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Sep 19, 2019

Unlocking the potential of young women in Afghanistan

"I always wanted to know how to code. There were times when I was watching my cousin, who had done his BCS [qualification] in computer sciences, making a website for a client. When I asked him to teach me, he made fun of me by saying Girls Can't Code. At that time, I promise myself that one day I’ll learn how to code, and I did. It is all because of Womanity and my lovely teacher.” Girls Can Code student, Afghanistan

On behalf of the entire team at Womanity, thank you for your support for our Girls Can Code project in Afghanistan. Thanks to the support of people like you, in recent months we have:

  • improved and developed new course curriculum and lesson plans
  • delivered high-quality training to a total of 646 students (237 studying English, 225 ICT and 184 coding)
  • helped eight former GCC students to find internships in a range of businesses and not-for-profit organisations
  • provided scholarships for four particularly high-achieving students to continue their studies

Through this work, we are building the skills and confidence of young women, providing them with core skills to be able to enter the world of work. Below are some examples of the feedback we have received from our students:

“I want to study computer science in future and become a web developer […]. I am very happy for this course to be held because my family is poor and isn’t able to pay fee for courses. This course is a great opportunity for me to achieve my goals.” Coding student, Wahdat High School

“I'm excited to say that now I can make a responsive website. I am still learning but with my hard work I would like to become an expert web designer and developer in the future. […] Please continue this good work.” Coding student, Al Fatah High School

Thank you for helping these young women to fulfil their potential and achieve their aspirations. We will continue to keep you updated with the progress of our project in Afghanistan.

Jun 21, 2019

Strengthening quality education for Afghan women

Students in the classroom
Students in the classroom

With your support and that of institiutional funders, our Afghan programme has supported a total of 699 young women this term, who have participated in courses in English, computer technology and coding.

We have provided technical orientation training to 16 teachers, which has supported them in delivering the course effectively. Training included techniques such as lesson planning, attendance monitoring, monthly reports, data capture.

After this training, Womanity’s team undertook monitoring visits observe teacher-student interaction, teaching methodologies and students’ levels of understanding. Since the beginning of May we have carried out 19 such visits to coding classes and 14 for ICT. We then met with the teachers to discuss what is working well and where things could be improved to support better learning outcomes.

The feedback from students has been extremely positive – for example, Marina, an ICT student commented:

“Participating in ICT classes is the best opportunity in my life. Even before this class I couldn't turn on the computer, now I can learn new things in computer and hope to learn more. Thanks Womanity for creating this opportunity for Afghan girls for us.”

We are committed to ensuring that young Afghan women like Marina get the best quality education possible, so they can fulfil their potential as adults. The importance of this for poorer families is highlighted by this mother:

“I am a widow and […] do not have economic ability to pay fee for my daughter to go in private courses and learn English. This is a great opportunity for the poor families like me and their daughters, as now they are studying English in a very safe environment. Thank you to Womanity Foundation and from the respected staff and trainers, as you support our daughters’ education.”

On behalf of all the students, their families and our team in Afghanistan, thank you for choosing to support this important work. We will keep you updated with our progress.

Mar 8, 2019

Thank you for your support!

Young women learning coding skills in Afghanistan
Young women learning coding skills in Afghanistan

"At the beginning of this year, I had lots of problem in English, I couldn’t even read a simple text but by joining this course I improved a lot. Now I can talk in English very easily. I even teach English to my siblings at home and I really feel proud of myself and the credit of my achievement goes to Womanity and my respectable trainer. Thank You.” Karima, English student

Karima is just one student who illustrates of the positive impact of your support for Womanity’s work in Afghanistan. Thanks to your generosity, Karima has benefited from improved, targeted tuition, which has helped her develop new skills to the extent that she is now sharing her knowledge with her family – thereby multiplying the impact of your gift even further.

Over the course of 2018, Womanity has directly touched the lives of 607 young women like Karima in Afghanistan – giving them core skills that will enable them to contribute to their community and support their families through improved employability.

Sadly the volatile security situation in Afghanistan means that some parents are reluctant to allow their daughters to travel to school or work. Womanity has engaged with students and their families in developing courses which meet the needs of aspiring young women.  We have found that this creates greater buy-in from parents for their daughters’ participation, which has in turn boosted enrolment and attendance.

With regard to teacher training, we have provided peer-to-peer support from senior trainers, covering topics such as methodology, time and classroom management, and conflict management. Our coding teachers also benefited from a course provided by a local graphic design agency on WordPress and Laravel framework to help keep their technical skills up-to-date.  

All of these factors have meant that Womanity has engaged more young women students in 2018 than in previous years – helping change more lives for the better.

At the end of the academic year, we carried out a survey amongst students so we could improve our courses for future cohorts. It was very gratifying that 99% stated that they felt respected by their teachers, and a similar ratio stated that they felt able to ask questions and get the answers that they needed. 

Below Harira and Mariam explain the benefits of the ICT classes that they participated in:

"During the ICT class I learned a lot of programs that were very useful. In this period of time, I made a lot of efforts and made a lot of progress. This course raised my self-confidence and changed my life. The programs I learned in this course can be used in school or in the work environment. My family encouraged me very much. My trainer’s teaching method was excellent and she gave us more tutorials to work well."Harira, ICT student

“I am very happy that I could finish the coding class. It is a huge success in my life. (…) I want to learn more about it until an advanced level since I want to study computer science in the future. I thank my dearest trainers who worked hard with us with true sincerity and Womanity for providing us such opportunity.” Mariam, coding student

On behalf of everyone at Womanity and the young women in Afghanistan, thank you for your wonderful support! Together we are giving young women opportunities to learn vocation skills that will enhance their status and enable them to contriubute to their families and communities. 

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