Nov 18, 2016

AEFA Cameroon, Report


Thursday 3rd November 2016 GlobalGiving in partnership with AEFA
Cameroon has once again expressed its gratitude to the members of
AJUPS in Yagoua. Different from the usual context, GlobalGiving have
decided this time, to give a helping hand to parents for the 2016-2017
School year. It is in that vein that the coordinator mate with all the
members of AJUPS in order to hand them some books that will help their
children in their studies thereby fostering education in the Mayo
The coordinator begins the ceremony by thanking all the parents who
answered present and called on all parents and children to work hard
in order to attain success at the end of the school year. He equally
promised all the members to be available each time they will have a
problem .He assured them of his availability and is readiness to
provide repetition classes for all the children who will face
difficulties in subjects like history, geography, citizenship and even
Furthermore, the coordinator proceeded with the distribution of books
to the children. For those who were not there, their parents collected
them and for those who’s neither parent nor children were present,
they are asked to meet the president before they could get in
procession of the books allocated for their children. Some pictures
were the taken with all those who were present. At the end, some
bottle of juice was distributed to the families.
During an interviews of one student son of the AJUPS President,
expressed his gratitude to GlobalGiving and AEFA Cameroon and
mentions the fact that he never thought he could receive such an act
of generosity one day.
The second person to be interviewed was daughter of one member of
AJUPS who greatly thanks global giving and AEFA Cameroon for all the
efforts they are doing for the well-being of all the members of AJUPS
and expect more the organization and their greatest wish is never to
be forgotten. It is on that the coordinator drew the curtain to
today’s meeting.

Hamadou Bayegued
AEFA Cameroon member

Alim Ousmanou


Aug 25, 2016

EFA Cameroon at the "bedside" of HIV-AIDS patients

EFA Cameroon at the "bedside" of HIV-AIDS patients

Two women received gift in Makabaye integrated health center during the ceremony presided over by the head master of the hospital.

In its health politics of saving PLHIV in their endurance, AEFA Cameroon has instaured joyce in two different families who consider later as unsupportable children. This by giving them food items and hygienic materials constituted of rice, oil, sugar, milk, groundnuts,fishsoap; salt, lighter; toot pace and brush. Communication Secretary of AEFA Cameroon Ponto’o Maina Gabriel while presenting donation, he said the aims of that action which is to facilitate and favorize better live and fight against stigmatization of People Living with HIV. The Integrated health Center manager, nursery Maoundé Wakilou while giving the donation to beneficiaries, he call the beneficiaries to consider themselves as other person in society and to follow carefully time and day of taking drugs. After expressing his satisfaction for that kind of action, he asked them to always come in his hospital for assistance.

After receiving the donation, beneficiaries expressed their satisfactions and presented their expectations.


The first receiver grils said, "I thank AEFA Cameroon for this gift that I was not thinking on that. I contracted HIV three years ago I started taking drug very late that is why I have one of my legs and hands are disables. For the moment I want help to arrange my bed and create a small job that I can do. I don’t really know if I will have recover".


" The younger grils said, I am happy for that action of AEFA, I thank people who are giving their time to think to people like me. I stopped studies in class 5 my mother and father died two years ago I am living with my grandfather so I am the one providing food and everything in the house. As activity I am selling soya beans to have money. I want to create a small shop in my neighborhood as incoming generated activity in view to ameliorate my entrances and ensure my basic needs".


"I am the head master of the Makabaye Integrated health Center. I first of all want to thank AEFA Cameroon and people of global giving who spend their time for PLHIV. Joining my effort to that action I promise AEFA Cameroon to assist technically when need   with my staff and to always advise those Peoples who need support".


May 27, 2016

PVVIH of AEFA Cameroon network are more sensitize


Members’ of five different associations lead by AEFA meet this week to sensitize listeners of Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV) on the importance of CD4 test. It was during a program of thirty minutes where told focuses on the CD4 test. The program invited mrs EUKERIA, nursery as a guest.  She explained skill and processes of protecting from HIV / AIDS. According to later, the most important thing to do when infected by HIV it is to realize CD4 test in view to assure to the human being a good medical treatment. Each of the five members participating on the program gave their recent date of CD4 test and the medical drug and attention and advices giving to them by their respective doctor. Through the program, listeners understood that the test should be done each six month. Base on some testimony did by the president of a local association of PLHIV in godola village; we discover that she lives fourteen years without taking ARV because she has more than five hundred viral charge. Looking the importance of the CD4 test in the process of taking care of PLHIV, members took decision to put in place a permanent strategy of sensitization to the other PLHIV in view to make them know the real importance of CD4 test and to fights against stigmatization so that by a time we may have a common understand by a PLHIV community that long live is very possible by knowing his or her viral charge and by following the medical prescriptions.  “Don’t stay home and without doing your CD4 test, because by doing it, you will know the total viral charge of your organism which will lead for a better care and don’t be ashamed to do it” this is the sensitization message sent by Doudou to other PLHIV.

AEFA Cameroon for its part is giving more power to its associations by financing their incoming generated activity which benefits should be used for health problem. Regarding the CD4 test of this semester, AEFA will make the five members taking part of the radio phonic program do it for free.

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