May 8, 2018

Expansion to new refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley

During the last 3 months period, INSAN expanded it's work in PSS and health awareness in 3 new refugee camps. Hence, in total 5 refugee camps in the Bekaa valley are being regularly visited and assisted by the INSAN team.

A needs assessment was conducted in the new refugee camps by the INSAN team and a work plan was set up, the implementation of which has slowly started.

10 awareness sessions on good parenting, health awareness and other important issues raised during the assessment will be delivered to the parents in the camps in groups of 15 individuals. The groups to receive the sessions should not exceed 15 individuals, so that every individual can participate, share and learn.

PSS activities are also organized for the children in the 5 camps by INSAN's animators also in small groups of 20 children each.

Furthermore, several children were detected of having psychological needs and they are being followed up by the psychologist on a weekly basis and we can already see the progress from their behavior and participation in the group activities.

Finally, INSAN's social workers are continuing the outreach visits to the families in the camps and dealing with the different problems that the families are facing on a case by case basis, through INSAN's case management system and referrals to relevant services inside or outside of the organization.

Feb 20, 2018

provide education for refugee children in Lebanon


Dear friends, 

December marked the end of the first quarter, and the appropriate moment to evaluate our project and our educational programs.

Since the beginning of the year we have opened five new classes.

Two of them are saved for younger children (between 5 and 6 years old), one for illiterate youth (10 to 15 years old) and two for older children (10 to 15 years old). Those classes welcomed 106 children every day.

Academically, we witnesses a lot of improvement relatively at a fast paste.

However, it’s a little bit too soon to evaluate the psycho-social support. Most of them are refugees and went through a difficult times. Some of them lived or worked on the streets during few months or years. Nevertheless, through individual and group therapy sessions, we noticed some behavior enhancement such as a better concentration, less violence, a better response to the authority, more confidence and ability to trust each other.

We also had to adapt our social support to fit the new beneficiaries’ situations. Due to an insecure and precarious situation, we need to spend a lot of time and attention on them and their parents, we organized different workshops and events that grows the parents' interest in their children's academic life and to promote girls’ education.

Every year we’re able to help more and more people in need, and this is only possible with your support.
On behalf of the entire team, we sincerely thank you for your generosity and for your solidarity with the children.

See you soon at Insan School!


Feb 6, 2018

An inspiring evolution

Dear friends,


During the past three months we have focused on the psychological support in the camps.

We have focused on this component of the project from the beginning and have witnessed a great amount of enthusiasm from the families and children to this kind of support. 

This popularity was mostly linked to the fact that most of our beneficiaries had to flee their country origin in haste, due to war and different kinds of violence. Most experienced a lot of trauma and distress through their journey to come here. Our psychological support program helps them to release a lot of the accumulated stress from their past.

We started by carrying out activities for children created and lead by our animators and psychologist. The first results appeared to have an impact on their behaviors; they seemed calmer, safer and more able to trust their relatives and others.

We also started to provide group psychological sessions and individual meetings for the most extreme and urgent cases (suicide attempt or violence).

We recently hired a new psychologist and are now able to put in the necessary effort for individual therapy. It’s still too soon to evaluate those sessions, but the so far we have seen progress (judging from the beneficiary’s feedback). We have also noticed that more and more parents and families are coming to us spontaneously, in order to make appointments with the psychologist. This proves that our efforts in this area are remedial and necessary for our beneficiaries.


Thanks to you, we have the opportunity to help more and more vulnerable and marginalized people despite the difficulty to fulfill growing needs and demands.

On behalf of the whole Insan team, we wish to thank you wholeheartedly for providing us with the means of achieving our goals.


Warm regards,

Insan team


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