Aug 19, 2021

2500 people on our waiting list for free meds!

Friends for Health: Ensuring that every person in Israel receives the medicines they need, regardless of their economic situation, so that nobody no longer need choose between medicine – and food ever again.

This past year has seen a steep rise in requests for free medicine from people of all ages, throughout the country.

Just this last month, we helped 20-year old Bogdan find medicines worth over $35,000 for his life-threatening aplastic anemia, and 3-year old Paulina with medicine for her neuroblastoma-type cancer.

Over 7,000 people received free medicines from us last month, and the requests keep coming in.

At the moment, we have nearly 2,500 requests we cannot respond to due to lack of resources. We have the medicines in the Free Pharmacy, but we lack the personnel to fulfill the prescriptions and to deliver the medicines to the patients.

These are people who must choose every month between medicine and food. By providing them with a monthly supply of medicine, we ensure their health, their wellbeing and sometimes their lives.

Please support us today - every donation counts!

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See an animation of what we do, and a short video here.

Apr 25, 2021

39 pharma companies now donate meds to Haverim!

The 'acquarium' where donated meds are placed
The 'acquarium' where donated meds are placed

What a year it's been!

When the Covid-19 crisis hit Israel, over one million Israelis suddenly became unemployed and Haverim was hit with an avalanche of requests for free medicine. At the height of the pandemic, we supplied over 9,000 packages of free medicine every month compared to 6,000 a month before Covid-19.

Haverim was invited to participate in the Israeli Defense Force home front command center. This meant that municipalities, social workers, pharmacies and all the Health Maintenance Organizations sent patients to our hotline. These Israelis were referred to Haverim because they no longer had the means with which to pay for their medicines.

Haverim immediately appealed to all the pharmaceutical companies with which we work, requesting more free medicine. They stepped up to the challenge and enabled us to quickly respond to the demand.

This year has been incredibly challenging for Haverim. The team worked for months on overtime, to compensate for the elderly volunteers who could'nt leave their homes, and to answer the sudden increase in need for free medicines.

We disregarded the costs involved because our mission has always been to save lives; and to ensure that nobody need forgo medicine because of cost.

Your support is crucial and vital in saving these lives. And we are grateful for your generosity, especially following the pandemic!

Please take a look at a lovely animation we made and which shows how we do it:

Be healthy and well,

the Haverim L'Refuah team

Volunteers sort the medicines
Volunteers sort the medicines
Pharmacists handle the medicines
Pharmacists handle the medicines
Patients or volunteers pick up meds for delivery
Patients or volunteers pick up meds for delivery


Dec 31, 2020

In 2020 we managed to help double our help!

December 29th, 2020: Ministry of Health Award
December 29th, 2020: Ministry of Health Award

2020 has been the most challenging year we've every experience.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Haverim has faced unprecedented challenges. 

Our vision, of “Making sure no people in Israel will have to choose between medicine – and food” has never, in our 17 years of existence, been more urgent.

Following an avalanche of requests for medication, from the first lock-down through to the current one (No. 3), we have been called on to dispatch free medication to over 9,000 people a month, compared to 5,000 a month before Covid-19.

We were invited to be part of the Israeli Defense Force home front command center, serving as the 'go to' organization for people who urgently need medicine. We also called upon pharmaceutical companies to supply us with significantly higher quantities of medicines, in order to respond to the sudden rise in demand. This was especially urgent, as our supply of incoming medicines (from SuperPharm for example) greatly decreased due to the lockdown.

In the midst of it all, we managed to fast-track the purchase and tailoring of another Free Medicine van, which was vital in helping us reach and deliver the extra packages of meds.

The pressure and strain on Haverim’s resources were enormous and unrelenting.

The inbound call rate was virtually unmanageable. The logistics department was overstretched. The staff worked overtime and we have had to recruit additional pharmacists, as our volunteer pharmacists – all retirees - have been in lock-down in their homes and are still unable to come to work.

After the unimaginably challenging peak, we returned to a 'new normal' situation, where thousands of the newly unemployed now appeal to us for help, and we are still short-staffed as our elderly volunteers remain at home.

We prevailed! And we succeeded in forging on largely thanks to you and to all our supporters worldwide!


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