Jul 25, 2017


Association's Soja farm
Association's Soja farm


        Since its creation, EFA Cameroon is an organization devoted to fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty within youths via education. Generally it has a vision to improve the living conditions of P VVIH by limiting their dependency. Thus, EFA Cameroon encourages members of association to develop their area according to their choice.

        A visit to Mokolo twon was paid to an association of EFA Cameroon branch AFVUMAT (Mayo-Tsanaga Vulnerable Women Association) founded in March 2017.

        This association received an amount of 50.000 XAF as seed, from EFA Cameroon to begin a groundnut farm.

        The aim is to encourage the members of the association to work for themselves and to take charge without external aid for their independence.


Treasurer, “I thank the giver thus with this gift we shall boast production for the well-functioning of the association”

Member, We thank EFA Cameroon and global giving for this support. Thank God.”

Apr 28, 2017



From Wednesday 12th to Saturday 15th April, after an application from the association of vulnerable women of mayo-tsanaga to reinforce structuring and technique. It is a young association found in Mokolo, Mayo-Tsanaga division in the Far-North region of Cameroon. It consists of 24 members created in 2012 and legalised on the 2nd of February 2017 with principles to assure the protection of children in need of help, to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS, to improve the socio-economic conditions of vulnerable people, promote the young girl’s education and fight against early marriages.

The day of Wednesday 12th April 2016 was made for preparations, choosing of meeting premises and mobilisation of members.

Thursday 13th April was the day of questions related to associations in life. After meeting at one member’s house, the president of the association, at ZIMANGAYAK neighbourhood, a member from the GlobalGiving AEFA Cameroon, the member presented EFA. It was installed in Cameroon since 2006 by American Peace Corp in Cameroon. After a brief pause we discussed matters of active associations in life and some challenges. At 5pm the meeting was closed under the supervision of chief of social affaire service of Mokolo rural council with feedback successes giving known since 2009.

On Friday April 14th 2017 at the same premises the secretary general of AEFA Cameroon, entertained the members on techniques, document organisations and activity planning by for the association. 

It was then when the president’s unanimous voice presented a written letter to the members with aim of integrating to EFA and assistance seeking. The workshop ended at 5:30 pm and we the EFA staff sympathised with infected orphans with cordial leave.

On Saturday April 15th we left the hotel at 9:03am for Maroua to arrive at 11:05am. We were accompanied by some vulnerable women association members of Mayo-Tsanaga.



“We thank a lot AEFA for answering us positively. We are unspeakable. We thank a lot AEFA CAMEROON and Global Giving”

Secretary General

“We learned a lot during the two days’ encounter, we are confortable and we shall better manage our activities. Thanks to AEFA Cameroon.”


“The two days’ encounter gave me hopes since I could not I imagine that people like AEFA members could eat with us and share together our problems. Thanks to the counsels I am more strong and done away with complexities. Thanks AEFA Cameroon.”

Member 14 years old student

“My parents are death of AIDS, I sick and I am abandoned. Thanks to this association I take drugs, it gives me hope to face my future. Thanks AEFA Cameroon.”

Feb 15, 2017

Supervision of AEFA field activities

The AGAM millet farm in Moutourwa
The AGAM millet farm in Moutourwa


Following the material support  given to Moutourwa AGAM which consisted of two donkeys and two chariots with accessories and the gift of goats and sheep for husbandry in Tokombere AJESTOK , we thought it wise to go on the field in order to evaluate and ensure the follow-up of the projet.

While in Moutourwa  on the 17/12/2016, we mate two members the treasurer and the vice president of the association. The president was absent due to the fact that he went to look for one of the missing donkeys out of two, he fortunately found two days after our visit.

Our discussion with members present provided us with information on the activities of the association during the past three months. We equally visited the farm as shown on the pictures below.

Thanks to the two donkeys the received, they were able to cultivate 1ca of dry season millet ant 1ca of beans but the latter was a failure due to the late coming of rain, as a result, they replaced the beans with sorghum 00 to avoid losing completely. The exploited donkey by the community also yielded revenue. Thus the money gotten was used to buy spraying products for their farms. The cost was evaluated at 48,800 FRS. The benefit is to be known after harvest.


-The difficulties the association encounters are as follows

-the invalid members cannot help in the farm activities

-some members did not take part in monthly meetings

-unwillingness of some members to participate financially

-financial inadequacy in the cash box

-no record book to register gains, loses and expenses leading to squandering


-the continuous use of the donkeys for product transportation

-members should continue sensitising people to join the association and ensure regular contributions

-the invalids should not be rejected instead encouraged

-seek help from the learned for things like record booklets


We the members of AGAM Association express our sincere gratitude to EFA and Global Giving for their continuous support and we pray the Almighty God to provide them with health, prosperity and success in their endeavours


During the meeting the following information were brought to light:

-the association owns 06 stocked bags of millet in one of their member’s house.

-the interest generated from the resale of goats and sheep is evaluated at 54000 FRS

-the handicap member made a saving of 5000f from the sale of onions, pepper, salt etc.

Our visits to some homes were as such:

2-Meeting at the private hospital of Tokombere, visiting Income generate activities in member’s homes, visit de president home to congratulate him for leadership.


-some goats died

-some members do not take part in the meeting due to farm work

-other members moved away from Tokombere

-No follow-up book


-veterinary doctors are needed in case of animal illness

-Free periods are required for meetings to ensure mass presence

-sensitise others to join the group

-buy and make use of follow-up books to ensure smooth management


The secretary General, on behalf of Ajestok says thanks to AEFA, and people in United States for the continuous assistance to the group and wishes them a happy new year 2017.

The AGAM vice president in thier millet farm
The AGAM vice president in thier millet farm
Meeting with AJESTOK Members in Tokombere hospital
Meeting with AJESTOK Members in Tokombere hospital
Some goats for IGA in member's house
Some goats for IGA in member's house
Some goats for IGA in Tokombere member's house
Some goats for IGA in Tokombere member's house
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