Sep 24, 2020


COVID-19 is a catastrophe whose impact is global and nations are still battling with it. Cameroon’s Far North Region is not exempted from this pandemic. To this regard, EFA Cameroon with the financial aid of GlobalGiving came up with a strategy to reach out to the most vulnerable populations in some remote areas of the Far North Region. Context/Justification: Tokombere in Mayo-Sava and Mokolo in Mayo-Tsanaga were prioritized due to the fact that most efforts to prevent the spread of the virus seem to be concentrated in urban centers. It was realized that the zones in question do not have access to information and are therefore more susceptible to contact and transmit the virus due to lack of information.

Using community radio stations for reach out on COVID-19 preventive measures in Tokombere in Mayo Tsanaga and Mayo Sava. Objective: the objective of the activity was to raise awareness among the populations in remote areas who are more vulnerable and almost neglected as far as the pandemic is concerned through community radio stations in order to touch a larger population and minimize risks of infections Strategy: Two Community radio stations were used as sensitization medium because they are listened to by everybody in the divisions. These are: ‘‘SEMENCES DE VIE’’ (frequency 103.9 MHZ) in Tokombéré, Mayo Sava and ‘‘ECHOS DES MONTAGNES’’ (frequency 95.8 MHZ) in Mokolo, Mayo-Tsanaga. Debates and question and answer sessions were done in various local languages, French and English. Activities: activities to implement this project were carried out as follows: - An authorization was obtained by EFA Cameroon from the administrative authorities of the two zone. - T-shirts and gadgets were printed for visibility and hygiene and sanitation items (soap, hydro-alcoholic hand sanitizing gel…) were procured. - Two medical doctors from district hospitals in both zones were recruited for expertise. - During radio sessions, debates were carried out and questions were asked to the public who called in and answered. Listeners who called and responded correctly to questions were awarded gadgets, soap, hand sanitizers and T-shirts. This was aimed at testing the level of awareness on the pandemic and further sensitization of more people. 

A total number of 40 people (19 men and 21 women) were directly involved in the two-day program and were given prices for active participation during the question and answer sessions. The initiative was applauded by the medical doctors traditional and administrative authorities: this is an indication that the impact was great as an estimated 100.000 other people were sensitized in the communities. Community leaders and populations appreciated EFA Cameroon for the concern expressed towards them through the activity and EFA Cameroon is grateful to GlobalGiving for continually trusting her to reach out to the vulnerable groups of people.


I-                  Questionnaire Guide for the Radio Sessions on COVID-19

  1. Cite 7 COVID-19 preventive measures you know.
  2. Which emergency do you call when faced with a suspected case?
  3. What are the means of COVID-19 contamination?
  4. Is COVID-19 transmitted by a virus or bacteria ?
  5. Who is concerned in the fight against COVID-19?
  6. What do we do when coughing or sneezing?
  7. Where are all suspected cases of COVID-19 referred?
  8. In case of the absence of soap and hydro-alcoholic sanitizing gel, what can be used as an alternative for disinfection in the village?
  9. Do we have to reject people infected with COVID-19?
  10. Is there the existence of a vaccine recognized by WHO against COVID-19?
  11. How should a family deal with a case of COVID-19?
  12. Can people be healed of the COVID-19 disease?
  13. Can people be treated of COVID-19 disease?



Jun 2, 2020



Upon the registration of the first cases of COVID-19 contaminated people in Cameroon, in March 2020 EFA Cameroon engaged in an outreach toward her network of associations of People living with HIV/AIDS in a bit to fight against opportunistic diseases and minimize the spread of the global pandemic in the Far North Region, Cameroon. With the help of GlobalGiving, sensitizations were carried out and sanitation items were distributed to them. It is in the same line of action that a member of EFA Cameroon Hamadou Bayegued was assigned to through one of the associations in Yagoua take aid to the association AJUPS and the community. Activities Realized Upon obtaining an authorization for public manifestation from the Divisional Officer the following activities were realized:

- Members of AJUPS Yagoua were sensitized and trained to raise awareness on COVID-19 and best practices to limit its spread.

- An intensive 3 days’ awareness raising involving the Sub-Divisional delegation of Youth and Civic Education, the Yagoua Regional Hospital and the Yagoua Youth association. The Yagoua market was covered.

- Distribution of sanitizing items (buckets, cartoons of soap, hydro- alcoholic sanitizers and printed jackets) to AJUPS, Youth Association and the Sub-Divisional Officer’s office.


- “We appreciate EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving for this technical and financial assistance towards this activity; this activity which we just carried out has revived the Yagoua town and thanks to the support of EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving, we as an association are engaged to continue raising awareness in the communities of our subdivision in order to win the war against COVID-19”                                                      President of AJUPS Yagoua

- “This is an activity of civic responsibility and citizenship which enters the domain health and I solemnly applaud AJUPS, EFA Cameroon/GlobalGiving for having organized this sensitization which is a necessity for the entire youth population of Yagoua”                                                                                                   Sub-Divisional Delegate for Youth and Civic Education Yagoua

- “At first I only heard baseless comments on Corona Virus, but thanks to your efforts I am now edified and sensitized on the dangerous disease. I can protect myself and other people from getting contaminated and more to that, I have gotten a free mask and a bar of soap; a million thanks to the organizer”                           Martine Yagoua town dweller

- “we thank you AJUPS and your people (EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving) for involving the Regional Hospital in this activity which is indispensable for the population of Yagoua in the fight against COVID-19. This activity of AJUPs and its partners falls directly in line with our public health activities under the coordination of District public health at a moment when the entire health family is on the alert, us applauds and encouragements to you and we count you as one of our allies and invite you to extend you effort deep into the communities.”       Dr NLEND Interim Director of the Yagoua Regional Hospital

- “I congratulate and encourage AJUPS, EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving for this significant move which falls directly in line with government directives. I invite AJUPS to continue the work in the communities. You have my entire support”  SOUAIBOU ZOURMBA S.D.O of Yagoua 

 Future Activities

- AJUPS Yagoua: with the sanitization materials received, AJUPS would use part during their routine meetings and the other part for community outreach.

- EFA Cameroon: COVID-19 aid would be taken to AJUPS Memolo and Kousserie to help them prevent opportunistic diseases and the prevent the spread of the virus.

- AJEPS Maroua is already in possession of sanitation items and EFA Cameroon shall accompany her to be more active in the public and to vulgarize best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and equally help other infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in Maroua town in particular and Diamare at large.

Mar 27, 2020


In the context of the reduction and prevention of the spread of corona virus (COVID-19) EFA Cameroon shall take aid in terms of sanitation materials and mini trainings to the associations of PLHIV/AIDS in the Far North Region of Cameroon. These associations were set up by EFA Cameroon with the financial backing of GlobalGiving in a bit to assist and empower these vulnerable groups of people through income generating activity initiatives. To reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 among PVLHIV/AIDS in the Far North, EFA Cameroon work with them by selecting 03 of the association every month to: Exchange with them on prevention best practices (washing of hands and clothes with clean water and soap) and abstinence from handshaking. Raise awareness during meetings on social distancing laying emphasis on the 1m. apart method in respect to the prevention methods put in place by the state authority. The distribution sanitation materials such as soap, hand sanitizers… And also encourage them to stay at home and avoid crowds in order to limit contamination as insisted by the Head of government.

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