Mar 21, 2018

Please Help Us Help These Girls

March 20, 2018

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for supporting Restoration Project Resource Center. This platform is a One-Stop-Shop for victims/survivors of trafficking.  We appreciate your trust in us and partner with us as we continue to bring survivors of trafficking to an unimpaired state. After about 4 years of focusing primarily on outreach, education, advocacy and collaboration, we entered direct services for young women over the age of 18 who have been human trafficked. Our Resource Center provides a wrap-around social and career services; and referral for these young women. We anticipate serving about 300 young women annually.

Trafficking is a crime that often leaves its victims burdened with a heavy load of shame, guilt, fear and apprehension about leaving their trafficking situation. Providing a lee-way for victims is the only way of assuring them that we do not blame them for their victimization and that they are guaranteed our support.

Our organization is continually striving to better serve these young women as we represent a full spectrum of an organization that provides a broad range of skills and tools for sustainable restoration in the Denver community. Our work is defined by a belief in restoration of the dignity and voices of the young women we serve to receive hope for a better future.

This project has so far raised $550 which is far below our goal of $43,900. This money would be used to provide a full array of services in one location. Absence of an effective and coordinated service for victims leave fear and mistrust for law enforcement and the systems, shame and social stigma, leading to Stockholm syndrome where they protect their trafficker, fear of retribution and negative response to rescue efforts. Victims also exhibit anger issues, feeling sad and agitated, nightmares, lack of concentration, feeling of hopelessness, sleep disorders, and physical symptoms such as headaches, chest pains, sweating, dizziness and shaking.

We are building strong collaborative partnerships with law enforcement and other agencies to reduce the pain, provide opportunity for mental health treatments and a safe space for engaging these young women in skills/tools development for social and economic empowerment for sustainable restoration. Please partner with us to bring these young women to an unimpaired state and provide skills for assuming leadership roles in the fight against human trafficking. This will also help us protect at-risk girls from traffickers.

Without you our Partners, we cannot do this work. Your financial support and input help us carry out our goals. Thank you for believing in our vision and helping us achieve our goal. Our inaction will leave these young women in the hands of traffickers and also put our young girls at-risk of being trafficked. The more help and support we receive from everyone, the less each person has to contribute. Please help us spread the word about our good work among your contacts!

Please invite your family, friends and colleagues to support our Restoration Project Resource Center. Share our page at:

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THANK YOU again for your partnership and continued support. Feel free to contact me at

Edith Okupa, ED

Dec 20, 2017

Thank You for Your Support

Dear Supporter,

Compliments of the season!

Thank you so much from all of us in Restoration Project International for believing in us and supporting our work.  We appreciate your commitment to ensuring that we are able to forge a clear path towards achieving our goals.  Without your support and donations, we would not be able to do this work.

We wanted to share the progress we made and the decision our board reached regarding this project.  Although we raised over $2,000 for this project, but it feel short of what we needed to start a housing program.  We decided to do something different, but close to what the original goal was - the ultimate goal is the same - helping survivors of trafficking embrace sustainable restoration in a safe space.  As a result of lack of funds and the delay in raising enough, we decided to start a non-residential program, Restoration Resource Center.  We would be providing the same types of services, but in a non-residential setting.  This one-stop-shop will ensure that survivors receive the need treatment, skills set and empowerment to properly integrate into society.  We are in collaborative partnerships with healthcare professionals, law enforcement and other social/human services organizations working together to bring this efforts to being.

Our new project mentioned above, is therefore fundraising for this. There is an attachment of the plan of action and funding requirements.  The link below will also take you to the project.

Once again, thank you for supporting us; and above all, believing in us.

Please remember to go to our newest project and make your end-of-year giving, to support this project, like you have always done.  Also share our links with your family and friends.



Edith Okupa

Executive Director

Nov 10, 2017

Thank You for Your Support

November 09, 2017

Restoration Housing Project Update

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for supporting our bid to start a Housing Project for victims/survivors of trafficking through Globalgiving.  We appreciate you trust in us and the decision to partner with us as we continue to wade through the challenges with bringing survivors of sex trafficking to an unimpaired state. Here’s an update of our current position regarding this housing project.

To date we have received $1,825.00; thank you for your contributions. Because of the challenges in raising funds for this project, our Board of Directors decided we should start with a non-residential Resource Center and gradually upgrade to a residential program.  So we would be using the funds raised for this Project for that purpose. The new project would be administering the same services as this project, only difference is that the new one would be non-residential and would offer more services that this one.  Also, we are developing strong collaborative partnerships that would make the new project very effective.  Our ultimate goal is to restore and rehabilitate victims and survivors of trafficking.

To achieve the above goal, Restoration Project International will be offering life skill development for victims and survivors; and referral services that targets the needs of our clients.  As a result, we would like to enjoin our supporters and donors to please continue to support our good cause.  We are working to change the trajectory of jail and also bring survivors to an unimpaired state.  We cannot do this work without your generous support.

We truly appreciate your partnership in ensuring that we carry out our mission. As we transition from this Project to this new Resource Center, we would keep you informed of our progress as we go. Please remember us in your end of year giving. Look out for the new project and support us.

It is troubling to see victims and survivors return back to their trafficker because they do not have a safe place to hide, nor a program that would provide life skills empowerment for them to move to the next stage in their healing process. We want to be that resource center. Perhaps, we would be able to keep them from returning to their trafficker when we give them tools for restoration.  Therefore, we are counting on you to erase this agony of pain and enduring the vicious cycle of returning to their trafficker!

We are also counting on you to spread the word among your friends and family; share our Project information with your social media contacts.  Your support will help victims escape trafficking and help survivors rehabilitate and live a normal life.  Please help give hope and light the darkness that these girls face!

Please invite your family, friends and colleagues to support our Restoration Housing Project.  Share our page at:

THANK YOU again for your partnership and continued support. Feel free to contact me at


Edith Okupa

Executive Director

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