Dec 26, 2016

Great progress made, project refinement


A big thank you to all of our supporters in this project so far. With your support, we are building on our goal of inspiring a love of reading in the kids of Siirt, Kurtalan.

Since our last report, we have decided to streamline our GlobalGiving project to focus on completing the library for Siirt, Kurtalan only, rather than working toward enough donations to create 3 library spaces.  Because the project has been active for some time now, we thought it would be better to change it so that we could focus on finishing one library.  For that reason, our new GlobalGiving goal is to raise $5,500 for the Siirt library, and we are less than $1,000 away from this goal! 

Because of logistical considerations, we wait for a critical mass of donations before taking action on the project.  With the initial $1,100 received for the project, we purchased 6 tables for the library space (where children read books and TEGV volunteers hold reading programs with the kids) and 93 books.

Just this past month, we spent an additional $1,938 of the donations received to make some great strides forward in the project.  We were able to paint and repair the library space.  We were also able to purchase bookcases and bookshelves; comfortable chairs for the kids, such as bean bags; lighting for the space; chess game sets; and almost 500 books!

The kids are thrilled and excited about the idea of people supporting their library from around the world.

With an exciting surge of donations in our project just recently, thanks to all of you, we are only $916 away from our new goal.  With the final set of donations, we will be repairing the flooring, completing the lighting, and buy more books.

Though our new goal is a bit more modest, this project is still so meaningful to the kids, and we can’t express our gratitude enough for all of your support.

We wish you all a wonderful New Year.

chess area
chess area
new space
new space
some of the books and learning space
some of the books and learning space
seating and reading area
seating and reading area
Sep 26, 2016

Ramping up for a strong Fall season

Our library project continues, as we work to gather support for the creation of three library spaces in three disadvantaged areas of Turkey.  So far, our donations have enabled us to get started on one of the libraries, the Siirt Kurtalan library, and we are waiting for additional funds to finish the project.  

We need your support!  Please share our project with friends and family and let them know that even a small donation goes a long way.  Donating to this project isn't just about sharing some of your valuable financial resources with us.  Donating to this project is also an incredibly important message to the kids living in these disadvantatged areas that the world cares about them, believes in them and wants them to succeed, despite all the hardships surrounding them.

Though we are still putting the finishing touches on it, we wanted to send along a (modest) video we have prepared to encourage people to donate to the project.  If you have a Facebook account, you can take a look at the link provided below.

Once the video is complete, we will be doing a big round of outreach this Fall in order to encourage more donations.  We at TEGV believe in this project and believe in the GlobalGiving community to come through.

Thank you to all of you who have donated, or are continuing to donate.  Thank you for believing in TEGV and believing in our kids!


Jun 28, 2016

Help us pick up the pace!

TEGV student
TEGV student

TEGV's library project aims to bring children's libraries to three disadvantaged areas of Turkey: Siirt-Kurtalan, Mardn Savur and Batman.  In each of these areas, there is a dearth of resources for kids, and TEGV's activity locations are an incredibly valuable and important part of each community.

Each library costs approximately $8,000, and we are working to build each library, one by one.  

Right now, we are still focused on the Siirt-Kurtalan location.  With past donations, we have been able to buy books and basic furniture for Siirt-Kurtalan's library, and now we are waiting to collect enough donations to complete the library all together (approximately $5,000).

The children of Siirt Kurtalan continue to enjoy the books and desks we purchased for them with the first set of donations we received. 

It has been a slow period for donations, so please help us pick up the pace!  

All three of the communities we are targeting are in areas of Turkey that particularly in these times need glimmers of hope.  Please help us be that glimmer by providing children with one of the most meaningful thing you can: access to knowledge and resources to build themselves up and out of the disadvantaged circumstances that they are in.

On behalf of our kids, we thank you all for your continued support and interest!

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