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Aug 30, 2016

4th Report on Women Vegetable Club


As mentioned in the previous reports, the amount of PKR 60,000 was given to the 5 women to promote the vegetable faming among women of the rural areas (Pilot). After doing some initial work, the group of women has already got the land on the contract and has sowed the vegetable seeds. So far the initial steps have been taken to save the vegetables from insects and pesticides. The initial spray has been done and the fertilizer has been given to the land to get the most out of it. The water distribution from the Canal Department in the village is quite satisfactory therefore it is not difficult for the beneficiaries to struggle for water for the vegetables as it is in some other parts of the province. The vegetables will be ready in 3 -5 months and therefore the result will be mentioned in the next report.But In some parts of the land the corriander vegetable has started to grow as it takes less time to grow than other main vegetables. The vegetables sown will be according to the season. The main vegetables to be sown in the club are corriander, garlic, potatoes, turnips and cabbage. depending on the season these vegetables. These vegetables give good profit when sold.

Aug 4, 2016

2nd Report on Carbon Free Water

Community Meetings for Handpumps in the areas
Community Meetings for Handpumps in the areas

Thank you very much for your kind support and helping us reach our initial target of $ 10,000 ( which was later raised by AWARD) at GlobalGiving.The amount raised on the project was far more than the asked amount. Therefore we are very thankful for your help. AWARD Pakistan has been working from the last 21 years in community development and so far has been able to support approximately 86,000 plus direct beneficiaries and nearly 500,000 beneficiaries indirectly. Our efforts to improve the life of marginalized communities’ especially rural women are still going effectively through number of interventions in the rural areas of Pakistan.

In the Month of May, AWARD Pakistan conducted the suveys in the 10 rural areas to ask people about the aroused need of the Hand Pumps. The team went house to house and managed to interview 20 people from each area (altogether 120) to identify the need. 8 out 10 areas were selected by the team after the keen observation and the survey results. The health risk in these 8 areas were quite high according to the survey. Therefore AWARD Pakistan has finalised the 8 areas of Balakot for installing the 32 handpumps.

As the community in these areas observed fasting in the holy month of Ramadan (June 05- July 05). Therefore the labour(which was the contribution from the community) requested the AWARD team to take the task of intsalling handpumps after Ramadan Month. 

In the mid of July 2016, The AWARD Team along with the community started taking the quotations from different boring companies . After consulting the majority of the companies AWARD Pakistan and the community has finalised a well known Boring Company of Balakot which will be starting the Boring and installing work from the Aug 10, 2016.

The Pictures of the handpups will be uploaded in the next report of October 2016.

May 26, 2016

3rd Report for Women's Vegetable Club

Women during harvestiing
Women during harvestiing

Dear Donors,


Thank you very much for the initil support and helping us reach our initial target of $5000 to attain a permanent spot on Global Giving.The organization has been working since 1994 and so far has benefitted more than 86000 direct beneficiaries through various interventions and programs.

In this project so far, AWARD Pakistan has already given the loan of Rs. 60,000 to the 5 women of Bilal Nagar, Tehsil Jhumra, District Faisalabad.

In the month of March, the beneficiaries negotiated with several land owners to get a piece of land on contractual basis. This thing took a little more than expected because most of the land offered were on a certain distance from the village and it was really hard to reach the piece of land especially in summers where the temperature goes upto 48 degree celsius. After a hardwork , the beneficiaries have been able to found a piece of land which very much closer to the village and have easy access. The land is quite rich and is quite fesible to grow vegetables. The beneficiaries have made a contract for 1 year which would be extendable later on after the completion.

The beneficiaries aong with their husbands have done the initial workings on the land such as making it feasible for growing vegetables through ploughing by a tractor.

There is one more important thign to mention that month of April is considered as a month of harvesting the wheat crop in Pakistan. Majority of the people living in the rural areas leave all their work and start cutting the wheat crop for the land owners who give them a share from the overall wheat stock for their services.This thing contributes in their family income therefore people leave everyother thing for this season.

As the harvesting season is ended now, therefore the beneficiaries will start growing the vegetable once the temperature falls. This will pass the month of June as it is too hot for the women to work in the farms.The are in constant communication with the agriculture experts who are guiding them on how to gro the off season vegetables. Hopefully the types of vegetables grown will be mentioned in the next report of July 2016.   

Beneficiaries during harvesting
Beneficiaries during harvesting
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