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Feb 28, 2018

French Red Cross Report-February 2018

The French Red Cross thanks all the people who supported its action during the last month and year.

Please find below information about our last activities:


Promoting the access to hygiene to those in greatest need

The French Red Cross allows those in greatest need to have an access to basic hygiene by welcoming them within facilities for persons in situation of serious exclusion. During the day, a shower, a washing machine, a hygiene-kit as well as a warm meal and different activities and animations are put at their disposal. This enables people in very precarious situations to get self-esteem, confidence and autonomy back. Because of the great success of this initiative, the French Red Cross decided to renovate and develop these hygiene facilities.

International volunteer day

The French Red Cross took part in December to the International volunteer day. The organization indeed counts 59 000 volunteers dedicated to helping vulnerable people. The French Red Cross puts all means at disposal into welcoming all sorts of voluntary engagement in order to make volunteering accessible for all. The French Red Cross highlighted all kinds of voluntary engagement during the International Volunteer Day and recalled that volunteering reinforces solidarity, but is also a way for each person to give a sense to his daily-life, to take responsibilities and to acquire skills.

Creation of the first social emergency awareness module for the general public

The French Red Cross created last year the very first social emergency awareness module intended for the general public that allows everyone to become an actor of solidarity. It gives people an opportunity to acquire the right reflexes to face the social vulnerability of the most fragile ones. This module is accessible from 12 years old on and is articulated around a chain of 5 steps: observing, coming into relation, listening, putting the person through and ending the interaction. Everyone can come across someone who is vulnerable. Indeed, one in every four homeless person has a job, one in every four elderly is alone and 80% of the violence suffered by isolated people is psychological. The French Red Cross wants to raise awareness of this situation.

Post-Irma: Supporting the most vulnerable persons and preparing to disaster relief

The work achieved during the emergency phase on the French Antilles allowed the French Red Cross to identify the priority issues and needs, to target the people in most precarious situations and the isolated and most dependent ones. Because of that, the French Red Cross developed different projects intended to help these populations in a long-term perspective. The organization puts at the disposal of 2000 families different vouchers in order to ensure their supply of essential goods, it provided base materials to 500 families to help them rebuild their homes, it thought of a tool to raise awareness on the major risks of natural catastrophes intended for children, it reinforced the pre-positioning of stocks, etc.


The French Red Cross, founded in 1864, is an independent charity working alongside governments and public authorities. As a key player in society, we provide humanitarian, health, social, welfare and training services. To help carry out our assignments we have a strong team of 18,000 employees and 56,000 volunteers, who on a daily basis, pursue consistent and unwavering charitable principles to provide local support and deliver tangible results and long-term solutions.

Dec 1, 2017

French Red Cross Report - november 2017

The Red Cross is committed to building a future for underprivileged children

In France, 3 million poor children are directly affected by the precarious situation in which their parents live. So how do we build a future? How can we cope with the vagaries of life when the foundations are already fragile? The French Red Cross, which has always been involved in children's issues, continues its commitment to working with families and is committed to fighting social inequalities from an early age.
The action of the French Red Cross aims to respond as closely as possible to the needs of families, in a logic of global support but also prevention.

Thanks to a complementary approach, our volunteer and salaried teams thus accompany parents through material aids but also in their educational role, guaranteeing access to care, education and culture.

Socio-economic difficulties particularly affect parents without a diploma, single parents, single-parent families and the unemployed. It is towards these audiences in particular that the French Red Cross is mobilizing more particularly by offering support to parents.



Red Touch' Day is a day of action and expression that highlights the diversity of actions carried out by all audiences, highlights Red Touch, the call for initiatives of the French Red Cross, and promotes another image of society: an actress of change and solidarity!

Since 2012, the French Red Cross has been organising a Red Touch' Day event. Each year is an opportunity to address a different theme (social ties, the environment, the fight against prejudice etc.).

The theme for this year 2017 is commitment within everyone's reach!
This year, more than 45 Red Cross local organisations took part in this day of action and promoted Red Touch' to the general public.

On the programme: construction of all kinds of solidarity-related furniture by and for all French Red Cross actors, as well as the general public. A library for access to culture, a bench for social ties, a compost bin for the respect of the environment... So many objects carrying meaning that will find an immediate useful for each and every one of us!


"Celebrate!" The French Red Cross is organising festive and solidarity events all over France for the year-end celebrations

From December 1 to January 15, the French Red Cross is organising "Celebrate" ! This is her annual event to offer the people she accompanies a special opportunity to rebuild social and family ties that are particularly important at this time of year. Over the past eleven years, hundreds of festive and solidarity events have benefited more than 500,000 people and allowed them to spend happy and warm holidays at the end of the year.


