Apr 4, 2019




Education Fights AIDS (EFA) Cameroon has in the past years engaged in the fight against stigmatization and discrimination done against people living with HIV/AIDS in the Far North Region of Cameroon. Apart from carrying out campaigns to raise awareness, EFA Cameroon in partnership with GlobalGiving is committed to support vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS for their economically stable and through the creation of associations facilitate the social inclusion of this group of people. It is in this light that EFA Cameroon decided to group these vulnerable people and support the financially to do their CD4 counts tests on April 3, 2019 at the Meskin hospital in Maroua.

To this effect a meeting was held at the EFA Cameroon office at Domayo Maroua to discuss with this vulnerable group and accompany them to the hospital for the T- cells Test.

Consequently, EFA’s objective here was to support fully fund the T-cell test of 10 people form communities and living with HIV/AID. These people are communities workers fighting against AIDS in Godola, Maroua and Mokolo;  from Associations created by EFA Cameroon with the support of GlobalGiving. Their transportation feeding and test charges were covered by EFA Cameroon.  



Member from ASSYSGOD - Godola

“living an associative live is the best thing that EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving has offered me in particular. I have been able to send my children to school and feed my family even as a carrier. I look perfectly normal; I no longer cry like I used to; and above all I have had two more kids even after having been diagnosed of HIV. One of the kids is 14 years old right now and the youngest if in form two already. Thanks to the opportunities I had through EFA Cameroon trainings I have been able to work with many other organizations in Meri community in food distribution projects. I have also travelled almost all over Cameroon.”


Membre from ABEPSA- Maroua

 “we were all very hopeless and the future was bleak. We were lost and had no one to turn to. Thank you EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving for bringing light and giving a meaning to our lives through your immense support every time.”


Member from AJEPS MOKOLO

“what else can I possibly say but thank you to EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving. Not only am able to afford medical care and live a better life; I can now read and write. And more to that I am a computer literate. Before I came in contact with you, I could not even read my own name talk less of writing it.my life is normal again despite my status thanks to you EFA and GlobalGiving.”


Project leader
Jan 4, 2019




As part of the activities to reduce stigmatization and the discrimination against done against people living with HIV/AIDS in the Far North Region of Cameroon, Education Fights AIDS (EFA) Cameroon engaged a campaign to raise awareness and identify some participants among young people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV).

This activity had as goal to provide a platform that could facilitate the integration of this vulnerable group of young people into the society; as well as strengthen their financial capacity by providing selected youth the opportunity to learn small trade such as motorcycle mechanics (repairs and assembly).


Mr. ABBA, a sociable and dynamic man in charge of training youth in motorcycle repairs and assembly expressed his impression: « I feel privileged and happy to have been given the opportunity to train these vulnerable youth in the domain of motorbike mechanics so that they can become financially autonomous and independent like myself. I accept all the youth living with HIV or AIDS because they do not have to be abandoned. » 


Consequently, EFA’s objective here was to fully fund the training and installation of five (5) young people living with HIV/AIDS from end-end; that is to say, pay for the training, daily feeding and at the end of the training, equip and accompany them to start up their own garages. The tools given to them would include tool boxes. This is thanks to the GlobalGiving funds.


A beneficiary’s testimony :

Ibrahim; « I am very happy and grateful to EFA Cameroon for their initiative, thanks to them I can become somebody in the future; because of the training in motorcycle repairs, my dream of becoming a renowned mechanic would be realized; thank you EFA. We also thank the donors GlobalGiving for offering us this rare opportunity to become responsible men; this will permit us to help our parents and facilitate our family lives ».



Project Leader


Oct 9, 2018




Education Fights AIDS (EFA) Cameroon in the interests of ensuring the well-being of its networks’ members, conducted a field visit to assess the platforms of vulnerable youths in Mokolo.

This was to ensure the continuity of their supervision, their empowerment as well as the development of their community. It proceeded by the creation and development of income generating activities for the functioning of the groups.

