Jul 20, 2017

A promising future

Dear friends,

In a few weeks we will celebrate the first birthday of our project.

We have made a lot of progress during the past year and it’s time to evaluate our actions.

After carrying out a needs assessment in various refugee camps and realizing the extent of unmet need, we sent the Mobile Unit for the first time in the Beqaa valley.

At the beginning, we only focused on the psychosocial support with a team of psychologist, animator and social worker. The aim was to prepare the ground for the medical support and to gain the inhabitant trust.

A few months later, we were able to start the medical consultation, distribute some medicine, treat and prevent the spreading of some diseases, organize awareness sessions on health related topics, inform the families on their rights and procedures to be supported by the UNHCR…

Despite our forecast, the medical support wasn’t the most expected help among the refugees. Indeed, the psychosocial support was more popular within the families and children. Because most of them had to flee their country origin in haste, they experienced a lot of trauma and important distress.

To fill this demand and needs, we developed our psychosocial activities more than initially foreseen, especially those including children. The first results promptly appeared with an impact on the children’s behaviors; calmer, safer and more able to trust their relatives and others.

We adapted our approach and activities according to their needs and the different realities and challenges faced in each refugee camp, especially the forced relocation. 

We managed to create different sub-projects accordingly to the possibilities in the different camps. The last one aimed to train a group of 15 unmarried female teenagers about women empowerment and child protection. We already have some ideas for the next one: the writing and representation of a play!

During the past 6 months, Insan has been able to:

-       To entertain through psychosocial activities more than 300 children in 4 different refugee camps

-       Bring a medical support through consultation to 100 adults and 100 children.

-       Raise awareness through various health related session in 4 refugee camps

This project is very challenging for us. It was our first step in the Beqaa valley and the first time we included the physical health component in our project.

After a year, we’re glad and proud of our impact on our beneficiaries’ life, but we fully acknowledge that none of this would have been possible without your help, care and support.

On behalf of the whole Insan team, we wish to thank you wholeheartedly and hope to find you by our sides for the beginning of this promising second year.

Warm regards,

Insan Team 

May 19, 2017

Provide Education for Refugee Children in Lebanon


Dear friends,

A new scholastic year is on the verge to be finished, a year that witnessed a lot of changes.

Insan beat a new personal record with 150 children coming daily at the school.

Meantime, we also deeply changed our program to linger over English and I.T classes. We also have been able to buy new material and equipment to provide a better education.

The final exams are coming quickly and the kids are now ready to successfully pass it.

Meanwhile, we kept our holistic approach, providing a psycho-social support to the children but also to the entire families. We organized a lot activities, like cultural visits, sport competition or beach excursions.

In a few weeks, the scholastic year will be over and we will start the summer school. A lot of activities are programmed to help them to leave a morose daily life. That period of the year is quite important for the kids to help them to reconcile with their (frequently violent) past and learn some life skills.

Every year we’re able to help more and more people in needs, and this is only possible with your support.

On behalf of the entire team, we sincerely thank you for your generosity and for your solidarity with the children.

See you soon at Insan School!

Exhibition of our children artwork
Exhibition of our children artwork
Apr 21, 2017

An exalting continuity

Dear Friends,

We’re now fully implemented in the Beqaa valley and started the medical activities.

Every week, our medical team, made up with a doctor and two nurses provide free consultations directly in refugee camps. The needs are huge and diversified but we already managed to visit many families and children to bring a medical support.

The most common problem is the lack of access to medical infrastructure and medicines. Some cases are quite common (hypertension, flu or scabies) but some pathologies are more dangerous or haven’t be treated since a long time and might worsen.

But our action doesn’t limit itself to provide consultations and medicines but also aim to inform people.  Many of them are unaware of their rights and don’t beneficiate from them only because they ignore how or where assert their rights. This lack of information might lead to serious, yet avoidable situation. Our next step will be to carry out awareness health session in the camps to limit contagious diseases.

In the same time, we continued and developed the social/psychological aspect of the project, mainly through activities and games with children. As said before, our work with the children shows encouraging results with some positive changes in their behavior and state of mind.

Even if we’re already satisfied by the improvement of the situation we decided to experienced a new approach. During the past few weeks we trained a group of 15 unmarried female teenagers to teach them about women empowerment and child protection.  We want them to take the helm once we will leave this refugee camp to another one. The objective is twofold: keeping an eye and maintain activities in the camp even after our departure; and helping those girls by providing a small income, enough to avoid them to work illegally in a field or being financially obliged to marry someone.  


With your donation, Insan has been able to offer to more children an access to a psycho-social support and purchase needed equipment. We’re counting on you to help us on this amazing adventure and to be able to help them on the most efficient and holistic approach as possible.  
On behalf of the entire team, I sincerely thank you for your generosity, for your solidarity, and for your support.

We look forward to bring you more information about our project.

Warm regards,

Insan Team 

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