glioma brain cancer, after losing weight and severe vomiting. We need to come up with over $100,000 for a life-saving treatment. Can you help us?"

At Friends for Health we believe that a person should not lose his or her life because they can’t afford to buy medicine.

We receive such calls every 5 minutes in average and the entire system immediately springs into action:

  • Eli, the head pharmacist, immediately checks the computerized system in search of the medicine requested. Has one been donated by one of the 28 pharmaceutical companies that send us close-to-expiration medicine?
  • Itzik checks the second-hand Free Pharmacy: Has one arrived from one of our 600 collection points, where people drop off unused meds? (He sends out 4,400 packages of such medicine every month).
  • Esti contacts the manufacturer, perhaps the patient is eligible for their compassionate care program?
  • Shira immediately contacts one of our 6 volunteer lawyers: the case needs to be reviewed ASAP and submitted to the family’s Health Maintenance Organization’s Appeals Committee, in order to get the child the medicine as an exception.
  • Miri opens the family a ‘Save a Life’ fund. The family can then immediately appeal to family and friends for donations to the child's fund. All donations are tax deductible, and unlike similar crowd sourcing initiatives, 100% of the funds donated are handed over to the family.

Within a day the family is surrounded by solutions, all aimed at finding the baby the life-saving medicine he needs.

Yesterday, we received a request for:

  • 5 boxes of Afinitor a month for a 36 year old mother of three. This cancer medicine would serve for a 3-week treatment. The price: nearly $25,000 a month. A 3-month regimen was recommended.
  • 2 units of Uptravi: $32,000
  • 2 units a day of Pediasure, a nutritional drink for children unable to eat solids. The child has been prescribed this drink for the last 5 years.  
  • Rydapt – each unit costs $20,100. Recommended treatment: one unit every 2 weeks for 6 months.

Friends for Health helps families in need, when their entire world seems to collapse. A child, spouse or parents is diagnosed with a terrible illness. After the second and third opinions, when the solution finally seems at reach – the family learns that the medicine is not covered by their HMO or private insurance. The unimaginable sums they must quickly find in order to save the lives of a loved one sometimes mean selling their house, cashing in their savings and pension funds, selling everything they own.

We are unique worldwide in both our relentless and committed drive to find a solution, and in the creative solutions we find and implement. 

Join us, support us!

Every donation keeps us going! Your support will help thousands of people like Kiril and his family receive the medicine they need, delivered to their homes.

The Free Pharmacy: 4,400 packages sent out daily!
The Free Pharmacy: 4,400 packages sent out daily!


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