 The members of the organization, composed of a strong team of 04 staffs, met the members of AJEPS Mokolo and ASFVUMAT respectively to understand their current situation and find strategies to better strengthen them.

To this effect, after allocating the funds and activities necessary for the two associations a few weeks ago for their self-care, the staff of EFA Cameroon carried out an evaluation visit today 05 October 2018 to evaluate and strengthen the capacity of young people in management of association activities and the management of resources.

These two associations namely; the Association of Young people Engaged in Health Promotion in Mokolo (AJEPS) and the Association of Vulnerable Women of Mayo Tsanaga (ASFVUMAT) were visited. They appreciated and encourage not only material support from GlobalGiving and EFA Cameroon, but also this proximity monitoring and the training they are receiving  from time to time. After several hours of work with the youth of the two associations, several challenges were raised, and members made suggestions to improve their living conditions and their activities in their communities even Better.


The two associations AJEPS-Mokolo and ASFVUMAT, despite their differences in form, both aim at the same objectives. Among which the empowerment and the supervision of their members Persons Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV) and educate their community in matters of HIV/AIDS and reintegrate society.

To maximize their effort, the two associations intend to face the challenges of pulling their strength and energies together for community struggles including:

  • home visits to members and close stigmatized;
  • sensitization activities (door to door or mass sensitisation);
  • referrals to health units or associations for advice and counselling; and
  • advocacy activities with NGOs such as EFA Cameroon, and administrations, just to name a few.

But beyond a common vision, each of the Associations to fight HIV/AIDS in MOKOLO will want to keep its autonomy on everything in all domains:

  • from the management of the association (management),
  • the income generating activities (AGRs)
  • the support of the members;
  • the recruitment of the new adherents...

The support of EFA Cameroon at this stage is important for raising awareness for the efficient management of community activities in the fight against HIV/AIDS. To have opened a framework for reflection and sharing between the two executive offices.

 An education and reference project for CD4 testing among PLWHIV is in course of maturation for the World AIDS Day week in Mokolo.


I-                    AJEPS MOKOLO

The AJEPS Association Mokolo has received several support packages from GlobalGiving through EFA Cameroon for its empowerment.

 These are; agriculture (soybean fields, millet and bean fields, and the breeding of small ruminants, poultry...). These activities have not really been able to takeoff according to the members. They have become aware and intend to reorganize their generating activities to begin by instituting a system of “tontine” (contributions) by choice to a draw. This aims to get the maximum participation of all the members at the meetings and at the exit of each meeting a benefactor of the contributions will have enough to start his/her small economic activity for his own management, allowing him to continue to contribute in the association and gain self-support.

II-                  ASFVUMAT

 The Association meets monthly on Sundays at the residence of the President of the association or in the premises of the church; makes visits to members in case of illness and supports them as much as possible.

As for the AGRs, the association had a community farm which it unfortunately abandoned because it did not produce; The sewing machine given by EFA Cameroon to the association is now rented out to a woman from the place who pays them a monthly allowance of three thousand Francs (3.000 fcfa).

In addition, the active members borrow funds according to their ability to return with interest to the association coffers.  This is meant to help them carry out small personal activities such as trade of doughnuts, goat farms etc. The benefits help members if necessary. In general, the morbidity situation of the members, the presence of the several OEVs taken in charge does not really allow the takeoff of income generating activities. The will is great, but the needs continue to be more than income.

To mitigate this, the association wants to expand its human capacity by raising awareness among the members and finding new resources and self-management.

POINT OF VIEW (testimonies)

According to the President of "ASFVUMAT" Association; “the association is for me as a new family, it allows me to talk about my problems without shortcomings and each of us speaks freely we are solidarity and Fulfilled. Our problems are evoked in groups. What encourages me is that we are united and bound by the objectives».

Nguizaye, a member says; "I consider "ASFVUMAT" as a mother and I am very grateful to all members; once I was dying lying down for 6 months, came to the knowledge of the association and was carried to the hospital and thanks to her I am recovered and in health. I owe her life»

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