Jun 10, 2011

EFA Field Activity Report: Peer Education to 8,000

EFA association mural showing benefits of ART
EFA association mural showing benefits of ART

EFA Activities for April-June 2011

EFA International's peer educators and support associations continue to expand with increasing projects and activities. In March and April, a TrustAfrica grant enabled EFA International's peer educators to reach more than 8,000 community members in more than 10 communities with talks about sexual- and gender-based violence (S-GBV). Peer educators focused on discussing preventing S-GBV and communicating gender equality education messages.

EFA International's Treasurer, Andrew Koleros, and Secretary, Kayt Dickens, also visited the regional office in Maroua, Cameroon for a couple weeks this quarter as part of a consulting and monitoring and evaluation visit. While in Maroua, Kayt attended several of the associations' meetings; visited two associations' enterprise projects; conducted computer trainings in Picasa, Google Docs and Google sites with regional office personnel; and conducted follow-up interviews with participants of the S-GBV trainings.

Andrew conducted site visits to associations while in Maroua, and associations also set their goals for 2011. Goals include additional member recruitment, increasing the number of community education sessions, and improving income generation activities. Associations also identified their strategies for achieving these goals, as well as discussed what technical assistance EFA International can offer to aide in meeting the goals. 

This quarter, the Maroua regional office hired an accountant. The office also is improving operations by implementing weekly staff meetings to discuss both current and upcoming projects. EFA International's technical assistants are continuing to develop new associations in the communities of Pete and Bogo, both in the Extreme North of Cameroon. EFA International's Program Manager, Technical Advisor and Peer Educator Trainer are in the planning stage of a project to design and produce image and educational resource materials for Peer Educators.

In June, the coordination committee for the Youth Empowerment Network will meet for two days. EFA International also plans to officially register an association in Tokombere. 

In addition to the Trust Africa grant S-GBV trainings, EFA Board member in-country visits and other special activities conducted this quarter, habitual activities also continued, including home visits, community education sessions, association meetings, and enabling association members to get care, treatment and CD4 tests, as needed.

EFA International would like to deeply thank all of the Global Giving donors and supporters who help make our work of enabling African youth to live positively possible. Without your help, EFA International's projects wouldn't be carried out, and we are so grateful to you for helping us to conduct them and help individuals in Cameroon!


Mar 7, 2011

EFA Field Activity Report: 49 New Peer Educators Trained

S-GBV Workshop Participants
S-GBV Workshop Participants

Organizational Update

The months of January through March 2011 were especially productive ones for the EFA International regional office.  First, sadly, EFA bid adieu et grand merci to our technical advisor Peace Corps Volunteer Caitlyn Bradburn who worked for two years to serve the mission of EFA to promote the successful future of African children and youth infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS through education and empowerment.  Notably, Caitlyn started the "Circle of Love" campaign, which earmarks gifts to pay for the diagnostic tests and necessary transport to obtain the tests for the youth in our associations who are living with HIV.  In her own words Caitlin explains," Imagine, in the United States, $5 can buy you a fancy coffee, but here in Cameroon it can be used for a CD4 test to enroll someone in the free ARV program.  $20 in the United States can take you and a friend to the movies, $20 here can send someone to the doctor for an entire year."

EFA welcomes a new Peace Corps volunteer, Gena Barnabee, to the team.  Gena brings much enthusiasm for the work of EFA and many skills in community-based approaches to health including HIV/AIDS.  The entire EFA team is very happy to have her on board and look forward to many great outcomes of our work - indeed Gena has hit the ground running.  In her first month with EFA she orchestrated a 3 day training on Sexual and Gender Based violence, for 36 women and 13 men in Northern Cameroon.  The three day training included 13 modules with gender/S-GBV themes including:

  • Examining Our Attitudes - to explore attitudes regarding differences in gender, roles and inequalities.
  • Training on Gender - to understand the difference between the terms sex and gender and to understand the term gender equality.
  • Persons and Things - to develop awareness as to the role of power in relationships and their impact on individuals and their relationships.
  • Gender Roles - to examine daily household tasks and the gender stereotypes that are often associated with these tasks, as well as the advantages of men sharing household responsibilities.
  • Making Decisions - to explore different types of decisions that individuals, couples and families face and the roles of men and women in making these decisions.
  • Effective Communication - to develop skills to communicate confidently. 
  • What is Violence - to identify the different forms of violence and how violence affects men, women, families and communities.
  • S-GBV in Daily Life - to better understand the numerous ways in which the lives of women and men are limited by male violence, especially sexual violence
  • Gender, Violence and HIV - to explain why violence increases the vulnerability of women to HIV and to identify strategies to fight against gender violence.
  • Right and Responsibilities Related to HIV - to evoke the rights and responsibilities related to HIV and their importance in order to prevent sexual coercion and abuse as well as STI and HIV infection.
  • Multiple Sexual Partners, Intergenerational Partners and Transactional Sex - to explore the way in which rigid norms related to gender are the origin of sexual behaviors at high risk and to identify the risks and costs related to these sexual behaviors.
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships - to identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors in relationships.
  • Keep, Change, Stop - to identify aspects of culture and customs related to sex and sexuality that are important for a community to maintain, modify or interrupt to support a more healthy and happy sexual life.

The 8th of March is International Women's Day, so the training also included modules on making change in themselves and their community and action planning for the upcoming month.  Also during the month of March EFA Peer Educators will work in their communities with the goal of educating 5,000 community members on gender and S-GBV issues/prevention.

Many thanks to our generous donors who enable this profound work to continue.  Every three months EFA touches more than 5,000 Cameroonians in far-flung communities through our Peer Educators and youth groups.  On behalf of all of those who benefit from your kindness, THANK YOU!

A pause for a picture
A pause for a picture


Dec 2, 2010

EFA Field Activity Report: Educational Outreach to Over 4,000 Cameroonians

October, 2010
Locations: Bibemi, Adoumri, and Maroua, Extreme North Province, Cameroon 

Another successful educational outreach in two remote villages.  Over 4,000 people attended and participated in community presentations made by EFA youth network Peer Educators and three Peace Corps volunteers! 

Highlights provided here, to see the full report click on the link below.


-  The different modes of transmission

-  Methods of prevention

-  Benefits of voluntary screening

-  Living Positively

-  Preventing transmission from mother to child

-  Community awareness and care for persons living with HIV/AIDS

-  How to correctly use a condom

-  Cholera (measures to take to avoid contracting the disease)

Team:  Caitlyn Bradburn (PCV), Amada Tchake, Peer Educators, Technical Assistants

Introduction:  Peace Corps volunteers and peer educators from Bibemi, Adoumri, and Maroua coordinated a trip to remote communities to conduct community education sessions.  Top performing Peer Educators who had just finished their HIV/AIDS training were chosen from associations of EFA International ‘s Youth Network  to visit these communities and conduct door to door outreach and community gatherings to educate people about the disease.  They reached more than 4,300 Cameroonians in these villages.

Outcomes:  The peer educators tirelessly answered community members’ questions, and this prompted community members to ask them to stay a few days or come back to continue the information sharing, because this was the first time anyone had ever come specifically to educate the community about this incurable disease.



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