Hurricane Irma - Two months later, the French Red Cross launched its post-emergency actions to respond  the social emergency and better prepare local populations for the risks

Two months ago, hurricanes Irma, José and Maria, of extreme violence, devastated the Caribbean, particularly St. Martin and St. Bartholomew's, causing considerable damages.
After nine weeks of emergency action, which required the mobilization of more than 400 team members, the President of the French Red Cross, Jean-Jacques ELEDJAM, is on site to launch post-emergency actions. The priority: in a context of high exposure to climatic disasters, define with local authorities a global support, taking into account the most precarious situation and with a view to reducing health and social risks.

"The imperative is to promote the emergence of a more cohesive and coherent society on the rubble of hurricanes, which we would also like to see overcome the evils of a collective that is too vulnerable". Professor Jean-Jacques Eledjam, President of the French Red Cross.

As a reminder, some key figures of the actions carried out:

   -  410 metropolitan and overseas crew members mobilized in the West Indies since 6 September from more than 67 departments. On average, 130 volunteers engaged each day
  -  12 water reservoirs installed on the island, equipped with sanitary water distribution ramps that provided 80,000 litres of water each day.
  -  More than 11,000 people welcomed at Saint-Martin and Pointe-à-Pitre airports

Distribution of basic necessities :
- 3,656 hygiene kits
- 1,328 cleaning kits
- 568 solar lamps (also used to recharge laptops)
- 8,411 jerricans
- 1,688 kitchen kits
- 1,363 shelter and tarpaulin kits
- 2,367 mosquito nets

   - 5,653 beneficiaries seen at distribution points or during marauders meeting isolated or reduced-mobility people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Aug 29, 2017

French Red Cross Report - august 2017

The French Red Cross thanks all the people who supported its action during the last month and year.

Please find below information about of our last activities:

Fires in the Southeast: mobilisation of the Red Cross
several violent fires have been raging in Haute-Corse, in the Bouches du Rhône, Vaucluse and especially in the Var, first at Croix-Valmer and then at Bormes Les Mimosas.

These forest fires destroyed nearly 7,000 hectares and led to the evacuation of thousands of people. At the height of the mobilization, more than 2,200 firefighters were fighting the flames.

On Monday evening, a dozen of volunteers from the French Red Cross were mobilized in Mirabeau to provide shelter for the evacuees. The welcoming centre remained open to welcome and supply the fire brigade.

On Wednesday evening, several teams of volunteers from Marseille and Aix-en-Provence were also hired to strengthen the Var Delegation and an Emergency Accommodation Centre was set up in Martigues.

The Red Cross has deployed trailers containing the necessary equipment to set up emergency shelters, such as camp beds or indoor tents to create privacy for families.

Lots of hospitality for those involved have also been set up. The equipment required for the French Red Cross response to crisis situations is pre-positioned in the department to enable rapid deployment,"says Gérald Vallez, Territorial Director of Emergency and First Aid at the Metropolitan Territorial Delegation of Aix-Marseille Provence.


The French Red Cross launches its Global Youth Health Pact
The ambition of the French Red Cross is to work alongside vulnerable and vulnerable people throughout their life course, in all territories. The accompaniment towards global health (physical, mental, emotional) is the common theme of all our actions.
Witnessing all forms of vulnerabilities and very different health problems, our association has a diverse range of institutions and services for children and young people. In addition, our 19 Regional Institutes of Health and Social Training (IRFSS) each year welcome more than 10,000 students under 30 years of age in initial training and pre-qualification in health and social services.
The French Red Cross can count on the commitment of 13,000 young volunteers under 30 years of age, which corresponds to 21% of the volunteer workforce (they represent 7% of elected representatives). Finally, it welcomes more than 400 volunteers in civic service every year.
The report addresses different dimensions of young people's lives (nutrition, addictions, the influence of social networks, relational and sexual life, etc.) and proposes a global vision of these societal problems.
Through the presentation of 7 life trajectories, it also gives voice to young people in situations of distress and vulnerability that the Red Cross accompanies on a daily basis: young people in situations of disability, precariousness, social exclusion, addiction, unaccompanied minors, young mothers, beneficiaries who have become volunteers or volunteers in civic service...


Solidarity day: Mobilise your employees
The solidarity day consists of mobilizing your employees for one day by involving them in missions within the structures of the French Red Cross. This activity allows our association to respond efficiently and quickly to needs identified within its network.

An innovative way to enhance your civic engagement for:
- bring your CSR strategy to life in its societal dimension;
- bring your employees together around a meaningful project that resonates with your company's values;
- Strengthen team cohesion and pride in belonging;
- discover the associative world and share enriching moments with the beneficiaries of our projects and Red Cross volunteers;
- act locally in the public interest and develop your company's territorial roots.


The App that saves

The French Red Cross is launching the new version of its "Appli qui Sauve", a free mobile application that allows you to learn or refresh your knowledge of first aid procedures, understand how to prepare for disasters and test yourself in a fun way.
For anyone who wants to know how to react in a crisis situation, it has just been completely redesigned to offer even more clearly and intuitively organised content. Available for iOS and Android operating systems. The Appli which saves ensures compatibility with the largest number of terminals and is a real success with more than 600,000 users.

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