Jul 31, 2020

Seeing the light at the end of the nest

It has been a difficult period of time for the whole world, including our Project in Pacuare.

Since the beggining of March, travel restrictions begun in Costa Rica. This translated into the cancellation of all our international volunteers' visits which fund about 70% of our project through their fees and donations.

As an organization, we had to take a step back and prioritize our sea turtle conservation efforts over rebuilding the volunteers' dorms. Here is a summary of the results obtained to date for 2020s sea turtle nesting season in Pacuare:


Leatherback turtle:

A total of 62 nesting females were identified and 150 nests were registered. Our team was able to protect 50% (75 nests). A total of 52 hatched nests have produced 2,539 baby turtles. The emergence success of these nests was 70%. The nesting season for this species is expected to end this month. 

Green turtle:

Only two nesting females have been identified and 14 nests have been reported so far. Our team has saved 5 of these nests (35.71%). Only 2 nests have hatched and produced 136 baby turtles with 65.96% emergence success. 

Hawksbill turtle:

Only 2 nesting females have been identified and 3 nests reported. Two of them (66.7%) were protected by our team. There have been no births yet.

Unfortunately we have a figure of 10 hunted turtles, most of them in the last two months. Two hawksbills and 8 green turtles. Boats are seen daily in the sea and as far as we know turtles spear. Every hunted turtle information has been reported to the Pacuare Coast Guard station but we have not had anyone caught or punished. At some point they have come to speak directly with us or to walk the beach but with all the covid emergency and the little staff they have had, they do not promise us much support this year.


On the other hand, we are seeing light at the end of the nest and our country will be ready to receive international tourists once again starting on August 1st. We hope that this change can help us overcome little by little our lack of funds and our lack of volunteers to patrol the beaches and save more sea turtle nests. Also, locals have helped our project so much by patrolling the beach at night and saving nests from poachers.

If you are interested to be part of this initiative, don't hesitate to contact us and schedule your visit through volunteers@latinamericanseaturtles.com 

Thank you so much for your donations. Your kindness gives us strenght through these troubling times to continue doing our best for the sake of sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica and Latin America.


Apr 7, 2020

Two dorms ready, four more to go!

By the first week of March 2020, two of the volunteers' dorms were almost ready. This was possible thanks to your support and a grant by The Rufford Foundation. We just need $300 to buy and apply paint on the walls.

There are still four more dorms to rebuild, but the COVID-19 crisis is having a major impact in our project and our organization. More than 95% of our volunteers come from different parts of the world and they were forced to cancel due to the travel limitations to decrease the probability of contagion. They are also our main source of funding through the fees they pay and the donations they make. As a consequence, our organization is working only with the basics to reduce the costs and keep the project alive.

The protection and the release of an average of 10,000 new baby turtles depend on the daily work of our team. If you want to continue supporting this cause, make sure to share this campaign with your family, friends and loved ones. Also, follow our organization on social media to be updated on our work.

Please, stay home, safe and healthy. The only way we can overcome this crisis is if we all do our part!     


Jan 6, 2020

Fisrt nesting Season of the decade

Our team of vounteers!
Our team of vounteers!

First sea turtle nesting season of this decade


We are only a month away to start receiving volunteers in our project in Pacuare. Even though the leatherback nesting season starts between the end of February and the beginning of March, our team must prepare the hatchery in advance. This structure is used to relocate and keep safe the sea turtle nests that are susceptible to predation, high sand temperatures, coastal erosion and poaching. 

Being a month away from receiving volunteers also means that we need to start rebuilding at least one of dorms. Making sure that our volunteers feel comfortable, happy and safe in the project’s area is key for our organization. Better conditions for our heroes translate into better results for sea turtle conservation in Pacuare.

To date, we have raised $167 from the total goal of $8,000 thanks to your help, but we need to keep working hard to have at least one of the dorms ready for the beginning of this year’s season. Therefore, we would like to ask for your help once again, but this time to spread the word. Share with your friends and family and let’s make this 2020 the beginning of a successful decade for sea turtle conservation.


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