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Jun 25, 2020


Hello, dear GlobalGiving’s friends! APRAMP is back to update you about our last four months.

We started March full of big enthusiasm and illusion, preparing an important event: a working table with the Royal House. Specifically, we had a work session led by Doña Letizia the Queen on March 6th, to keep adding and advancing in the fight against human trafficking.

We shared ideas, realities and the need and the importance of developing an unabridged law that supports our work against human trafficking.

Shortly afterwards, the crisis situation reached Spain as well and the alarm state was declared, and those weren’t good news for anyone but specially for the women and girls that we attend.

Our work during these months, specially with this situation, wasn’t easy at all. This situation has exposed once again the vulnerability of the women and girls that are human trafficking’s victims. They’ve been once again the most affected in rights, health, social and economical terms.

The demand from prostitution customer has never stopped, so because of the protective measures that made these clubs closed, these women have moved to even more invisible places where they hadn’t protective measures or self-isolation.

Also in this period, their situation has turned harder: they aren’t in any official record about people affected by the disease, due to their documentation lack they have difficulties to access to health services, their suffer more violence and their debt increase.

Therefore, our work during these months has continued trough telematic contact because of the access difficulties to the places where they’ve been exploited in such circumstances and we had focused on covering basic needs, as they have access difficulties to basic resources, specially in this health crisis.

These are some of the immediate and easy-to-see consequences of the Coronavirus in these women, without forgetting those that will come in medium/long term such as the prostitution return due to the work lack in sectors like tourism industry, commerce, domestic services or dependent people care.

That’s why APRAMP highlights again the importance of our work providing these women the necessary tools to quit prostitution and spiral of violence where they are involved. We won’t give up in accompanying, making visible, supporting and claiming.

Finally, show you another action we have developed during the quarantine. Some of our workers, human trafficking’s survivor, are making masks to donate it for public entities and others NGOs.

For fair society for everyone based on human rights recognition!

Feb 27, 2020


Hello friends! APRAMP is here again to update you on all our new events in this project so important to many women and children!!

Today we wanted to share with you the story of one of our new members in the APRAMP mediation team.

Luz is a 28 year old woman from Paraguay who decided almost three years ago to start a new life in Spain, as the job opportunities and economic precariousness in her country was enormous and the situation of street violence in her area was daily.

What I didn’t know, is that those people that I trusted for this new life, were going to deceive her and force her to do things that I never imagined.

The team of mediators, survivors of APRAMP trafficking, rescued Luz from this exploitation. She was welcomed into our protection resource, where she began an individualized itinerary of insertion for her full recovery.
Within our recovery intervention, spaces for reflection and awareness are made possible, creating a process of individual and group empowerment. In this way women are the agents of change, and they themselves create their life projects by identifying their needs and their desires and possibilities.

In this sense, Luz, had always wanted to work as a lawyer and study law, but never had the opportunity. Being in APRAMP, she begins to take an interest in his legal process, wanting to understand exactly all the legislation and we observe that Luz has an immense capacity to study, so she wonders if she would like to be a mediator for APRAMP and be able to help other women who have been in the same situation, to which she replies she would love to.

Luz, you quickly learn all the legislation, concepts and get involved in training, so today we are very happy, because she has signed a contract with APRAMP as social mediator!!!!

"It’s a dream for me, that I can finally find my way and be happy working helping women who are in an exploitative situation"

"I want to continue training and continue studying in everything I can to be able to advance in my life and to be a good professional in mediation and in the detection of trafficked women"

"Nobody deserves to live that slavery"

These are some phrases that Luz has communicated after knowing the news that she was going to start her contract as a mediator in APRAMP!!

This is the story of Luz, but we WANT it to be the story of many women rescued and able to regain their lives, a dignified life full of opportunities and alternatives.

Once again, thank you all for your collaboration; we will soon have new news about an event that we are preparing with great enthusiasm and eagerness!

Thank you, friends of GlobalGiving!!

Nov 22, 2019

The end of something, the beginning of much!


Hello again, colleagues of Global Giving! Time passes very quickly here, but from APRAMP we continue to work and make every effort to make the lives and futures of thousands of women better and away from any kind of violence.

As you have already been informed in previous reports, the course of mediation of the University UNED from Spain, was a huge achievement that has made us very excited to APRAMP, and that is that thanks to this course, our mediators will be able to have a formal accreditation as official mediators, which empowers them enormously to be able to follow their path and find a future job, in a trade, that without doubt, ARE THE BEST!

On 31 October the last stage of the course was concluded, although certain task still have to able carried out, we can say that…more than 90% of people have successfully passed the course!!

The mediators say that it has been a total challenge in their life, very hard at times, but also very rewarding to know that they have been approving the different topics and that their effort has finally been worth it.

Let’s not forget that many of them, never used an online platform, didn’t even have a lot of computer skills and that most had not studied for many years.

“I have found it very difficult to adapt because I have not studied for many years, and I had a hard time concentrating and understanding”

“The hardest thing is to start the habit of studying when you haven’t done it for a long time.”

These are testimonies of two of the participants of the course, who as well express, to start again to study when they have not done it for many years, is the most complicated thing to be able to carry out an online course.

This course of mediation has meant a lot to APRAMP, after many years intervening with women, We know that one of the most important objectives is to be able to train them to be able to work and socially.

For many years we have trained through a APRAMP course all the mediators we have, as for the Association, the survivors of trafficking are the fundamental pillar to be able to continue with the project and to help more women who are in the same situation as they have been before.

But we realized that for all that training and practice to be properly demonstrated, we had to get some official university course to accredit it so that we could give them other work opportunities.

AND WE GET IT! AND THEY ARE GETTING IT! And this challenge, although it was the first years, will continue to be realized and that makes us very happy.

Now we are preparing the graduation of the course, where the diplomas will be distributed and where all together we will celebrate the good news of all those who passed.

And of course, as always, it is a pleasure to be able to share it with all our friends at Global Giving, because with your input, the lives of many women can continue to change! Thank you so much!!!

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