Dec 30, 2019


Date: December 20, 2019

Venue: Kongola Bilingual High school Maroua 

Strategies used : Classrooms sensitization by Peer Educators with the aid of image boxes, Sessions of brainbox games.

Topics : - What is HIV, AIDS and STIs - The different means of transmission - Prevention modes - The importance voluntary testing - The positive life - Mother to child transmission prevention - Caring for People Living with HIV/AIDS by the community.

 Introduction : Following the request of the Coordinator of the Gender and Development Club of the Government Bilingual High School Kongola Maroua and the Principal of the same school, EFA Cameroon who is faithful to the fight against STIs/HIVAIDS in the youth milieu through education, accompanied a group of four (04) trained Peer educators to sensitize students to mark the end of the first semester. Results Achieved: Sensitization Sessions: 345 students sensitized, In 04 classrooms; with of 198 boys and 145 grils.  

Brainstorm Games :

Participants who gave correct responses were rewards and among them was a supervisor who answered a difficult question.

MEN: 01


BOYS: 08



Questions asked and responses helped us to understand that there is till a gap in terms of information on STIs/HIV/AIDS in most of the educational institutions of the region.

The best students of the institution were congratulated and awarded prizes (T-shirts, Packets of books, pens) and academies.

. Sketch group members of the school also received gifts from us.

       Need expressed by Teachers :

-          Which team shall come again;

-          Girl child education should also be addressed.

Positive Points :

-           Students were available and attentive.

-          The school administrators were welcoming.

-          Administrators and students expressed total satisfaction.

Difficulties Encountered :

-          The activity is a mixed one which came at the beginning of a holiday and as such many teachers did not take part sensitization sessions.


We are grateful to:

ü  Global Giving for their permanent financial support;

ü  The Principal of LYMAKO and his collaborators for their warm welcome;

ü  Gender and Development Club Coordinator for the initiative taken;


ü  The 04 Peer Educators for their availability;

ü   « Radio CAMPUS » journalist for his active participation.

Oct 2, 2019


Since its inception, EFA Cameroon has been faithful to its primary objective aimed at improving the living conditions of young vulnerable people aged 15-35 who are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS through different forms of assistance which are:

-          The training of members, peer educators, communities… on generalities and prevention of HIV/AIDS;

-           Support the implementation of I G As (income generating activities) by providing startup funds and accompany groups of vulnerable youth;

-          Medical aid in terms of financing CD4 count tests and viral load charge to extend the parent-child relationship; and

-          Assistance in school kits for children and members of these associations of EFA Cameroon network and partners.                                      

To meet these objectives, EFA Cameroon its traditional donors and most especially GlobalGiving are working hard to support initiatives in the fight against HIV related discrimination and stigma in some communities of the Far North Region of Cameroon.

These various forms assistance strengthen the relationships between parent and child and contribute significantly to the reduction of mortality and morbidity rate within the associations of the EFA Cameroon network. It is worth noting that Counsellors and Psychosocial Assistants trained by EFA Cameroon now work with the “CPDV” in Maroua and others work in Heath Centers throughout the region. They, in turn, provide as much support as they can to their colleagues.

For the current academic year, EFA Cameroon has supported 84 vulnerable children from associations of People Living with HIV in the Far North Region with textbooks and school supplies (see table.)   


GIRLS   45

BOYS    39

TOTAL   84

Upon receiving the school kits, the children promised best results as and expression of satisfaction to confirm their commitment and engagement to work hard.

Testimonies :

President of « ASFVUMAT »; « I am honored and happy with this great and continuous gesture, our orphans from the associations received school supplies from EFA Cameroon to begin the 2019/2020 academic year. I thank the donors of EFA Cameroon (GlobalGiving) and pray to God that they should continue the assistance to the needy as they have been doing so far in an exceptional manner.”

Son of an « ASFVUMAT » member; “today I received school supplies in order to resume school and I say thank you to GlobalGiving and EFA Cameroon for giving them to me.”

Young girl of 16 years and « JAS » recipient « the school kits I have received will allow me to study well and God willing I will succeed in my exams (“BEPC”) this year. I thank EFA Cameroon and the donors (GlobalGiving). »

President of “ASSYSGOD”;« my son now has enough notebooks and pens to resume studies. I thank EFA Cameroon, I thank GlobalGiving for everything because it has always helped us, I pray that God should take this organization to the highest possible level. »

14 years old girl and member « ASSYSGOD »; « this year, I am going to form 3 and the school supplies I received will greatly help me in my studies. I am grateful to EFA Cameroon »

21-year-old youth, member of « ABEPSA-MA » association; « I just had my « baccalaureate » and am going to the university this year. I received a ream or paper, pens and other school needs and therefore to start school, I have no problem and I owe this to EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving. I thank them so much. »

Jul 5, 2019



 Education Fights AIDS (EFA) Cameroon is an association for youth development that works for the education of communities and participates through the promotion of vocational training in the socio-professional insertion of vulnerable populations in the Far North region.            

As part of the activities to reduce stigmatization and the discrimination done against people living with HIV/AIDS in the Far North Region of Cameroon, Education Fights AIDS (EFA) in partnership Cameroon engaged in the creation of associations to group and empower people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) in the Far North region in Cameroon.

Brief Description

Most of these people are not doing usually their control of their viral load which leads to their falling ill very often. For this reason, EFA Cameroon took it upon herself to sensitize both old and new members of the various associations again, more and more.

In April, 10 members were selected from the various associations and 07 were available to be sensitized and accompanied to the hospital to test their viral load.

The outcome of this activity was that these people who often fell ill because of ignorance became healthier after they were aware of their viral load and moved to level two of their treatment. 

It is with respect to this that EFA Cameroon will select set of 10 more members of these associations to accompany them both morally and financially to test their viral load for this 20 juin 2019.


The main objective of this activity is to continue with raising awareness on the importance of viral load check and to have them tested.

Expected Result

The expected result of this activity is that; 10 people will be tested and they will be aware of their viral load and know exactly what level of treatment to continue with.


  • Sensitization and selection of 10 beneficiaries;
  • Invitation of beneficiaries to Maroua (payment of their transport fair);
  • Holding of meeting to discuss with beneficiaries at EFA Cameroon head office Maroua;
  • Accompanying of beneficiaries to the hospital (payment of their test fees)


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