Sep 7, 2021


Mouktar excited about going to secondary school
Mouktar excited about going to secondary school


As concluded during the handing over ceremony of the school kits in September 2020, the 20 OVCs (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) who were supported last year approached EFA Cameroon and each presented the result of their performance throughout the school year.  The following results emerged: 


We registered a success rate of 45% of the total number of 20 recipients, that is, 09 (04 girls and 05 boys) of the total number of beneficiaries who gained promotion to the next classes.( see figure in picture section)


Mami (member of ABEPSA and parent of an assisted child)

“I thank EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving who have been helping us for years with medical support by paying our exams charges. This alleviated our suffering and gave us hope for longer life with our children. Another overwhelming support has been academic, helping us with children's school supplies and fees. Thank goodness my child is going to fifth grade this year. I pray to the Almighty God to give long life to EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving to help many others.”


COVID-19 played a significantly negative role in performance of students and pupils in Cameroon's education system generally and we are confident that performance will improve this academic year given the significantly reduced rate of infections in Cameroon.

Future Activities

For the 2021-2022 academic year, EFA Cameroon is grateful for the continuous assistance of GlobalGiving and with the support of GlobalGiving, 20 more OVCs amongst whom are those who gained promotion to the next level shall be registered and assisted with school supplies to encourage education among vulnerable populations of the Far North Region of Cameroon.

EFA Cameroon shall further, follow up and compile documents for the registration of a beneficiary who is physically challenged with the Far North Regional Delegation of Social Affairs.

Table of Results
Table of Results
Jul 1, 2021

Women in Progress

Happy beneficiary showing us her fabrics
Happy beneficiary showing us her fabrics

SUMMARY: EFA Cameroon through a pilot project “Women for Small Business” (WOSB) is engaged to empower vulnerable women and young girls in a bit to reduce gender inequalities among men and women. The main objective is to assist at least 1000 vulnerable women and girls out of financial dependency through small business schemes in communities of Diamare Division, Far North region of Cameroon. And specifically, to: i- reduce the women and young girls’ dependency vis-a-vis their spouses ; ii- increase beneficiaries’ revenue through income generating activities ;iii- reinforce women rights to lucrative activities of their choices; and iv- stimulate feminine creative potentials in the wealth creation processes.

Activities Realized :Supervision of 05 groups comprising of 10 vulnerable women per group in 05 localities: Efforts for the period were concentrated to work with the women of Palar II, and there has been significant progress. Monthly meetings have evolved to a rotative system to encourage solidarity and the credit is quite innovative and functional.

Human Interest Story:  Women carried out various small-scale businesses, some were seasonal like fruits and vegetable businesses. Mairamou opted to step up her game from mangoes, patched peanuts… sales to fabrics and had this to say: “The loan system has been helpful especially to me because it is with the loan that we work. Personally, I use to do business before but the creation of this group has been a turning point for me. I was able to begin with fabrics, I began with say 04 pieces and now I am able to acquire and sell up to 30 and more pieces per month. Turnover has been awesome: I take care of household and academic needs from my 04 kid with more ease now and most especially medical care for my husband who has been seriously sick for 10 months now. All of these would not be possible without the assistance of EFA Cameroon and her partners – GlobalGiving so I am really grateful and hope more could be done because there are more women who have been inspired by our group and wish to have financial freedom as well.

Continuity: Given the impact of the pilot phase of the program and the fact that EFA Cameroon is limited financially and would want to do more, we are calling on GlobalGiving to accompany us reach out to more women who have expressed interest and are in situations of vulnerability given that the Far North is still in the recovery and reconstruction stage and that more women need to be financially independent.

May 10, 2021

Assistance to Empower a Beneficiary in Need

She is ready for a new beginning
She is ready for a new beginning



EFA Cameroon once again reached out to a member of one of the associations among its network of partner associations of people living with HIV/AIDS created with the financial assistance of GlobalGiving to alleviate the suffering of young people infected or affected by HIV or AIDS.



The activity was to select and assist a member of ABEPSA “Association pour le Bien-Etre et la Promotion de la Sante” by helping her with a token to help her relaunch a restaurant business at the Maroua food market.  


Among the many vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS, EFA Cameroon reached out to this particular case because apart from being a widow, she recently lost her father and was left alone with the burden of 03 children to feed and sponsor in school and at the same time ensure her own medical care to withstand opportunistic diseases. EFA Cameroon therefore supported her with a sum of money to restart her income generating activity to make self-sufficient.


Her Story

I had been doing the restaurant business for close to 5 years at " Loumo dolé " in the Maroua general food market which was created with funds from the income generating activities of ABEPSA established by EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving. Thanks to this activity, I was able to meet the needs of my family though I am a widow. I lost my husband 6 years ago and I was left alone to take care of our 03 children (01 and 02 girl) aged 22, 18 and 7 respectively.


But 6 months, I was a victim of armed robbery by robbers who invaded my restaurant and made away with everything (mats, benches, dishes, plates, pots… and even food items). I was forced out of business by the incident and have suffered a lot since then because I can no longer afford basic and medical needs for myself and my family.  


Tragedy struck again as I lost my father 3 months back. I was touched by the concern EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving and the members of ABEPSA towards me during the mourning period. I appreciate the efforts of EFA Cameroon and GlobalGiving to help me bounce back. The assistance I have received will help me relaunch my business and cater for my needs and that of my children " Hadjidja


Expected Result


The income generating activity would empower her to be able to cater for her medical care against opportunistic diseases and that of her children. Income generated from the business would equally go a long way to help her train her children through school and cater for their basic needs.

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